LAFD Stop Fire in Tracks

Los Angeles, California

LAFD fire crews battled an early Saturday morning fire in the 3100 block of West 59th Street in Los Angeles, California.

Units BC18, BC706, E266, E294, E57, E66, E94, RA266, RA866, SQ21, T66, T94, CH9, 12 were dispatched at 0023 PT to a row of carports fully engulfed behind a row of 2-story apartment buildings.

About 49 LAFD fire units responded to the Hyde Park area taking about 28 minutes to put the fire out and stopping fire from spreading to two exposure buildings. Unfortunately, multiple vehicles were damaged.

No injuries to firefighters or civilians were reported.

Cause and the total amount property damage is under investigation and has not been released as of yet.

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U.S. Wildfires for the Week of March 3, 2017

Wildfires have been breaking out all over the United States and it is technically not even Fire Season for us here in the Pacific Northwest but we know our turn will soon come.

Here are the wildfires for the week of March 3, 2017.

NEW! | 124 Fire – Oklahoma

Southern Area. Started 3/3/2017. 140 acres. 43% contained. Type 3 IC. 1 outbuilding lost.

NEW! | 259 – Arkansas- Oklahoma Interagency

Resources dispatched @ 1801 hours. District: Oklahoma, County: McCurtain, Panther Creek. .5 acres. Resources on-scene. Limited information.

NEW! | 303 Fire – Texas

9,299 acres. 100% contained. 1 person attached. 0 other resources. $1,000 cost-to-date. Private land.

NEW! | 3510 Fire – Oklahoma

Started 3/1/2017. Oklahoma Dept. of Ag. Located in Seminole County. 161 acres. 1 residence and 1 outbuilding destroyed. 90% contained. Type 4 IC.

NEW! | 81st (Powerline) Fire – Oklahoma

Oklahoma DOF. Six miles south of Mannford, OK. 334 acres. 79% contained. Tall grass and timber. Moderate fire behavior with running. Residences threatened.

71 personnel. 22 engines. 1 engines. $88,000 cost-to-date. State lands.

NEW! | Akins Fire – Oklahoma

580 acres. 100% contained. Located in Sequoyah County.

NEW! | Bryant Hollow Fire – Oklahoma

Oklahoma Department of Ag. Cherokee County. 180 acres. 100% contained.

NEW! | Campers Point Fire – Missouri – Iowa Interagency

Resources dispatched @ 13:27 Hours. Cassiville, Stone County. 1 acre. IC M. Scott.

NEW! | Cattledrive Fire – Fort Collins Interagency

Resources dispatched @ 1615 Hours. Located 12 miles of Wellington, Colorado. 1996 acres. Limited information.

NO UPDATE | Cold Mountain Fire – North Carolina

The Cold Mountain fire is located in the Shining Rock Wilderness Area of the Pisgah Ranger District, Pisgah National Forest, approximately 20 miles S of Waynesville, North Carolina, in the headwaters of Crawford Creek or 9 miles SE of Waynesville, NC. Located in the North Carolina Forests.

Fire fuels include: hardwood litter, closed timber litter and short grass. Current fire conditions are: minimal fire behavior with smoldering.

An emergency closure order is in effect on national forest system lands in the following area: The Art Loeb Trail (#146) north of Shining Rock Gap and the Cold Mountain Trail (#141).

132 acres. 95% contained. 55 personnel. 1 crew. $247,000 cost-to-date. Forest Service lands.

NEW! | Crossroads West Fire – New Mexico

2,000 acres. 100% contained. 48 personnel. 20 engines. $15,000 cost-to-date. State lands.

NEW! | Digger Fire – Arkansas – Oklahoma Interagency

AKA Trust Fire. Dispatched resources 15:05 hours. Location unknown. 14 acres. Limited information.

NEW! | Grizzly Bear Fire – Great Plains Interagency

Resources dispatched @ 14:38 Hours. Located on Iron Mountain Road. 3 acres. IC Enright.

NEW! | Hardesty Command Fire – Oklahoma

604 acres. 100% contained. 4 personnel assigned. 2 engines. $15,000 cost-to-date. State lands.

NEW! | Hermans Fire – South Carolina

Resources dispatched @ 14:46 Hours. Located at intersection of Halfway Creek and Forest Service Road 6323. Limited info.

NEW! | Iron Mountain Fire – South Dakota

Resources dispatched @ 12:56 Hours. Located in Keystone, South Dakota. 0.5 acres.

NEW! | Latimer Fire – Oklahoma

Located in Alfalfa County. 2413 acres. 50% contained.

UPDATE | Litt Ranch – Texas

TX Interagency. Oldham County, TX. 12,913 acres. 100% contained. Started 2/24/2017.

1 person assigned to incident. 0 other resources attached. $1,000 cost-to-date. Private land.

