CA Wildfire | Crews Fire | Santa Clara County | 2

INCIDENT SUMMARY.  A wildfire is burning in the 7400 block of Crews Road and east of Gilroy in Santa Clara County named the CREWS FIRE in the State of California that ignited on Sunday, July 5th.

CURRENT STATUS.   Evacuations are in progress for those at Highway 152 between Bloomfield Avenue and San Felipe. A temporary Red Cross shelter has been set-up in the parking lot of the

RESOURCES.   CAL FIRE SCU (Lead Agency). Santa Clara County FD. Red Cross. Joseph Elfelt/MappingSupport.


Photo Credit | PG&E


1936 | Evacuation orders issued for Highway 152 between Bloomfield Avenue and San Felipe.

1932 | Multiple spot fires across Canada Road. Possible evacuations for those on along Highway 152. It is still about 5 miles out in front. T914 (VLAT) now en route from Arizona.

1924 | AA140 reporting 1,200 acres with potential for 5,000 acrew. VLAT still on order but appears order has not been filled.

1915 | Hollister Airtanker Base is low on retardant. Tankers being diverted to Paso Robles to refill. Not preferred but allows tankers to continue with evening operations.

1900 | 12 air tankers reported being in the area. Units are reportng 4 new spot fires across Canada Road.

1835 | 1,000 acres. 0% contained.

1829 | Fire burning towards Hwy 152. Evacuations continue on Canada Road.

1824 | AA140 reports another 50-acre spot fire in the fire. Firing operations in progress.

1724 | Cowboy 911 helps with evacuations off Canada Road.  Fire is estimated 600 acres.

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CA Wildfire | Soldedad Fire | Soledad Canyon, CA | New!

July 5, 2020  – Update 1

Photo Credit | SCE’s Camp 9 Camera


A wildfire has just broken out 2 miles east of 14 Fwy in Soldedad Canyon in Los Angeles County, California.

Photo Credit | Angeles National Forest

RESOURCES.  Resources include the following BC-11 BC-12 CHF-3 ENG-10 ENG-19 ENG-310 ENG-316 ENG-317 PAT-12 PAT-15 WT-212 WT-222 and an IC 3 Team.

INCIDENT COOPERATORS.  NWS Los Angeles. Angeles NF, CAL FIRE. CAL Trans District 7. Santa Clarita City.  CAL FIRE.  Mayor Cameron Smyth (City of Santa Clarita). Assemblywoman Christy Smith (Santa Clarita Valley).

CURRENT STATUS.  400 acres with potential for 1,000 acres. A 3rd alarm was just requested by the IC.   Evacuations in process.

EVACUATIONS.  Mandatory evacuations for everyone north of Soledad to Agua Dulce Canyon Road and east of 14 Freeway.

ROAD CLOSURES.    NB SR-14 is closed at Soledad Canyon Road. SB SR-14 is closed at Agua Dulce Road for an unknown duration due to this wildfire. DOT state to use an alternate between Antelope Valley and San Fernando Valley.

Photo Credit | CAL Trans District 7



1706 | Mandatory evacuations for everyone north of Soledad to Agua Dulce Canyon Road and east of 14 Freeway.

1702 | Evacuations are in progress.

1658 | Fire is now wind-driven from the northeast is being pushed by the southwest winds.

1655 | 3rd alarm requested. 400 acres in the vicinity of Agua Dulce Canyon Road. Hwy 14 freeway closed. Fire is moving north-east. Heavy tankers requested.

1646 | 400 acres burned. Running in multiple drainages. Potential for 1,0000 acres. 3rd alarm requested. Fire pushing hard to the north and is well established. PIO responding.

1641 | Fire jumps 14 Freeway. SW Winds will shift to the west into the evening. (NWS Los Angeles)

Photo Credit | Angeles NF

1629 | 2nd alarm requested. Fire now 150 acres for potential of 500 acres. Pushing hard to the northeast. Requesting VLAT and 2 helitankers out of Fox Field.

1624 | Fire now at 90 acres. Potential spread over 300-500 acres. No threat to structures, but there are 3 structures on the other side of the ridge.

1620 | BC6 requested 4 Air Tankers. Unified Command with Angeles National Forest and Los Angeles County Fire Department, due to threat to the forest.

1604 | Approximately 5 acres. Moderate rate of spread.

Photo Credit | Angeles National Forest


1538  | Brush fire. Agua Dulce Canyon Road and the 14 Freeway in Agua Dulce. 1 acre burning in a medium brush with a moderate of spread and no structures threatened.

