Southend Firefighters Respond to Commercial Fire

White Center, Washington | Southend Fire assets and equipment were dispatched to a 2-Alarm Commercial structure fire on Wednesday, July 8, 2020, just before five o’clock in the morning.

Photo Credit | Zone3 Fire REHAB


Units were quickly on-scene. Agencies were from the Puget Sound, Tukwila, Burien, Tukwila and Skyway Fire Departments, as well as the North Highline and King County Fire Districts.

King County Paramedics (IAFF 2595) and the King County Sheriff’s assisting with medical and traffic control.


REHAB units were also tied in to the call bringing out REHAB units 2, 3, 302, 304 and 322.

Crews brought in aerials and specialized equipment working to put out the stubborn and fierce fire.

The 2-Alarm incident took place  in the 10700 block of 16th Avenue, S.W., Seattle, Washington.

The structure was verified to be vacant building once housing a former funeral home.

As it continued to burn in the area, roadway closures began impacting the White Center community streets, one block out from 16th Avenue S.W. to S.W. 107th Streets.  This would be a normal process as multiple lines would be laid on the streets and up connected to hydrants.  This is to avoid drivers or those from damaging or destroying fire hoses.

No reports of firefighter injuries were reported.

The cause of the fire is unknown and is under investigation.

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NEW! | Polles Fire | Near Payson, Arizona

UPDATE 1 – JULY 5, 2020

INCIDENT SUMMARY.   A wildfire sparked by lightning, called the POLLES FIRE is burning about 11 miles west of Payson, Arizona and 6 miles south of Pine-Strawberry, Arizona in the Mazatzal Widerness.   It is also on the Tonto National Forest lands.

The fire started around July 3, 2020, from an isolated thunderstorm that showered  the area.

Photo Credit | Tonto NF

Polles Fire 7/3

RESOURCES.  There are 220 personnel assigned to this incident.

CURRENT STATUS.   The fire has destroyed 549 acres and there is a 0% containment status.

The NWS IMET is en route to the fire and should be arriving shortly.

The fire is only accessible by copter where it brought in 2 hotshot crews on July 3rd.  The fire has been pushed around with high sustained winds out of the southwest and low humidity, causing it to become very active and heading north and northeast on July 4th.

THREATS.   There are no communities or structures threatened at this time.

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CA Wildfire | Crews Fire | Santa Clara County | 2

INCIDENT SUMMARY.  A wildfire is burning in the 7400 block of Crews Road and east of Gilroy in Santa Clara County named the CREWS FIRE in the State of California that ignited on Sunday, July 5th.

CURRENT STATUS.   Evacuations are in progress for those at Highway 152 between Bloomfield Avenue and San Felipe. A temporary Red Cross shelter has been set-up in the parking lot of the

RESOURCES.   CAL FIRE SCU (Lead Agency). Santa Clara County FD. Red Cross. Joseph Elfelt/MappingSupport.


Photo Credit | PG&E


1936 | Evacuation orders issued for Highway 152 between Bloomfield Avenue and San Felipe.

1932 | Multiple spot fires across Canada Road. Possible evacuations for those on along Highway 152. It is still about 5 miles out in front. T914 (VLAT) now en route from Arizona.

1924 | AA140 reporting 1,200 acres with potential for 5,000 acrew. VLAT still on order but appears order has not been filled.

1915 | Hollister Airtanker Base is low on retardant. Tankers being diverted to Paso Robles to refill. Not preferred but allows tankers to continue with evening operations.

1900 | 12 air tankers reported being in the area. Units are reportng 4 new spot fires across Canada Road.

1835 | 1,000 acres. 0% contained.

1829 | Fire burning towards Hwy 152. Evacuations continue on Canada Road.

1824 | AA140 reports another 50-acre spot fire in the fire. Firing operations in progress.

1724 | Cowboy 911 helps with evacuations off Canada Road.  Fire is estimated 600 acres.

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CA Wildfire | Three Points Fire | Angeles National Forest | New!

A NEW START on the Angeles National Forest on Sunday, July 5th just before 6:00 p.m. PT, prompted a full response from USFS firefighters to the area of Pine Canyon and Three Points in the State of California.

RESOURCES include BC-21 DIV-1 ENG-311 ENG-315 ENG-511 PAT-13 PAT-35 whom were dispatched at 1739 hours PT.

TIMELINE OF THIS INCIDENT is broken down from the first initial call to current fire status.

1753 | P78 reports the fire to be 50 x 50 in siz spot fire.  There is a slow rate of spread. No structures are being threatened.  It is moving in some heavy brush fire fuels.

1752 | New fire start. Smoke showing from 10 miles out.

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New! Wildfire | Green Fire | Altamont Pass, California

INCIDENT SUMMARY.   The State of California is under RED FLAG WARNING weather conditions and wildfires are starting to break out everywhere.

This is a new fire start in the Altamont Pass area, east of Livermore on I-580 near north Flynn Road in Alameda County, California. This incident is called the GREEN FIRE.