NEW! | Little Brushy Creek Fire – Missouri – Iowa Interagency

Resources dispatched @ 1554 Hours. Located in Potosi RD Reynolds County. Near Black, Missouri. 30 acres. IC Brian Schroeder. Limited info.

NEW! | Lone Star Fire – Missouri – Iowa Interagency

Resources dispatched @ 1527 Hours. PB Carter County, Missouri. 15 acres. IC Pomeroy.

NEW! | Loop Road Fire – North Carolina Interagency

Resources dispatched @ 14:49 Hours. 3 acres. Limited info.

NEW! | Mary Lane Fire – Oklahoma

Located in Cleveland County. 140 acres. 1 structure lost. 40% contained.

NEW! | Merritt Fire – Tucson Interagency

Resources dispatched 16:22 Hours. Hwy 83, Milepost 4. Tall grass and brush. Resources on-scene. IC McMurtie as of 17:35 Hours.

NEW! | Oak Snag Fire – Colorado

Started 3/2/2017. Located in Seminole County. 195 acres. 89% contained. Type 4 IC.

NEW! | Observatory Road Fire – Colorado

Resources dispatched @ 1609 Hours. Located on Observatory Road and Crystal Lake in Jefferson County. Approximately seven miles East of Bailey County, Colorado.

NEW! | Old Baldy Fire

East Central Area, Oklahoma DOF. 22 miles south of McAlester [Pittsburgh County], OK. 580 acres. 80% contained. Hardwood litter and brush. Moderate fire behavior with backing and creeping.

Six personnel. Type 4 IC. 3 engines. $1,000 cost-to-date. State lands.

NEW! | Petsemoie Fire – Oklahoma

Osage Agency. Two miles northwest of Osage, OK. 466 acres. 35% contained. Hardwood litter and tall grass. Minimal fire behavior with smoldering. Residences threatened.

13 personnel. 2 crews. 1 engine. $6,000 cost-to-date. BIA lands.

NEW! | Pole Fire – Cleveland National Forest

Resources dispatched @ 1829 Hours. Located in front of Cottonwood Station. Limited information.

NEW! | Price Fire – Phoenix Interagency

Resources dispatched at 1722 Hours. S. Old Price Rd and E Queen Creek Rd. 10 acres. Unknown containment status.

NEW! | Prison Fire – Texas

2,444 acres. 100% contained. 1 person attached. 4 structures lost. $1,000 cost-to-date. Private land.

NEW! | Rael Fire – New Mexico

Started 3/2/2017. Socorro District, New Mexico State Forestry on the Gila National Forest. 30 miles northeast of Reserve. Human caused. 500 acres. 10% contained. Tall grass. Active fire behavior with running and creeping. Residences threatened.

20 personnel assigned. 6 engines. $20,000 cost-to-date. Forest Service lands.

NEW! | Ranchland Fire – Fort Collins Interagency

Resources dispatched at 1758 Hours. Unknown location. 225 acres. Unknown containment status. Limited information.

NEW! | Richmond Hill Fire – Colorado

Resources dispatched @ 1728 Hours. Approximately four miles SW of Conifer [Jefferson County] Colorado. Resources on-scene. Limited info.

NEW! | Ross Creek Fire – Arkansas – Oklahoma Interagency

Resources dispatched @ 1200 hours. Ross Creek Ridge, PCS District Scott County , ROSS Creek. Contained at 20 acres. (Fire #21 of the day)

NEW! | Salt Fork Fire – Oklahoma

Oklahoma DOF. Four miles west of Altus, OK. 1221 acres. 79% contained. Tall grass and timber. Moderate fire behavior with wind driven runs.

71 personnel. 24 engines. 1 helicopter. $88,000 cost-to-date. State lands.

NEW! | Sand Draw Fire – Colorado

Resources dispatched at 16:31 Hours. .01 acres. Approximately 12 miles East of Bailey County [Buffalo Creek Rd and Hwy 126 in Jefferson County]. Contained at 1730 Hours.

NEW! | Seven Cabins Fire – New Mexico

Lincoln NF. Eight miles northwest of Arabela, NM. 532 acres. 70% contained. Short grass and medium logging slash. Minimal fire behavior with creeping and smoldering.

63 personnel. 3 crews. 4 engines. $60,000 cost-to-date. Forest Service lands.

NEW! | South Rockerville – Great Plains

Resources dispatched @ 13:44 Hours. Located on South Rockerville Road. 9.9 ares.

NEW! | Stanmark Fire – Great Plains

Resources dispatched @ 11:52 Hours. Located in Keystone, South Dakota. 7 acres. IC: Enright (also of Iron Mountain Fire)

NEW! | Trooper Fire – Oklahoma

Started 2/26/2017. Wewoka Agency. Five miles southwest of Cromwell, OK. 205 acres. 90% contained. Hardwood litter and tall grass. Minimal fire behavior.

