CLOSE CALL: Long Lake, Minnesota Firefighters’ Truck Hit By Tree

LONG LAKE, Minne. – Whenever we hear or see a post about firefighters involved in an accident, we are human to think of the worst scenario we can ever imagine and tonight, this was the making of one in itself.

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Firefighters from the Long Lake Fire Department were responding to a wire down call in Orono this evening when a tree fell across the roadway in front of LLFD Engine 12.

All report they are okay but the truck has suffered significant damage where it will be/has been towed back to their Station 1.  It will be out of service for a long period of time.  This was the only truck damaged during the call.

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Replacement/Service is pending a visit from their insurance adjuster.

All Photo Images are the property of the Long Lake Fire Department and credit is due to them.


Long Lake Fire Department has two fire stations with both of them in Orono.  One is located at 340 Willow Drive North and the other at 3770 Shorline Drive.

They currently offer fire suppression, EMS and act as mutual aid as needed in the Cities of Long Lake, Orono and Median.

They have a membership of 50 firefighters.

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