SEATTLE, WASHINGTON — Firefighters from the Seattle Fire Department were dispatched at 1638 hours PT, which turned into a full response.

Units originally dispatched were B2, E10, E5 and L1.

Full response units dispatched were A10, A14, Air10, B6, B7, DEP1, E13, E2, E25, E30, E6, L3, L4, M10, M44, MAR5, R1, REHAB1, SAFT2 and STAF10.

The Fire in a Highrise call was located in the 300 block of 4th Avenue South in Seattle, Washington.

Some units are still on the scene. PLEASE AVOID THE AREA.

Update | The SFD PIO states a fire isolated to a unit in an apartment building near this address on 4th Avenue South.

No injuries to civilians or firefighters were known at the time of this post.

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