13 personnel. 1 crew. 3 engines. $4,000 cost-to-date. BIA lands. Type 4 IC.

NEW! | Tussy Fire – Oklahoma

Started 3/3/2017. Oklahoma Dept. of Ag. Located in Garvin County. 500 acres. 80% contained. Type 3 IC.

NEW! | Wolf Fire – Great Plains Interagency

Resources dispatched @ 11:28 Hours. Located Mile marker #112, one mile North of Wall and Hwy 14. 5,000 acres.

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#LARain Continues to Drown California | Update 1


Drought to Flooding

Someone lied when they said, “It never rains in California” just received another six – nine inches of rain on Friday evening (around 1900 hours) prompting massive flooding, many traffic accidents, drivers getting stuck in the mud and running into the river.

Sink Hole Swallows Cars, Fire Truck

One video circulating the internet of two cars being swallowed into a sinkhole in Wrightwood.  Another shows where a fire truck sitting on the edge a sinkhole begins to skid sideways then topples on its right side down into the crater.

Water Rescues, Hard Road Closures

Swiftwater rescue teams were dispatched to rescue several drivers.  Police Officers were responding to calls to areas where heavy traffic was located, conducting hard closures and waiting for CAL Trans and County Public Works to arrive to completely shutdown the area to traffic.

FACT:  Just 6 inches of moving water can knock you down & 2 feet of water can sweep your vehicle away. Be safe,turn around &don’t drown.

(Source: FEMA Region 9)


For those whom may not know what an Incident Cooperator is, here is the definition.  Incident Cooperators are those from an Agency, non-governmental, non-profits or anyone who assists with the Incident to help those in need, protect and serve, provide services or supplies, etc.  We think you get the picture.

Listed below are those such Partners.  We are adding those as info is being received throughout the the CA Storm event.


  • EOC activated by CA Governor
  • Working on coordinating recovery, sand bagging resources, Oroville Spillway shore-up
  • Checking on infrastructure lost in N Central and Central CA
  • Working with CAL Trans on closures and reconstructing roadways (emergencies)
  • S Cal OES Region EOC activated

Photo Credit: CAL OES

Photo Credit: South CAL OES EOC


Studio City

  • Sinkhole created, eats two cars.  Watch this video for stunning images.


  • Incident Management teams (IMT) on-scene
  • Helping with assistance
  • Has provisions for 25,000 people:  Food, Water for five days
  • Supplies also include:  cots, blankets, other supplies


How YOU Can Help (Donate)

  • Red Cross volunteers are ready to help as heavy rains move in. To help, text “CAFLOODS” to 90099 to donate $10.

Photo Credit: American Red Cross


  • District 3:  Hard closures
  • District 7:  Pumped water off of I-15 @ Sheldon by using generators.
  • District 8: At sinkhole where Fire truck fell into sink hole.

Photo Credit: CAL Trans


  • Emergency Text Messages (News/Alerts)  Text NOTIFYLA to 888-777 or

Photo Credit: City of Los Angeles



  • Antelope Valley:  Accepting ALS patients from diverted RR Hospital
  • Ridgecrest Regional Hospital:  Only accepting BLS patients; currently on divert


  • Sante Fe / Ranchero Roads
  • Summit Valley / Ranchero Roads


Santa Clara

  • The 2 patients and 2 dogs that were rescued from Santa Clara River by Air Squad 9 were transferred to Ventura City Fire Dept for evaluation.


LA County

  • Two Flood Advisories in effect. LA County through 12:30 AM and a new advisory for SBA/VTU Counties through 2:30 AM. (NWS Los Angeles)

Ventura County

  • Moderate to locally heavy showers developing across Santa Barbara much of Ventura County. Could be a few thunderstorms overnight. (NWS Los Angeles)


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Incident Hashtags

  • #CAStorm
  • #LARain

Looking Through The Eyes of Social Media

  • Woodbridge @ Laurel Canyon:   Woman’s car fell into large sinkhole, LAFD firefighters rescued her.  (Twitter user)
  • 10 Freeway closed in South LA for standing water in lanes. (Media @ 1930)
  • Mud flow breached barriers in Iron Canyon earlier today. Never drive through rushing water/flooded roads. (Co Public Works @ 1930)
  • My Neighbor is Building an Ark, So Far He’s Got Two Chihuahuas and a Frightened Squirrel. (Twitter user/Humor)


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Thieves Steal From F.O.O.L.S. Benefit | Update 3

We almost forgot to give y’all the good news!

While I was out for the count – okay, maybe not literal but the sickness I had postponed this really GREAT POST!