1530 | WT128 reports 1 acre in medium to heavy fuelds, rapid rate of spread. Potential for 100+ acres. A Full 1-alarm response requested.

1559 | Fire has jumped the 14 Freeway. 2nd alarm request. Fixed Wing aircraft assigned and launching. Full closure to the northbound and southbound lanes of the 14 freeway are underway.

1641 | BC6 requested a 3rd alarm. Structure protection needed on Agua Dulce Canyon Rd. Tanker 911 is assigned.

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July 5, 2020 | Park Fire | CA | New!

INCIDENT SUMMARY.    This is one of several fires first wildfire burning in Santa Clara County called the PARK FIRE.  It is located on East Dunne Avenue and Finley Ridge Road in the area of Anderson Reservoir in Morgan Hill, California.

Fire was reported on Saturday, July 4th at 2300 hours PT.   Some reporting fireworks were the cause of this wildfire. Fire Officials have not released the cause at the time of this post.

CURRENT STATUS.   There has been 343 acres burned.  It now has a 50% containment status.  Earlier this morning, 25 homes were threated but none were reported as damaged or destroyed.  However, several outbuildings were damaged.

Forward progression was stopped on Sunday morning around 1030 hours PT.  Expected long duration for mop-up operations due to steep and poor inaccessible terain.

Photo Credit | CAL FIRE SCU


RESOURCES.   38 fire engines, 8 hand crews, 4 dozers. 237 CAL FIRE and OCFA Firefighters.  Incident Cooperators:  Santa Clara County Parks Department, Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office and the California Highway Patrol.  CAL FIRE. OCFA PIO.

EVACUATIONS.    80 people have been evacuated.  20 more are sheltering-in-place.  Animals are safe at the Irvine Regional Park.

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July 5, 2020 | Crews Fire | CA | New!

INCIDENT SUMMARY.  A wildfire is burning in the 7400 block of Crews Road and east of Gilroy in Santa Clara County named the CREWS FIRE in the State of California that ignited on Sunday, July 5th.

Photo Credit | PG&E


CURRENT STATUS.  Several structures have been involved with more being threatened.  It is currently 150 acres with a moderate rate of spread. Additional firefighting suppression aircraft and equipment are en route to the fireline.   Evacuations are in progress.



1553 | Fire is at 150 acres. 0% containment.

1550 | Fire has jumped Canada Road.

1516 | CAL FIRE SCU units on-scene of fire off of Crews Road and Oak Spring Circle, north of Gilroy in Santa Clara County County. 150 acres. Moderate rate of spread. Evacuations are in progress.

1510 | IC reporting 150 acres. Making good progress onthe fire but head of the fire still is active.

Photo Credit | PG&E


1500 | The CREWS FIRE is the second fire in Santa Clara County. 1st fire is named the PARK FIRE.

1450 | Large column visible from 15 miles out can be seen. (eyewitness report)

1445 | CREWS FIRE starting to spread. 5 tankers are dispatched.  IC asked for 5 closest Type 3 engines and 3 additional water tenders.

1443 | CREWS FIRE firefighters are on-scene of a vegetation fire with structures involved and additional ones threatened. Fire currently at 30 acres with a moderate rate of spread per CAL FIRE PIO.

1429 | AA460 requesting 1 additional air tanker.  Total of 5 tankers and 3 copters have been assigned.

1419 | AA460 orders 4 tankers and 2 copters. Structures threatened in area of Crews Road and Sunlit Oaks Court. Tanker 80 laying down retardant.

1409 | Units race to Sunlit Oaks for emergency structure protection. Fire behavior now has a rapid rate of spread. IC requesting 1 additional Type-2 copter.

1406 | E348 reporting fire building rapidly, 2 structures are now fully involved. CAL FIRE BC requesting 5 additional Type 3 engines.

1402 | AA460 reports fire east of Gilroy. Structure fire into wilderness interface that is approximately 3-5 acres with dangerous rate of spread with multiple structures threatened. Fire located in the 7400 block of Crews Road.  AA460 was over the 1st fire called the PARK FIRE called in the CREWS FIRE.

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JULY 4 2020 | SHERIDAN FIRE | CA | 1

Vegetation was ignited from an  unknown cause in the 7000 block of Sheridan Road, just south of the sunol in Santa Clara (Alameda County) and north of the Mission Peak Regional Preserve in the State of California (USA) on Saturday, July 4th.

Photo Credit | CAL FIRE SCU


Here is a timeline of the fire as it was reported on Social Media:

1400 | Vegetation fire.  AA460  “25-30 acres. Moderate to dangerous rate of spread. Requesting additional aircraft.”

