INCIDENT SUMMARY.  The KNOLLS FIRE ignited from lightning on the west side of Utah Lake around 1318 MT today.

FIRE STATUS.  Due to low visibility, high winds and extreme fire behavior – fire officials have been unable to gain intel on the size of this wildfire or containment status.  Fire is burning south of Saratoga Springs.

Winds have shifted from north to south.  Flames are reportedly visible from the east side of the Valley.

Light rain has dropped over the area but winds have continued to pick up.

“The damage report has not been completed yet as crews are still on the scene. No homes have been destroyed, although some may have received some minor damage at this time.”

– City of Lehi.

PHOTO CREDIT.  Utah County Fire Investigator.


EVACUATIONS.  About 3,000 homes (13,000 residents).

Homes South of Grandview Blvd on the West of Redwood Rd, need to evacuate homes.

Evacuation orders for Lehi neighborhoods, Autumn Hills and Spring Dew Lane have been lifted residents may start returning to their homes in Lehi.  (1845 MT)



SHELTER.  Shelter is located at Westlake High School, 99 N. 200th W. in Saratoga Spring, UT 84045.  Officials were asking people to stay in their cars for social distancing purposes and the Red Cross will check-in with them to see what resources they need.

RESOURCES.   About 50 Fire Departments within Utah County, plus several others from Salt Lake County are currently assigned to this incident.

No aircraft resources are flying due to winds have been clocked at a speed of 57 miles-per-hour grounding all planes and helicopters.

INCIDENT COOPERATORS.  Knolls FD, UT Fire Info, UT Cert Team.  Red Cross Utah. Utah County Fire Marshal. Utah Public Safety.


Utah Public Safety.  https://dpsnews.utah.gov/utah-state-fire-marshals-office-shares-campfire-safety-tips/


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CA Wildfire | Bitterwater Fire | 1

Update 1 – 6/7/2020 – Sunday

A wildfire named the BITTERWATER FIRE is located off of Bitterwater Road and Metz Road, about  miles NE of King City (Monterey County), California.

This fire started today from an unknown cause that is currently under investigation. It was reported as a 100-acre brush fire  with potential for 200-acres. There were no immediate threats to structures.

Currently, the fire has burned 211 acres and is 80% contained.  Forward progression was stopped today at 1436 hours PT.

There are 2 Chief Officers, 11 aircraft, 8 fire engines, 3 dozers, 2 hand crews, 3 water tenders and a Fire Investigator.

No injuries to firefighters or citizens have been reported.

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Wildfire on Unita-Wasatch-Cache National Forest | Utah | 1


UPDATE 1 – 4/26/2020 – SUNDAY

A fire is burning on the Unita-Wasatch-Cache National Forest in Davis County, north of Farmington Canyon and south of Farmington City, Utah.

Six Farmington City and Kaysville Firefighters will hike up the steep and difficult terrain to the fire ground

Fire Fact | Utah firefighters respond to an average of 85 escaped private burns every year. – Utah Fire Information 

About three acres of grass and brush have been destroyed.,

Photo Credit | Davis County Sheriff Office


There is a 0% containment status at the time of this post.

Cause is a suspected downed power line, says a Davis County Sheriffs Office spokesman.

No homes are under direct threat.

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Scotland Hit Hard by Fire Conditions, Wildfires | 1

SCOTLAND — It has been at least thirty days since rain has fallen in various regions and provinces in the Country and they are starting to feel the real pain of wildfires breaking out everywhere.


Gallowway Forest Park Fire. | Photo Credit: SFRS Dumfries and Galloway

Social distancing and people staying home more due to the global pandemic may also be reasons why fires are increasing more than usual Fire Officials are reporting.

A massive firestorm is burning in Galloway Forest Park.

The cause of this fire is unknown but the Fire Service states there have been a high number of arson fires, which they say are unacceptable.

Community support for their firefighters has been overwhelming and most appreciative with loads of replenishing foods and beverages.


Photo of an arson fire. | Photo Credit: SRFS Dumfries and Galloway

Other Countries such as AUSTRALIA, POLAND, RUSSIA, SIBERIA, and UKRAINE are also seeing increased perfect conditions making it more than too obvious fires are going to be sparking.  Warm temps, dry conditions and no rain in some parts are a very bad combination.  Others have seen an uptick in arson fires, more so than ever before the Coronavirus hit their Countries and around the Globe.

More notable wildfires such as the one burning in the area or were burning in the  Exclusion Zone of the Chernobyl NPP in Ukraine .  Fires have been breaking out all across the area, making it difficult to breathe and causing more harm than ever before.

Photo Credit:  Magicrush Lorien, Katuzhanka village, taken 80km (49 miles) from the Exclusion Zone.  (Photo Courtesy Greenpeace Russia)


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Out-of-Area * TEXAS * Wildfire | Update 2 | Holcombe Road Fire

UPDATE 2 – April 23, 2020


Photo Credit | Texas A&M Forest Service

Incident Summary | A wildfire is burning off of Holcombe Road near Ozona (Crockett County), iTexas.

It started from an unknown cause on Sunday, April 19, 2020.  Initial reports stated the fire was said to be at already 700 acres with an initial 0% containment status.

Resources |  Firefighters and personnel with Texas A&M, Livingston Fire District,  Crockett and Val Verde County Firefighters, St. Augustine District,

Current Status | 21,043 acres. 20% contained.  Reduced from 26,500 due to more accurate mapping.

Injuries | None have been reported to civilians or firefighters at this time.