We are happy to announce that President Rob Mitchell of the Alamo Area F.O.O.L.S. organization has been reunited with his priceless possession that you see on the [Right] in the photo below.


Photo Credit: ALAMO F.O.O.L.S. President Rob Mitchell

The helmet belonging to the Alamo Area F.O.O.L.S. President Rob Mitchell was last seen as a part of a table decoration, during a St. Patty’s event that raised funds for a fellow Firefighter and his Family.

“I have had a lot of memories created with that lid…… ” – Rob Mitchell


Photo Credit: ALAMO F.O.O.L.S. President Rob Mitchell

 Described as black with a custom one-of-kind front on it with writing on the inside means a lot to President Mitchell.  As you can tell from the photos posted here, just what that means to him and how he could not part with it.  We were upset that someone would actually take from a benefit helping another with Cancer.


Photo Credit: ALAMO F.O.O.L.S. President Rob Mitchell

The Alamo F.O.O.L.S., is an organization based in the San Antonio, Texas area that provides training opportunities to Brothers and Sisters globally, they organize benefits to assist Firefighters and their Families in  need along with their communities.

“F.O.O.L.S. exist to strengthen the Brotherhood of our chosen profession we have for our calling.”



Photo Credit: ALAMO F.O.O.L.S. President Rob Mitchell

The story goes like this,

“I found my Lid today. A friend of mine saw it Saturday but wasn’t sure it was mine.  I went there today with a Sheriff’s Deputy and was there sitting on this salesman’s desk.  He was NOT associated with any FD, Just a person who took it the night of the Benefit.” – Rob 

Rob Mitchell thanks all of our readers who helped spread the news like wildfire and helping us get the word out about his missing helmet.  As always, we couldn’t do this without you all.

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Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and on behalf of the Alamo Area F.O.O.L.S. for helping us get the word out.

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Thieves Steal From F.O.O.L.S. Benefit | Update 1

Firefighters with the  Alamo Area F.O.O.L.S.  organization are still looking for the missing helmet [R], snatched by a thief during a St. Patty’s fundraiser for a fellow Firefighter battling cancer.  We consider that a low blow.


Photo Credit: ALAMO F.O.O.L.S. President Rob Mitchell

The helmet belonging to the Alamo Area F.O.O.L.S. President Rob Mitchell was last seen as a part of a table decoration, during a St. Patty’s event that raised funds for a fellow Firefighter and his Family.

We are posting pictures hoping that the Alamo Area F.O.O.L.S. President Rob Mitchell will someday be reunited with something he has had in his possession for the last 15 years.

“I have had a lot of memories created with that lid…… ” – Rob Mitchell


Photo Credit: ALAMO F.O.O.L.S. President Rob Mitchell

 Described as black with a custom one-of-kind front on it with writing on the inside means a lot to President Mitchell.  As you can tell from the photos posted here, just what that means.


Photo Credit: ALAMO F.O.O.L.S. President Rob Mitchell

The Alamo F.O.O.L.S., is an organization based in the San Antonio, Texas area that provides training opportunities to Brothers and Sisters globally, they organize benefits to assist Firefighters and their Families in  need along with their communities.

“F.O.O.L.S. exist to strengthen the Brotherhood of our chosen profession we have for our calling.”

Asked if the Police are investigating their case and it pretty much sounds like they are on their own.  They check Ebay and Craig’s List every day without success.


Photo Credit: ALAMO F.O.O.L.S. President Rob Mitchell

Because of our Love for the Fire Service, we asking all of our Followers to SHARE with your friends, family, colleagues, fellow firefighters, law enforcement and anyone else you can think of.  We want to flood Social Media to see if we can assist with getting a prized possession back to its rightful owner.

A $5,000 REWARD is being offered for the safe return of this Firefighter Helmet.  Please contact

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Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and on behalf of the Alamo Area F.O.O.L.S. for helping us get the word out.

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The Bellevue Police Department Community Academy – Week 1

[Editor’s Note:  As a Public Safety Writer and one whom visits the City often, these posts are the Author’s commentary of her experiences and viewpoints only and as a Citizen attending weekly sessions.  L.R. Swenson does not represent or have an affiliation with the Bellevue Police Department.]


A Community Academy is an undeniable chance at learning what your local Police Department does to protect the community you live, work or play in.  It is a free and often, one of the best opportunities to know what it may be like to walk in a Police Officer’s shoes or at least get the rare chance of a lifetime to meet the real-life “Heroes” of today.


The Bellevue Police Department introduced new “students” to their 37th Community Academy with Introductions / Opening Comments from Interim Chief Jim Montgomery, Sheila Evans [Admin Specialist] and our Emcee, Lt. Travess Forbush.