1429 | Units reportedly repositioning to stop the fire from making runs as it approaches another ridge. Winds are starting to pick up.

1440 | Fire is moving south but air tankers are working to slow it down.

1609 | Fire is at 100 acres. It is 30% contained.

1614 | Forward progression stopped. Staff and Officers: Helping East Bay Regional Park visitors to be evacuated.

1715 | Fire is now in mop-up operations.

Photo Credit | Alameda Co FD



This incident name is also being used for another fire in New Mexico but these are two unrelated wildfires. The other Sheridan Fire started on June 30, 2020, at 1341 hourst on the Sheridan Corral Gila National Forest.

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JUNE 29, 2020 | CORDES FIRE | AZ | 1


INCIDENT SUMMARY.  The CORDES FIRE prompted wildland fire personnel and assets to be dispatched around 1741 MT on June 29, 2020, Monday.

CURRENT STATUS.  Fire remains west of I-17 and south of Hwy 69.  It is approximately 240 acres.  High wind event happening. Fire about .25 miles from nearby structures.

This appears to be the same area (mile marker 260) for a brush fire that broke out in April 2020.



LOCATION.  The fire is located two (2) miles southwest of Cordes Lakes near I-17  and mile marker 262 in Arizona.

EVACUATIONS.  Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office issuing evacuation orders to area residents. These are for folks that are west of I-17 and south of SR69.

SHELTER.  Red Cross Shelter has opened an Emergency Evacuation Center at the Mayer High School (17300 E. Mule Deer Dr. in Mayer) .

RESOURCES.    1-IHC, 1-AA, 1-LAT, 1 T3 Helo and 2 SEATs on order. (1741 MT).

INCIDENT COOPERATORS.  BLM AZ Fire.  AZ State Fire.  AZ DOT.  AZ Forestry.  Red Cross AZ.  Yavapai County Sheriff Office.  NWS Flagstaff.



TRAFFIC ALERTS.  I-17 SB closure: If you’re north of SR 69, you can take that through to Prescott, then 89 south to US 93. US 93 will take you south to the Phoenix metro area. There is no estimated time for reopening the SB lanes. (AZ DOT)




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INCIDENT SUMMARY.  The KNOLLS FIRE ignited from lightning on the west side of Utah Lake around 1318 MT today.

FIRE STATUS.  Due to low visibility, high winds and extreme fire behavior – fire officials have been unable to gain intel on the size of this wildfire or containment status.  Fire is burning south of Saratoga Springs.

Winds have shifted from north to south.  Flames are reportedly visible from the east side of the Valley.

Light rain has dropped over the area but winds have continued to pick up.

“The damage report has not been completed yet as crews are still on the scene. No homes have been destroyed, although some may have received some minor damage at this time.”

– City of Lehi.

PHOTO CREDIT.  Utah County Fire Investigator.


EVACUATIONS.  About 3,000 homes (13,000 residents).

Homes South of Grandview Blvd on the West of Redwood Rd, need to evacuate homes.

Evacuation orders for Lehi neighborhoods, Autumn Hills and Spring Dew Lane have been lifted residents may start returning to their homes in Lehi.  (1845 MT)



SHELTER.  Shelter is located at Westlake High School, 99 N. 200th W. in Saratoga Spring, UT 84045.  Officials were asking people to stay in their cars for social distancing purposes and the Red Cross will check-in with them to see what resources they need.

RESOURCES.   About 50 Fire Departments within Utah County, plus several others from Salt Lake County are currently assigned to this incident.

No aircraft resources are flying due to winds have been clocked at a speed of 57 miles-per-hour grounding all planes and helicopters.

INCIDENT COOPERATORS.  Knolls FD, UT Fire Info, UT Cert Team.  Red Cross Utah. Utah County Fire Marshal. Utah Public Safety.


Utah Public Safety.


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UPDATE 4 | JUNE 25, 2020

INCIDENT SUMMARY.  The BIG HORN FIRE started by lightning on June 6, 2020 around 2200 MT in the Catalina Mountains, northwest of Tucson, Arizona on the Coronado National Forest. The Fire was caused by lightning.

Photo Courtesy | Inciweb

plume seen from McDonalds parking lot

CURRENT FIRE STATUS.  There has been 81,702 acres of short grass that has been burned. It is now 33% contained. Expected containment is around July 10, 2020.

Fire behavior is active with uphill runs.  Fire is most likely to spread to the northwest and southeast, growing by 7,500 acres over the next 24 hours.