1739 PT | New start reported. Alameda Co FD reporting 15-20 acres. CAL FIRE dispatches a medium fire response.

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July 5, 2020 | Crews Fire | CA | New!

INCIDENT SUMMARY.  A wildfire is burning in the 7400 block of Crews Road and east of Gilroy in Santa Clara County named the CREWS FIRE in the State of California that ignited on Sunday, July 5th.

Photo Credit | PG&E


CURRENT STATUS.  Several structures have been involved with more being threatened.  It is currently 150 acres with a moderate rate of spread. Additional firefighting suppression aircraft and equipment are en route to the fireline.   Evacuations are in progress.



1553 | Fire is at 150 acres. 0% containment.

1550 | Fire has jumped Canada Road.

1516 | CAL FIRE SCU units on-scene of fire off of Crews Road and Oak Spring Circle, north of Gilroy in Santa Clara County County. 150 acres. Moderate rate of spread. Evacuations are in progress.

1510 | IC reporting 150 acres. Making good progress onthe fire but head of the fire still is active.

Photo Credit | PG&E


1500 | The CREWS FIRE is the second fire in Santa Clara County. 1st fire is named the PARK FIRE.

1450 | Large column visible from 15 miles out can be seen. (eyewitness report)

1445 | CREWS FIRE starting to spread. 5 tankers are dispatched.  IC asked for 5 closest Type 3 engines and 3 additional water tenders.

1443 | CREWS FIRE firefighters are on-scene of a vegetation fire with structures involved and additional ones threatened. Fire currently at 30 acres with a moderate rate of spread per CAL FIRE PIO.

1429 | AA460 requesting 1 additional air tanker.  Total of 5 tankers and 3 copters have been assigned.

1419 | AA460 orders 4 tankers and 2 copters. Structures threatened in area of Crews Road and Sunlit Oaks Court. Tanker 80 laying down retardant.

1409 | Units race to Sunlit Oaks for emergency structure protection. Fire behavior now has a rapid rate of spread. IC requesting 1 additional Type-2 copter.

1406 | E348 reporting fire building rapidly, 2 structures are now fully involved. CAL FIRE BC requesting 5 additional Type 3 engines.

1402 | AA460 reports fire east of Gilroy. Structure fire into wilderness interface that is approximately 3-5 acres with dangerous rate of spread with multiple structures threatened. Fire located in the 7400 block of Crews Road.  AA460 was over the 1st fire called the PARK FIRE called in the CREWS FIRE.

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Today has been a very busy day for wildland firefighters across the Nation on this Independence Day.  It is also one day in a year where it is different that years  COVID19, a virus in a pandemic has many people cooped up and a lot of folks say they will be celebrating like they always have.

In Washington State, it is dry and there have been some very hot days but not compared to years past.  Please refer to your local fire department/agency’s bans or limited restrictions on fireworks.

Here is a list of wildfires that have occurred in the State of Washington today.  This is up to the date of this post.  NOTE:  It is not dark yet but soon-to-be. We will report on the wildfires from tonight’s activities.  We hope there won’t be but we know people are this time of year.

Wishing everyone a safe and sane rest of your 4th of July!

# # #

COLEMAN CREEK FIRE.  Wildfire. Coleman Creek Road. Kittitas County. 0.1 acre. Logs. Dispatched 1351 PT. Contained/controlled 1700 PT. Central Washington Comm Center.

DENNIS ROAD FIRE.  Wildfire.   Webber Canyon. Benton County. 58 acres. Grass and brush. Dispatched 1532 PT. Contained 1710 PT. Central Washington Comm Center.

FLAGG MOUNTAIN FIRE.  Wildfire. Goat Creek. Okanogan County. 0.1 acre. Log, Duff. Dispatched 1647 PT. Contained 1856 PT. Central Washington Comm Center.

INDEPENDENCE FIRE. Wildfire. unknown location. Douglas, grass and brush. 0.1 acre. Dispatched 1730 PT. Contained/controlled 1830 PT. South Puget Sound Dispatch Center.

LOG JAM FIRE.  Wildfire. Tumwater. Thurston County. 0.1 acre. Logs. E8201, Duvall (IC) on-scene. Dispatched 1849 PT.  South Puget Sound Dispatch Center. Open call.

LOMBARD FIRE.  Wildfire. 300 block of  E Lombard Road North, Mason County. 0.1 acre. Grass and brush. Dispatched 1532 PT. In Patrol status. South Puget Sound Dispatch Center.

LOYD ROAD FIRE.  Smoke Check.  Loyd Road.  0.3 acres. E-4103 and E4104 dispatched at 2000 PT. Open call. Central Washington Comm Center.

MCALLISTER FIRE.  Wildfire. 1700 block of McAllister Court SE. Thurston County. 0.1 cre. E8207 dispatched. Edwards (IC). Dispatched 1920 PT. Resources en route. Open call. South Puget Sound Dispatch Center.