Interim Police Chief Montgomery

Chief Montgomery shared his background from starting in Louisville PD [KY] to King County Sheriff’s Office [WA] to Bellevue Police Department [WA] to Boise [ID] then making a full circle back to BPD for a total of 43 years in Law Enforcement.  Now, that’s dedication.  And, what a successful career it has been – making his way up to Police Chief and reaching this position at an early stage in his career.  He has many years on this level of achievement.

He had advanced to a higher level in his life: Retirement.  However, he agreed to helping out a former and great Police Department, one that he led for several years.  In his Chief’s comments, he did somewhat mention he is waiting for that right moment when Bellevue hires a new Chief.  His Officers jokingly asked if he’d be willing to stay on for another five years.  He politely declined.

Chief Montgomery assumed Command of the Bellevue Police Department after Chief Linda Pillo retired in April of this year.

He gave quite an Introduction, answered a few questions and asked the question of why we were interested in the Academy.

Here are some of the highlights from his Introduction.

  • The city of Bellevue has approximately 135,000 residents and about one-and-a-half times during the day.
  • Bellevue has a lot of diversity with many residents speaking over 60 languages.
  • One Officer on the Force speaks Farsi!
  • BPD has a lower crime rate that its counterpart on the East Coast.
  • The Department has about 178 Officers and 42 Command Staff.
  • Staffing currently is low, but they are working on hiring more Officers.


Lt. Travess Forbush [Emcee]

Lt. Forbush has a distinguished Law Enforcement career as well from starting at a young age to dedicating to 24 years on the Police Force.  His background includes: Hostage Negotiations, overseeing Community Police Stations amongst a few of the sessions he’ll be covering. [these are two of his specialities]

Sheila Evans

Sheila Evans is the Coordinator and one of many behind the scenes to makes this Academy so popular and successful.  Citizens who want to attend an Academy must fill out an application online and agree to a “background check” sending it in by mail or in our case, by fax.

As the Administrator for the Academy, we know [have the knowledge and the know-how] how much work, time, dedication and passion she puts into this event and to keep it on track each week. Not only is she the one whom puts all of this work into it, but she stays late.  She is even seen breaking down the event, putting everything away and getting ready for the next day.  If you attend one of these Academies with the Bellevue Police Department, be sure to thank her.


The class size is rather small with 20 being the max for students.  A wide variety of “students” are in attendance and am so fascinated with them as well.  You know everyone always has a “story”.

My reasoning for attending the Community Academy is simple.

“Learn how to write about the Law Enforcement Profession more accurately.”

Those attending our class, which is a great base of diversity from all walks of life [work related & interests]:

  • There are an interest in becoming Police Officers.
  • Those who may have lived in other Countries had experiences with Law Enforcement, want to see how American Police Officers “roll”. [Yes, pun intended]
  • Of course, we said “Public Safety Writer / Author / Blogger” and immediately we were affiliated with mainstream media [we are not] and worried about what we’d say.  [Note: We love the “public safety” realm and the last time we checked, there are always two sides to a story].
  • One previously in the Fire Service [of course, that perked our ears up wholeheartedly].
  • Several whom worked in Law and the Prosecutor’s Office. [fascinating careers]
  • Those who just want to see what the Bellevue Police Department is all about and the Academies they offer.


Though we know what to do if we see a crime in progress, but what happens if you have just moved into the City recently, are unfamiliar when to call 9-1-1 or are unsure if you see something out of the ordinary or not.  When is it a good time to call 9-1-1?

When calling 9-1-1, dispatchers will take the information asking you if you are needing Fire or Police and what you are reporting.  If you are calling 9-1-1, you will reach the Washington State Patrol Dispatcher and indicate you need to be transferred to the Bellevue Police Department [only if you are not on the freeway] but within City limits. They will tell you if they are transferring the call.

If that happens, make sure to stay calm as possible when talking to the Dispatcher so he or she can understand what you are saying.  They will type the information as you are talking to them.  If you are having an medical emergency, make sure to let the Dispatcher know as well, as they will need to send out the Fire Department to your location.  It is very important that you know your location at all times, including addresses and intersections.

Examples of When a Crime May be Occurring

It has been said that drugs are prevalent in many Cities and Communities, including the City of Bellevue.  Earlier in the evening, someone had asked what type of drugs are Police seeing these days and where it may be happening.

In the early 1990’s, Heroin was a drug of choice changing to Meth then to Oxy in the late 1990’s.  Police say addicts are getting their methadone at a clinic in the 140th and Bel-Red Rd area where some are also getting high on other drugs [picked up from other areas of the City].

Some Police are being led to bathrooms at parks and restaurants, where users are found after getting high.

Firefighters and Police Officers are brought into the dangerous world of used needles and drug paraphernalia, putting their lives in danger as well.

  • Someone hanging out in an area that doesn’t belong there [i.e. you see them looking in cars or acting strange.
  • Someone has gone into the bathroom and has been in there longer than your average person would be. [you be the judge of the time.]
  • A person whom may be displaying bizarre behavior or acting aggressively.

