#KnottGrassFire | Washington | 2


Incident Summary | A grass fire was reported this evening on Wednesday, August 2, 2017,  which is reported to be SE of Pomeroy, Washington.

Size Up |  The fire is said to be fast-moving with a high rate of spread is burning in heavy fire fuels that include dry grasslands, some crops and into timber.

Cause | There is no cause known at the time of this post.

Resources | Fire mobe has been approved and some of the units being deployed is a Type 3 unit from Lincoln Fire District 1 and a strike team from the  Spokane area.  Crews are said to be en route at the moment and will be briefed on Thursday, August 3 @ 0800 hours PDT.

Command | Command post will be at the Pomeroy High School. The SE WA IMT 1 team will be/has taken over Fire Manager on this incident.

Social Media | Very little is being covered by other Fire Agencies or generally  by midstream media.  We have a few sources providing information and once they get all settled in – we will provide you all with an update and hopefully with some fire images.

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#SnakeRiverFire | Washington State | 4


Incident Summary | A wildfire that some are reporting started on Saturday, July 15th at 0600 hours while others are saying it started much sooner than that is located near Nisqually John Landing along the Snake River near Pomeroy, Washington State.  It is also said to be burning near its neighboring County, Asotin’s border.

Snake River Fire 20170715

Size | The Snake River fire was reported earlier today as consuming up to 2,500 acres with a 0% containment status.

Fire Fuels | Tall grasses.

Cause | Lightning.

Current Conditions |  Active fire behavior with flanking, backing and uphill runs.

Resources |  230 personnel. 2 dozers, 5 strike teams via a State mobilization around the State, plus 25 engines. (as of 7/15/2017)

We are hearing of a  SE WA IMT Team 3 PIO, Spokane County Fire District 8 (2 ), Pullman Fire (Medic + R32), Lewis County Fire District 5 sent a staffed brush truck,

Command |  SE Washington Team 3, a type 3 team. The Incident Command Post (ICP) is working out of the Pomeroy Junior/Senior High School.


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Photo Credit: Pullman Fire

Significant Events | The Corral Creek in Idaho is burning near the Snake River fire is listed at 600 acres and growing.  Due to steep and very difficult slopes, apparatus cannot drive down them.

Fire Tactics |  This fire will be mainly handled by hand crews due to steepness of the terrain and it is difficult for engines to maneuver. Bulldozers have completed 1/4 of the perimeter Saturday.

Sunday’s activities consist of the implementation of (6) Type 1 Hand Crews, (5) Strike Teams, and (3) Dozers on the ground. In the air will be a single heavy Helicopter, a fixed wing aircraft, and (4) Fire Bosses using the Snake River for water. The goal is to keep the fire on the river’s slope and away from homes and cropland.


Threats | Homes, crops and cell phone towers.

Weather Forecast |  Sunday’s weather forecast during the day is 20% chance for showers and thunderstorms. Mostly sunny with highs near 93*F.  East wind 5 to 8 mph.  Tonight is mostly clear, with a low around 73*F. SE wind 6 to 9 mph.

Cost-to-Date | $300,000.

A DNR Rotor takes off from the helibase on the Snake River. (Photo Credit: Danny Boyle)

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Pomeroy is the only City and County seat inside this least populated County inside the State of Washington.  Pomeroy has the most amount of residents topping out at a whopping 1,389 (2015 estimation), while other communities such as Gould City, Pataha, Peola and Ping carry the remainder of residents.  The County has a total of 2,247 inhabitants.

Garfield County is known as an iconic town for being created in the 1800’s and has a minimum of 10 blocks that are on the State Historical maps.  The County was created out of a large piece of Columbia County in 1881 then split off in half, creating Asotin County in 1883.

Map of Washington highlighting Garfield County

Photo & Source Credits: Wikipedia

The County is about 718 square miles with 711 as land and 7.5 as water.  US Route 12 and State Route 127 run through the County while it also features the Snake River and the Umatilla National Forest.

The County’s Northern border is with Whitman County; Eastern border is Asotin County; Southern border is Wallowa County (OR) and its Western border is Columbia County.


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#SnakeRiverFire | Washington State | 2


Incident Summary | A Washington wildfire is burning near Pomeroy (Garfield County) and about 2-2.5 miles from the Asotin County Line began on Friday evening.

The area is approximately 4 hours from Seattle (Western WA) to the other side of the State (Eastern Washington).

Size | 500 acres and growing. 0% containment.

Cause | A large lightning storm passed over the area last night and caused this wildfire.

Resources | State Mobe was approved at 0800 hours on Saturday, July 15, 2017.  We are also being told some private contractors (we are respecting their request not to publish their company names) are also being requested as resources on this incident.

So far, we have a Type 6 engine (IA) and 1 dozer either en route or on-scene.  Additional fire assets are pouring into the area.

Threats | Homes, crops and cell phone towers.

Photo Credit: WA DNR

Social Media | We are using #SnakeRiverFire and #WAwildfire2017 #WAwildfire #GarfieldCoFire

Thank you to those who have been helping us with fire information!  It has been a challenging one to locate good sources of information since there is no scanner feed down there. Those who are being deployed, we thank you for your service, dedication and tireless efforts during this busy fire season!  – LR Swenson/Ed.

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#SnakeRiverFire | Washington State | New!

GARFIELD COUNTY, WASHINGTON STATE (Correction: We goofed and put Grant County.)

Incident Summary | A wildfire ignited from an unknown cause on Saturday, July 15, 2017.

The fire is burning near Pomeroy, Washinigton, about 4 hours from the Seattle area on the other side of the State.

Size | 500 acres and growing. 0% containment.

Cause | Some are speculating that it was caused by lightning as one who lives nearby says there was quite a big lightning show last night. We are still waiting for the official cause.

Resources | State Mobe was approved at 0800 hours on Saturday, July 15, 2017.  Type 3 will be assigned as well. We have reached out to the WA State Mobe and waEMD to try to get additional information.

Threats | Homes, crops and cell phone towers.

Photo Credit: WA DNR

Current Fire Weather | 80*F temps, 47% RH and winds SW 9 mph with gusts of 11 mph.  RED FLAG WARNING due to potential lightning and thunderstorms.

Social Media | We are using #SnakeRiverFire and #WAwildfire2017 #WAwildfire #GarfieldCoFire

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