LAFD Stop Fire in Tracks

Los Angeles, California

LAFD fire crews battled an early Saturday morning fire in the 3100 block of West 59th Street in Los Angeles, California.

Units BC18, BC706, E266, E294, E57, E66, E94, RA266, RA866, SQ21, T66, T94, CH9, 12 were dispatched at 0023 PT to a row of carports fully engulfed behind a row of 2-story apartment buildings.

About 49 LAFD fire units responded to the Hyde Park area taking about 28 minutes to put the fire out and stopping fire from spreading to two exposure buildings. Unfortunately, multiple vehicles were damaged.

No injuries to firefighters or civilians were reported.

Cause and the total amount property damage is under investigation and has not been released as of yet.

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2-Alarm Fire Kills 1, Injures Others in Los Angeles


A FireStorm of Another Kind

A ripping and roaring fire began around 1924 hours on Monday evening at a 2-story vacant medical building located at 2411 W 8th Street in the #Westlake District in Los Angeles, California.

Westlake District

A previous address had been tweeted by the LAFD as 2426 W 8th Street which their system mistakenly pulled from another incident unrelated to the ongoing fire currently in progress.


Trespassers Rescued, 1 Killed

Five “unauthorized civilians” were found inside the building of which three (3) were dramatically rescued by LAFD firefighters.  One of the unauthorized occupants was found deceased on-scene from unknown injuries or cause.

Person-of-Interest Under Investigation

One male person-of-interest was being interviewed by LAPD around 2100 hours or 9pm.  The person of interest and one other rescued victim were transported by a LAFD ambulance to a local near-by hospital with non-threatening injuries.


LAFD say they have 147 Firefighters fighting the 2-Alarm blaze, which took over two hours of battling the FireStorm of another kind.

The following are resources dispatched to the fire scene:

  • E11, E215, E211, E13, E6, E220, E229, E210, E10, E9, E3, E227, E35, E12, E203, EM1, EM14
  • T15, T11, T20, T29, T10, T3, T9, T27
  • RA810, RA1, RA811, RA13, RA6, RA27, RA827, RA29, RA10, RA209, RA3k
  • CM22
  • HR56
  • BC18, BC5, BC2, BC13, BC14, BC11, BC1
  • RM2
  • UR88
  • EA1
  • AR22, AR1, AR2, AR17
  • HUS9

A total of 147 firefighters were on the scene of this fire.  We heard one of them was injured but his/her condition was unknown at the time this post was published.

Unbelievable Fire Images Light up Social Media

Amazing #FireImages were tweeted all over Social Media.  One video showed a man with a cell phone on top of a roof in a dangerous, precarious position filing while large fiery red flames shot up over the fire building and right next the roof edge of an exposure building.

About the 2411 Building

The commercial structure is said to be a 14,351 square foot office building on a 0.26 acre lot.  Property records and sources show the structure is valued at $1.15 million.  It is owned by Pacific Parkview LLC.

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