MARCH 19, 2023, SUNDAY

1415 | WA DNR Fire crews have returned to the fire ground and are assisting with fire operations. About 0.75 acres have been consumed.


2230 | WA DNR IC Mann. Open and active incident.

1730 | WA DNR resources were dispatched through the OLS Dispatch Center (Olympics) today at 1730 hours, as mutual on the grass and shrub fire.

1700 | Firefighters from Brinnon FD and Quilcene Fire Rescue were on the scene of this wildfire, located at Spencer Creek Road under some power lines. First-due firefighters reported a 150×150 spot fire, which had slow forward progression with six-foot flame lengths before the fire reached the tree line, which prompted them to egress quickly. Incident #OLS-4.

Photo Credit | Brinnon FD

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