New Interim Fire Chief Installed

The City of Bothell installed as their new Interim Fire Chief, Mark Risen who was formerly with the City of Bellevue, Washington State, as of last week.

Solid Fire Service Experience

He has over 38 years of experience in the Fire Service, including recently as the City of Bellevue’s Fire Chief from 2014-2017, most of his fire service career with BFD (almost 35 years). He retired on September 29, 2017.

Fire Service Accomplishments

Chief Risen, according to the Bellevue Fire Department,

“Chief Risen joined the fire department as a firefighter and held the ranks of firefighter-engineer, lieutenant, captain, battalion chief, deputy chief, and fire chief.” – City of Bellevue website

As Chief, his accomplishments include Bellevue voters approving the Fire Facilities property tax levy in November 2016 that funded the construction of a new fire station (Station 10) and improve existing fire stations, the department maintaining its accreditation and Class II rating, managing the transition of the department and promoting others to fill vacant positions as 25% of senior fire personnel retired during this period, and restoring staffing that was lost during the economic downturn.

As Bothell’s newest Interim Fire Chief, he has lots of experience to get the job done while they are searching for a new Fire Chief to fill the former Chief’s position and as the City works to shape the future of the fire service with a possible consolidation with another regional fire authority.

Two Bellevue Chiefs, Equal One Vision

He replaces Ret. Fire Chief Bruce Kroon, also moved up from the City of Bellevue on September 18, 2017, to the City of Bothell.

After One Retires, Another Comes Out of Retirement

(Left) Ret. Fire Chief Bruce Kroon | Photo Credit: City of Bothell

Ret. Fire Chief also made a big impact upon the City with a proclamation given to him by the City’s Mayor on February 28, 2023, listing the many achievements he accomplished while serving in his position from September 18, 2017, through February of 2023.

The Board of Commissioners Vision

The Board of Commissioners held their regular with all of their Commissioners along with Ret. Kroon on February 14, 2023, at which they shared they are seeking a potential consolidation which may take a year or longer. The City Manager thought it would be in the City’s best interest that the Chief is not sitting in the office while they bring on an Interim Chief while they search for a candidate to fill his position.

February Commissioners Meeting minutes:

The District’s Recent Activities

The District is also involved in building a new District Brush Truck and appears they are also purchasing a new District Aid Car, which is in the process.

An EMS Levy was discussed by Commissioners to possibly put it out to the public on August ballots.

Bothell Firefighters moved into their newly built Station #45 in December 2022, while new recruits have recently graduated in 2023.

About Bothell Fire Department

The City of Bothell Fire Department is located about 11 miles northeast of Seattle in Snohomish County.

The agency is also known as Snohomish County Fire District 10 (SCFD10), which has a total of 55 professional career firefighters, 12 administrative staff, five fire engines, one ladder truck, four aid cars, and one brush truck.

Bothell is home to medical device manufacturing businesses, two universities, and other smaller businesses spread across the City. Driving through this area connects one easily through King and Snohomish Counties and is considered to be a major player in the biotech industry.

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