SIT REP 2 | Friday, March 31, 2023


The fire has burned 1,205 acres of short grass and timber (grass and understory), and fire personnel has reached a 0% containment status. About 123 total personnel have been assigned to this incident.

Currently, the fire behavior is active with wind-driven runs, and torching.

Fire and LE Officials are reminding those under mandatory evacuations that these will still be in place tonight and be re-evaluated on Saturday morning. They want to ensure that everyone is safe, as well as, protect firefighters’ safety and those who are either fighting this wildfire or being impacted by the evacuations.

No structures have been lost, nor have any injuries been reported to civilians or firefighters.

The fire is burning in Park County, South Park Road, off CR 403, 8 miles South of Lake George, Colorado.

Photo Credit | Teller County Sheriff’s Office

SIT REP 1 | Thursday, March 30, 2023

Another wildfire is burning in the State of Colorado and this is incident two, which is burning along with the 403 IC FIRE/403 FIRE and the LAJUNTA FIRE.

The 125 FIRE also known as the SIMLA FIRE burning in El Paso County, Colorado.

Photo (left) Credit | DFPC


A brush truck staffed with three firefighters was sent from the West Metro Fire Department to tie in with the South Strike Team.


Incident Cooperators include Elbert County OEM, Colorado Springs Fire Department, the American Red Cross of Colorado, Elizabeth Fire Department, and NWS Boulder.


The fire is approximately 500-700 acres and is burning in Elbert County, Colorado.

It has been stated as of 1900 hours PDT, that the fire has a 95% containment status.

The evacuation orders were lifted for the 600 residents in Simla around 2013 hours PDT according to some sources.


An eyewitness posted on Social Media, stating she saw this wildfire start near a ranch and spread into nearby brush. -Twitter poster


A structure protection group has been credited for saving a working farm and several structures.


A shelter is open and located at the Elbert County Fairgrounds, 95 Ute Avenue in Kiowa, Colorado.


The town of Simla is under evacuation as the fire is located about 2-3 miles south of the town and about 14 miles northeast of Calhan.

It is also located about 25 miles east of Peyton, Colorado.

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