Published Sunday, June 16, 2022, 1020 hours PT

A massive 4-Alarm structure fire located in the 200 block of Tower Street around 0200 hours was discovered, when firefighters with the Las Vegas Fire Rescue were returning to quarters after another call saw a large smoke column.

As they approached and arrived on the scene of the fire, they reported a fire in a large building under construction in a condominium complex on Fremont Street in the downtown corridor of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Credit – LVFR

Entering the complex, firefighters found the building well involved with fire and observed the fire letting off extreme heat which threatened nearby exposure structures which were occupied. Residents were then prompted to start emergency evacuations. Heavy smoke began to make it difficult for those due to poor visibility and hard to breathe.

A second alarm was immediately requested through Dispatch via Command for extra manpower and later escalated to two additional alarms as the Vegas winds were starting to pick up and increasing fire behavior to the extreme. An additional 40 fire units with 140 fire personnel from the Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and Clark County responded to the fire.

Credit – LVFR

An evacuation center was set up at Hollingsworth STEAM Academy at 1776 E Ogden Avenue for residents. A nearby motel and a studio apartment complex also were evacuated. The Center had approximately 50-100 people staying at the center until firefighters were able to put the fire out.

The fire was knocked down around 0600 hours, about four hours after the fire was discovered burning in the area. Several hot spots and flare-ups continued to be active. It will require Firefighters to remain on the scene of the fire ground for most of the day, says Fire Officials.

One person was injured with a minor smoke inhalation diagnosis. They were treated on the scene by medics and released.

Credit – LVFR

The cause is unknown and under investigation.

At least ten buildings are reported as being damaged or lost in this massive fire incident. Fire Investigators and Officials say due to the large complexity of this incident, it may take at least until Tuesday or next week to determine the extent of damage to buildings, condo units, businesses, and vehicles.

The Fire Department states, “This is the largest number of occupied dwelling units involved with fire at the same time in the City of Las Vegas for the past 25 years. Other fires consisted of several homes under construction in the past, but they were not occupied. A number of people and at least one business will be impacted by this fire.” – Las Vegas Fire Chief Jeff Buchanan.

Units which responded were E5, E6, E103, E3, E15, E44, E4, E1, E201, E51, E14, E23, E10, E106, E41, E108, T6, T1, T61, T18, T52, R5, R6, R204, R4, R14, EMS1, AR1, AR52, B1, B4, B10, B5, B2, B116, C2, LV2, PIO1.

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