SIT REP 4 – Friday, March 31, 2023 | 2230 hours PDT

Current Status

The Last Resort Fire has been mostly cooled by recent rains, but resources from the Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Regue are building canals along shore Drive on the Pocosin Lake Refuge to move water from Lake Phelps to areas where hot spots remain.

Fire Info Meeting –> April 2, 2023, Sunday 1500 hours. Pocosin Lake National Wildlife Refuge Visitors Center, 205 South Ludington, Drive, Columbia, NC 2795

(Left) Photo Credit: Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge Friends

Fire behavior is currently moderate with smoldering activities.

It has consumed 5,293 acres and there is a 48% containment status.

Incident Summary

According to Fire Officials, the wildfire ignited from an escaped burn pile on private land near the Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge and soon spread to Regue land.

It is located about two miles east of Lake Phelps in the southwestern portion of Tyrrell County, North Carolina, which started on Friday, March 24, 2023, at 0020 hours.


There is about 79 total personnel assigned to the incident.


NCFS and USFWS are in Unified Command.

SIT REP 3 – Wednesday, March 29, 2023 | 1915 hours PDT

Size Up

Due to more accurate mapping by Fire Officials, the fire has currently burned 5,293 acres and has a 48% containment status.

Air Recon Flights

“Infrared (IR) flights will continue to evaluate the extent of ground fire as personnel finalizes a plan to utilize nearby freshwater sources to minimize loss of organic soil. Both fire and salt water will destroy peat soils. Protecting pocosins is foundational to healthy ecological and human communities. IR drone flights conducted Tuesday night revealed additional hot spots in the southeast fire area near Western Road.” – NCFS


There is 72 total personnel assigned from both agencies: NC Forest and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.


The cause has been determined to be a burn pile on private property which escaped its containment and spread to brush nearby, igniting this wildfire.


A TFR is still in effect and all aircraft except firefighting aircraft is banned from flying in, over, and around the fire within a five-mile radius. This will remain in effect until the firefighting aircraft has been released from this incident.


It is said to be turning in the Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Regue.

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SIT REP 2 – Sunday, March 26, 2023


The NC Forest Service states it is not scheduled until this afternoon or evening for a fire update.

Fire Weather

Increased fire danger is expected for all of WNC this week. From Western Piedmont to the TN border, fire danger will be elevated. Later in the week, fire danger is expected to be high in the Piedmont & Coastal Plain. You are the best defense against wildfire. Postpone outdoor burning. – NC Forest Service.

SIT REP 1 – Saturday, March 25, 2023

Incident Summary

A wildfire named the Last Resort Fire is burning on private and federal lands in Tyrell County, North Carolina (USA).

It is said to be south of the Albemarle area and most of the fire is burning on the Pocosin Fish and Wildlife refuges.


The fire was sparked by an unknown ignition source, which is under investigation.

Date / Start

The wildfire incident started on March 25, 2023, Saturday around 0900 hours EDT (0600 PDT).

Size Up

It is estimated to be 5,800 acres-plus with a 0% containment status.


Currently, the incident is under Unified Command with the NC Forest Service and the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

On Sunday, March 26th, a Type 3 IMT will be arriving on the scene to take command of the wildfire incident.


There is currently 48 personnel assigned to this wildfire incident with more on order for Sunday, as the need arises.

Operational Period

As of 1600 hours EDT (1500 hours PDT), the size of the fire had increased from the estimated size up last assessed earlier in the morning around 0900 EDT (0600 PDT), which still remains with a 0% containment status.

Burnout operations were conducted on several roads within the fire perimeter, which have produced significant heavy smoke.


There is a Temporary Flight Restriction or known as a TFR, for short which means No Drones in Fire Zones. This type of restriction protects those flying fire-suppression aircraft and those that may impact ground resources.

Damage Assessment

There have been no injuries reported to fire personnel or damage occurring to apparatus or equipment.


There are no structures under threat at this time.

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NC Forest Service

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