Police Officers say that if you think it looks suspicious or something they should know about, don’t try to over think it – call 9-1-1 and they’ll address it.  Even if you think, it’s nothing – call them.  That’s what they are there for and they have recommended you call them.  There have been many great tips where people have spotted something out of the ordinary, called it in and thought it could be nothing. They want you to call 9-1-1.

Smash & Grab Crimes Are Preventable

Smash & Grab crimes are when criminals smash your car windows with a tool and grab the valuables out of your vehicle. This is a simple way for them to “cash in” by hocking your valuables you purchased with your hard-earned money.  Don’t become a crime victim.

Here are ways to help prevent the Smash & Grab thief from taking advantage of you:

  • Don’t leave valuables in your car.  Those signs that are placed in garages all over the place aren’t there for decoration.  They are there for a reason and it’s probably because they have had similar crimes in the past.  It is there to remind you to protect your valuables.
  • Don’t be the driver who thinks that no one is around while you “hiding” your purse, wallet or valuables in your glove box or under the seat.  Knowing darn well, the “thieves” are being shown where you have “hidden” your valuables and will most likely target your vehicle.
  • If you park in a secured garage, it is not a 100% secure. Thieves have been known to get inside the garages working their way from the lower level when no one is around to the top. By the time, they have removed all valuables, it becomes difficult to catch them.  Don’t become a victim.
  • You see something happening, call 9-1-1!  Be a great witness by providing the crime occurring, what you are seeing, the description of the person committing the crime and give a contact number.  Police want to catch the bad guy, but if they can’t reach you by phone to have you point out the bad guy or to say that he was the one who did it, it becomes a waste of time for Police to be able to arrest them.  Be a Smart Witness!


Though, we are not representing nor are we affiliated with the Bellevue Police Department, we do actually a few friends on the Force and know that this is a great Agency to work for.

So, You Want to be a Police Officer.

Due to retirements and a few great Officers leaving to go to other Police Departments in the region, BPD is hiring like crazy.  A dozen Officers were hired this year and currently are working on being trained so they’ll be hitting the City streets soon.

It takes approximately 9-12 months from the hire date until an Officer to hit the streets.  We would imagine this includes the Police Training Academy, as well.


They are looking for men and women with either a two-year AA degree or a Military Veteran.  You can see more requirements on the City’s website

Check out the Hiring Pamphlet Bellevue PD has online

There are Two Sections [Listed in 3 sections] for Commissioned Officers:

  • PATROL & TRAFFIC | This includes: K9, Special Enforcement Team, Community Station Officers, the Downtown Squad, Accident Investigations, Field Training Officers and Motorcycle Officer Enforcement.
  • SUPPORT SERVICES | Investigations | Includes several units: Violent Crimes, Property Crimes, Fraud Crimes, Forensics Lab, Crime Analysis Unit, School Resource Officers; oversees the Eastside Narcotics Task Force composed of several Detectives from Kirkland, Mercer Island, Redmond and King County.
  • SUPPORT SERVICES | Administrative Services | Includes: Records, Property / Evidence Room, Personal Service / Recruiting Unit, Courts and Custody and Volunteer Program.

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Next Week’s Post:  “Patrol Function” by Lt. Tarantino and Field Training Officer Program by FTO Lt. Manning.

Be Safe Friends and Remember to call 9-1-1 when you see something suspicious, out of the ordinary or a crime being committed.

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California Earthquake Rolls Through Napa Valley

Napa Valley, CA – A fairly large earthquake rolled through the wine-country area injuring several hundred with three serious and wide-spread damage to many buildings earlier this morning.

Here’s a timeline of how this major disaster unfolded:

0340:  6.1 Earthquake interrupts quiet town.

0411:  City of Napa begins to update its website reporting an earthquake took place. No injuries reported, damage is being assessed.

0543-0600:  The City of Napa begins to receive damage reports.

–  Unreinforced masonary buildings suffer serious damages in the downtown area.
– The Historic Courthouse and Goodman Library are also listed as receiving major damages.
– Fires are reported along with several water line breaks in various locations.
– Many damaged windows and building interiors damaged. No injuries are listed at this time.

First Light. [Photo Credit: DJ Rotten Robbie]

0630-0700:  New updates are being received at this time.

– 87 patients being treated at the Queen of the Valley Hospital. 3 are major.
– 12 are running with 10 more going in service.
– 4 mobile homes are destroyed. 2 are on fire in Napa Mobile Home Park on Orchard Ave in N Napa.
– 50 gas Leak reports are being responded to by crews.
– 30 water main breaks. Water safe to drink at this point.
– 3 Historic building severely damaged: Sam Kee Laundry, Goodman Library, Napa County Courthouse.
– 2 other Commercial buildings severly damaged
– 1 Shelter setup by Red Cross at Napa H.S. Gym
– 1 Drop box for debris will be setup at the H.S.
– City Crews are assessing infrastructure, homes and other building damages.