NORTH BRIAN FIRE.  Smoke Check. North Brian. Spokane County. AR63 and AR7409 are en route. Dispatched 1945 PT.  Open call. NEC Dispatch Center.

PICKENS FIRE.  Wildfire. Oberg Lake. Okanogan County. 4.5 acres. Grass and brush. HI27 (IC), HI7104 and HI7105. Dispatched 1512 PT. Resources on-scene 1538 PT. Open call. NEC Dispatch Center.

ROCK SPRINGS FIRE.  Wildfire. Yakima Training Center. Kittitas County. 100 acres. Grass and Brush. Dispatched 1229 PT. Contained 1755 PT. Controlled 1807 PT. Central WA Dispatch Center.

SILICA FIRE. Wildfire. Frenchman Coulee. Grant County. 15.5 acres. Grass and Brush. Dispatched 0045 PT. Crew-33 and E6696 still showing on-scene. Open incident. Central WA Dispatch Center.

TOWER FIRE. Wildfire.  Riverside. Okanogan County. 4.14 acres. Grass and brush. SO27 (IC) Dispatched 0038 PT. Contained 0400 PT. Controlled 0751 PT. NEC Dispatch Center.

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JULY 4 2020 | SHERIDAN FIRE | CA | 1

Vegetation was ignited from an  unknown cause in the 7000 block of Sheridan Road, just south of the sunol in Santa Clara (Alameda County) and north of the Mission Peak Regional Preserve in the State of California (USA) on Saturday, July 4th.

Photo Credit | CAL FIRE SCU


Here is a timeline of the fire as it was reported on Social Media:

1400 | Vegetation fire.  AA460  “25-30 acres. Moderate to dangerous rate of spread. Requesting additional aircraft.”

1429 | Units reportedly repositioning to stop the fire from making runs as it approaches another ridge. Winds are starting to pick up.

1440 | Fire is moving south but air tankers are working to slow it down.

1609 | Fire is at 100 acres. It is 30% contained.

1614 | Forward progression stopped. Staff and Officers: Helping East Bay Regional Park visitors to be evacuated.

1715 | Fire is now in mop-up operations.

Photo Credit | Alameda Co FD



This incident name is also being used for another fire in New Mexico but these are two unrelated wildfires. The other Sheridan Fire started on June 30, 2020, at 1341 hourst on the Sheridan Corral Gila National Forest.

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1855 PT | UPDATE 1 | JULY 1, 2020


Around 1526 Hours PT this afternoon, Angeles National Forest equipment were dispatched to a wildfire burning west of Agua Dulce in California.

The incident is named the ROWHER FIRE.




Personnel | CAL FIRE.  LA Co FD, LA City FD.  USFS – Angeles NF.  . LA Co FD PIO, NWS Los Angeles.  Wildfire mapping.

Equipment | 2 Type3 strike teams, 2 Type1 Hotshot crews, 4 tactical water tenders, 2 dozers. Helitankers, 259, 781, 6HT. Tankers 910, 70, 72, 100, 131, 912. Copters 72. 532, 305, 307, 37S, 25M, CH16, CH17, CH12, Type 1 (NW to reservoir).


80*F temps, 47% RH, Winds SW at 7 mph. (1832 PT)


1819 | Helicopters to fly back/forth to/from the Reservoir.

1707 | 400 acres per AA. Making progress on the left flank.

1724 | Potential for 1400 acres. Smoke blowing towards Palmdale.

1558 | Tankers T72 and T70 assigned.

1555 | Valley residents plan for evacuations with their animals, if needed.

1545 | LA Co FD units assisting USFS. 150-200 acres near Sierra Highway in Agua Dulce

1541 | Escalated to a 2 alarm brush fire.

1557 | Total 6 tankers assigned.

1536 | BC22: fire now 150-200 acres for potential 1500 acres. ANF requested 4 additional tankers.

1532 | AA310 overhead requested 2 additional closest air tankers.

1526 | Fire has  burned between 50-100 acres with a 0% containment status.

1519 | Units staging at the Agua Dulce movie ranch.  Burning towards the Sierra Pelona area.

1512 | LA Co FD units on-scene at 11110 W Mint Canyon Roady. 4-5 acre fire with moderate rate of spread. 0 Structures threatened.

1511 | Type 1 Helicopter HT25M out of PTV.




“Smoke can be seen from Leona Valley.” 

Smoky conditions near Elizabeth Lake.  Helicopters flying over.”

“Smoke from the north in the Leona Valley. Smoke blowing down into the Antelope Valley area.”


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JUNE 29, 2020 | JAMACHA FIRE | CA | 1


CAL FIRE San Diego and San Miguel Fire Department are on-scene of a brush fire are  involving several palm trees near Windwood Wy and Par Four Dr.

There are homes in the area but none are threatened.

This wildfire was reported this evening around 2050 hours PT.

More updates to be posted as information is received.

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