THREATENED.   Summerhaven – Scout Campm Willow Canyon HOA and 12,040 structures

RESOURCES.  There are 1,072 personnel along with 5-Helicopter-Type 1; 2-Helicopter-Type 2; 6-Helicopter-Type 3; 3-Crew-Camp; 12-Crew-Type 1; 5-Crew-Type 2; 5-Crew-Type 2IA; 6-Dozer; 1-Engine-Type 1; . Critical Resource Needs: REMS Team 1 – Heavy Equipment Boss 1 – Lat 1 – VLAT 5 – Type 6 Engines.

INCIDENT COOPERATORS.  Bighorn Fire Info, Mount Lemmon FD, Tucson FD, Pinal Co Public Health, Pinal Co Sheriffs Office,  Pima County government, Three Points Fire District, Lemmon Fire District, CEDR Digital Corps, Red Cross, AZ Game and Fish Dept, Oracle FD and Northern Rockies Type 1 Incident Management Team 1 and Tucson Emergency Alerts.

Photo Courtesy | Inciweb

DAMAGE ASSESSMENTS.  There has been $24.4 Million Dollars in cost-to-date fire suppression expenses.

firefighters stand in teh glow of fire


AIR QUALITY.   Pima County

TEMPORARY FLIGHT RESTRICTION.  There is a TFR above this fire incident.  There are no private drones allowed in/around or near this fire scene.  If they are found within the area, all air resources will be forced to land and a clean sweep of the airsprace before they are able to fly again.  #NoDronesInFireZones is the motto everyone who is a citizen should remember.

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JUNE 25, 2020

NEW! A wildfire was sparked by an unknown cause on Thursday, June 25, 2020, in the area of N. 299th Avenue and W. Painted Wagon Trail (Whispering Ranch) is located  west of Wittmann, Arizona.  The fire quickly spread over 100 acres.  (1447 MST)



A short-time later, the fire has burned 400 acres and continues to move to the northeast and to the west.

INCIDENT COOPERATORS.  AZ State Department of Forestry (Lead), BLM Arizona Fire, Wittmann, AZ Emergency Alerts, Whitmann, AZ Emergency Alerts, Working Fire, CEDR Digital Corps, AZ Fire and Medical, SWCC, Red Cross Arizona and Telemundo Arizona, Ofincia del Sheriff del Conadado Maricopa (Twitter: @mcsoazespanol).



EVACUATIONS.   The evacuations have been lifted due to fire crews have successfully contained the wildfire.

A “SET” notification has been issued for the area of 299th Avenue and Painted Wagon trail due to the wildfire. Fire crews and emergency personnel are working to assist with the with the rapidly growing fire. (1636 MST)


DAMAGE ASSESSMENTS: (5) structures destroyed, including (1) primary.

RESOURCES.  Immediate deployment of resources included engines and aircraft were en route with additional assets on order.


No photo description available.

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NEW | JUNE 23, 2020 | TUESDAY

THE AQUILA FIRE broke out approximately two hours ago (1531 MT) today in the area of 27th Lane and West Via Aquila in the northern part of Phoenix, Arizona.

AN UNCONFIRMED CAUSE. A post on Social Media reported about two men in a truck who started the wildfire.  We are unable to verify this information but it has been reported to local Fire and Law Enforcement agencies.

INCIDENT COOPERATORS.  Those working this incident represent the AZ State Forestry, Lassen Hotshots, Red Cross, Maricopa County Sheriff Office, Maricopa County Emergency Management Agency, local Power company , CEDR Digital Corps and Daily Mountain FD.



CURRENT STATUS.  Currently, there are evacuations in effect for the Joy Ranch subdivision.   It was moving North through the wash into heavy vegetation but crews have stopped the forward progression in the area northeast of I-17 and Carefree Highway.  893 acres burned and multiple sources of ignition were found by firefighters. Currently, under investigation by law enforcement.

Power was said to be out for 2,443 APS customers. (1857 MST)



DAMAGES.  1 primary structure lost and multiple  secondary structures were destroyed.

EVACUATIONS. For Official information about evacuations, visit Maricopa County here –> (versions are both in English and Spanish)

EVACUATION SHELTER.  Boulder Creek High School, 40404 N. Gavilan Peak Pkwy, Anthem, AZ 85086, opened at 1730 MST.





UPDATES. We will provide more updates as information is received regarding the containment status and cause of the fire.  Stay tuned for more great fire news in NW and Beyond.   We can also be found on Twitter and Facebook @nwfireblog or on Instagram. Stay safe!

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