Bricks falling off on to someone’s car. Not a good way to start the morning. [Photo Credit: DJ Rotten Robbie]

0930-0949: City Provides New Update.

– 87 patients have been or are being treated by the Queen of the Valley Hospital. Still reporting 3 major injuries but doesn’t give their conditions.
– 4 mobile homes destroyed. 2 still on fire.
– 30 water main breaks reported. Both water treatments have no damage, are still in operation.
– Some communities have no running water or have lower pressure due to the water line breaks.
– Closures: First, Second, Third closed from Jefferson to Soscol. Main Street is closed from Third to Pearl.
– Red Cross Shelter has moved to a new location: Crosswalk Community Church, 2590 First Street.
– A drop box will be placed at all Public Schools.

1040-1100: Newest Sit Rep.

– The USGS downgraded the Earthquake from 6.1 to 6.0.
– The City of Napa declared a local emergency at 0759.
– The Governor declared a State of Emergency
– 4 Mobile Homes were destroyed. 2 were extinguished by Firefighters. Located in the Napa Valley Mobile Home Park in N Napa.
– Public reminded to stay out of the areas where roads closed on First, Second, Third from Jefferson to Soscol. Main Street is closed at Third to Pearl.
– Reports of buckled streets, sidewalks in the Browns Valley and S towards Cameros.
– 60 water line leaks and being responded to. Water is safe to drink at this time.
– Buildings in the downtown area appear to be severly damaged.

1300:  Afternoon SitRep.

– USGS Earthquake Numbers change again. It is increased up to 6.1.
– 120 patients have either been treated or are being treated at the Queen of the Valley Hospital. 3 Major injuries include 2 adults and 1 child.
– Old Sonoma Road is closed from Buhman Avenue to Congress Valley Road. No other streets are reportedly closed.
– 15 or 16 buildings in the City have been red-tagged as uninhabitable due to damage from the earthquake. One of these buildings is the Senior Center. This has been closed until further notice.
– PG & E is responding to 100 gas leak or odor complaints.
– 60 water main leaks have been reported.
– Red Cross Shelter is open at Crosswalks Community Church 2590 First Streets.
– Pets Shelter is located at Napa County Animal Shelter on Hartle Court.
– All Napa Unified SD campuses and Justin Siena H.S. are all closed on Monday, August 25, 2014.

1800: List of Red-tagged buildings and an evening SitRep.

– USGS believes quake happened on the West Napa Fault aka “The South Napa Quake”.
– 125 injuries have been or are being treated at the Queen of the Valley Hospital.
– 8 have been treated at St Helena Hospital
– 3 major injuries: 2 adults, 1 child
– 6 mobile homes destroyed at Napa Valley Mobile Home Park on Orchard in N Napa. 2 homes were damaged by fire.
– PG & E checked out over 100 gas leak and ordor of gas calls, all resolved. 0 open calls at this time.
– 11K-15K customers are without power, will have restored this evening or tomorrow. Call to advise need power restored at 800-743-5002.
– 33 buildings in the City have been red-tagged as uninhabitable.. One of these is the Napa Senior Center which will be closed until further notice. The list of these structures is posted below. If you believe a City inspector should come by your property to inspect for safety concerns call 707-258-7829 and follow the instructions.

One of the seriously damaged buildings. [Photo Credit: DJ Rotten Robbie]

Red-Tagged Buildings

1 Second Street (Post Office) Unsafe building
2,3,4,5 810-822 Brown Street Unsafe buildings (4)
6 Old Courthouse (Brown Street) East side unsafe
7 1002 Second Street (Alexandria Square) Unsafe building
8 888 Brown Street (Wells Fargo Mrtg/Alexandria Square) Adjacent to unsafe building
9 First Street (Goodman Library) Unsafe building
10 1202 First (Register Building/Sushi Mambo) Unsafe building
11 First Street (Bounty Hunter) Unsafe building
12 Randolph Street (Methodist Church) Unsafe building
13 First Street  (Andaz Hotel) Falling materials
14 Main Street (Kyser-Lui Building) Parapet damage
15 2132 West Park Drive Garage collapse
16 2629 First Street SFR foundation
17 1251 Jefferson Street SFR foundation
18, 19, 20 1610, 1245 & 1201 Main Street (3 buildings) Façade failing
21 903 Vallejo Street Foundation
22 929 Jackson Street (Sunsweet Building) Roof collapse
23 849 Jackson Street Information not available
24 2400 Clay Street Columns failing
25 1235 Walnut Street Carport collapse
26 1428 Fourth Street Foundation
27 1738 Oak Street Foundation
28 2320 Oak Street Collapsed structure
29 1540 Laurel Street House fire
30 2350 Pine Street Foundation
31 493 Walnut Street, Unit 900 Partial collapse
32 1063 Stonybrook Drive Chimney through roof
33 1709 F Street Collapsed structure

– 60 known water line breaks affecting 600 homes at this time.
– For those in need of water, water dispensing stations are in operation at 3 locations:
– Napa High School Stadium parking lot
– Las Flores Community Center
– North side [parking lot] of Pearl Street west of Main.
Residents should bring their own water containers. Water line repairs are set to begin tonight and will continue 24/7 for the next 3-4 days.

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Sam Kee Laundry Building. [Photo Credit: DJ Rotten Robbie]

2000: Evening SitRep.

– Residents who lost water supply today are being advised to do one of the following for drinking, cooking:
1. Boil water for one minute.
2. Use bottled water.
3. Pick up water at station set-up by City, on Pearl St, one block West of Main or at the Las Flores Center on Linda Vista Avenue.
– Street Closures: Remain in force until overnight, into Monday, August 25th includes:
– First, Second and Third Streets from Seminary to Soscol
– Main Street from Third to Clinton Streets
– The City reminds Residents to stay out of these areas to enable Contractors to begin immediate repairs.
– City bridges have been inspected and are deemed to be safe.
– 10k customers are currently without power. Should be restored this evening into early Monday afternoon.

About the City of Napa.

The City of Napa is known for Wine, Food and Lifestyle and located in Northern California. It is home to more than 74,000 residents and is listed as the 100th Largest City in California.  Surrounded by vineyards and the Napa River, its beauty is quite breathtaking.

It’s weather is quite comfortable and warm, perfect for making great wine and beckoning visitors to enjoy remarkable exquisite food combination that we delight any palate.

Some of the largest employers in the City are:  Queen of the Valley Hospital, Wells Fargo Bank, Kaiser Permanente, Walmart, The Doctors Company, Napa Valley Mariott Hotel and Spa just to name a few.

Find out more about this beautiful and enriched City, go to their website at:

We’d like to Thank DJ Rotten Robbie [aka Rob Doughty, a DJ for the last 20 years and Napa Native] for giving us Permission to use your photos and hear about your Quake experience.  We are glad to hear you are OK.

 We will be reporting as more information is received along with Tips on “What To Do After a Quake Occurs”, etc.

“We are thinking of you Napa survivors and your Families.  We thank the Emergency First Responders for their courage, strength and for your amazing emergency preparedness skills. Keep up the great work you all are doing.

Remember, if it feels too overwhelming or stressful, please reach out and talk it out with a friend, colleague, professional or a loved one. We care about your mental heath as well.” – –  – LR Swenson, Editor

Sources: Wikipedia [City of Napa] ; City of Napa Website

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WA Wildfire: Devil’s Elbow – Colville Indian Reservation 8/7/14

8/7/14 UPDATE as of 1900 Hours

Start:  Saturday, August 2, 2014.

Cause:  Lightning.

Location:  15 miles E of Nespelem, Washington.

Personnel:  313.

Acreage:  8296.

Fire Incident Summary:  4 fires in this complex.

  • Cub Creek Fire [located on Colville Indian Reservation]*
  • Central Peak Fire [*]
  • The Deadhorse Fire [*]
  • Timm Brothers Ranch Fire [near Columbia River]


  • Level 3:  Hwy 21 fromcapoose Creek to South Nanmkin Rd.
  • Level 2 & 1: N and S of this area.


  • Hwy 21: From Bridge Creek Rd to gravel pit. [N of Nanamkin Rd.]
  • San Poli River Rd [N of Bridge Creek Rd].
  • Central Peak area and all access roads.

Central Peak burning on 8/5 [Photo Credit: WA IMT4]

Central Peak burning on 8/5 [Photo Credit: WA IMT4]


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Photography Courtesy of: WA IMT #4 via

High Drive Brush Fire – Spokane Washington #BreakingNews

Spokane, Washington State – At approximately 1629 hours this afternoon, a brush fire broke out from the result of a Single Family Residence [SFR] Fire in a heavily wooded area located South of Mansfield.

Five homes were threatened and evacuated.

Currently, the fire is estimated to be around five to nine acres knocked down from 700-1000 acres.  The brush fired dubbed “HighDriveFire” in the Hangman Hills area.

Around 1835 hours, Firefighters reported the fire is now contained at 60% and they are no longer needing additional fire resources.  They estimate the time to completely control the fire is four to six hours.

Due to the hot temps, Firefighters state the main concerns were heat exhaustion as it completely zaps them. They were also faced with having to hike up steep terrain to reach the fire.

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