Hashtags | #HolcombeRoadFire #FireSeason2020

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Out-of-Area * TEXAS * Wildfire | Update 1 | Holcombe Road Fire

UPDATE 1 – April 20, 2020 – Monday

photo credit: Cody Lambert

Incident Summary | A wildfire ignited on Sunday, April 19, 2020, off of Holcombe Road in Crockett County.

At the time, when local firefighters arrived on-scene estimated the raging fire already at an alarming 700 acres with a 0% containment status.

Fire behavior is considered extreme with short runs and isoldated torching of juniper.

photo credit: Cody Lambert

Resources | Firefighters and equipment are from the Crockett County VFD, Val Verde Counties, along with mutual aid from Texas A & M Forest Service.  Crockett and Texas A&M are in Unified Command.   At around 1300 hours CDT, there were 27 firefighters, three dozers, 15 engines (TFS), four (4) Val Verde engines with a command unit, one Crockett county engine with a command unit and one large tankers.

video credit: Nolan Parry

Current Status |  Currently, there has been 10,000 acres scorched and a 5% containment status reached. Fire has been extreme with spotting throughout the day on ridgelines out to 300-400 yards.

Structures are still under threat but crews have been able to save three structures so far.  Point protection around the buildings is showing it is starting to make a difference.

Temps in the low 90’s during the day increased the fire behavior to be more erratic.  However, it is due to be more of the same on Tuesday, as reportedly by Fire Managers prompting more resources to be on deck.

Damage Assessment | 2 RVs and 2 vehicles have been scorched.

Injuries | None have been reported to civilians or firefighters at this time.

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Wildfire Activity Log | California | March 7, 2020

The wildfire activity log for Saturday, March 7, 2020, for the State of California:

1521 | MANZANITA FIRE:  Behind address located in the 3600 block of north Hemlock Drive in San Bernardino. IC:  CPT 228.


Photo Credit | Richard Cordova, CAL FIRE PIO (Stock Photo)

1427 | BRUSH FIRE:  23800 block x Mailbu Road. Between Malibu Colony Road and Puerco Canyon Road. City of Malibu. Reported as a wildfire.  Dispatched via Angeles National Forest ECC.

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Baseball Fire | Wildfire | CA | 2


A wildfire has ignited on Tuesday, February 25, 2020 today.  It is named the Baseball Fire and its Incident Number is #MNF-144 M0GP.

It is located off of Atchison Creek in the Covelo Ranger District on the Glenn – Mendocinco County line.  It is burning in the Mendocino National Forest, about 15 miles southeast of Covelo near the Achison campground.

View of the Baseball Fire from Covelo

Photo Courtesy | Inciweb

The fire has burned 68 acres grass, brush and timber. It is now 40% contained.

The cause has been officially released from Fire Investigators to have ignited from a previous burn pile from a Prescribed Fire project that ended in January 2020.

There are approximately 75 personnel assigned including crews, engines, a water tender and a helicopter.

There have been no structures or properties that have been damaged or destroyed.

There are currently no evacuations that are taking place at the time of this posting.

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Baseball Fire | Wildfire | CA | 1


A wildfire has ignited on Tuesday, February 25, 2020 today.  It is named the Baseball Fire and its Incident Number is #MNF-144 M0GP.

It is located off of Atchison Creek in the Covelo Ranger District on the Glenn – Mendocinco County line.  It is burning in the Mendocino National Forest, about 15 miles southeast of Covelo near the Achison campground.

The fire has burned 60 acres.   There is a 5% containment status.

The cause was determined to be from a previous pile burning on the Baseball fire project.  It is being said from various sources that this was from an earlier prescribed fire project that was completed in the end of January and may have been smoldering for awhile due to dry conditions, warm temps and winds swooping through the area.

There are aproximately 55 personnel assigned including one crew, three engines, on water tender and a single helicopter.  Units were dispatched today around 1004 hours PST.

IC Robert Hoyle has a request in for additional resources on order.

Fire weather consists of light wind, 70*F temps and a low to moderate rate of spread.

There are no threats to property or to structures, nor are there any precautionary evacations in effect.

#MendocinoNF #CALFIRE #Wildfire #FireSeason_2020

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Riverbottom Fire | Wildland Fire | California

Incident Summary
The #RiverbottomFire is burning off of the Santa Ana Bike Trail in the 1400 block of Old Ranch Road and Park Cliff Court in Riverbottom (Riverside Co), California. It was ignited this morning on Thursday 2/6/2020. Fire assets were dispatched and on-scene quickly around 0953 hours PST.
heavy smoke from riverbottom fire
The cause is most likely to have started from an unattended encampment.
Current Status
The wildfire is currently at 70 acres with a 50% conainment status and is expected to be fully contained by late Friday evening.
riverbottom fire smoke and rfd vehicles
City of Riverside FD 221 firefighters, 14 engines and 2 hand crews along with mutual aid of: 2 air tankers, one helicopter.

Road Closures 

Firefighters in the foreground while smoke from riverbottom fire is in backgroundDuring fire operations, authorities closed the Santa Ana Bike Path from Ryan Bonaminio Park to Anza Narriows Park.

Structure protection was in effect along with mandatory evacuations but were lifted after mutual aidl/aircraft resources arrived on-scene.  Earlier in the incident, fire activity continued to increase and  evacuations for those on Old Ranch Road and Park Cliff Court.  An evacuation shelter was opened at the Dales Senior Center, located at 3936 Chestnut in Riverside, California. 
ALL EVACUATIONS have been lifted.
Photo Images

Photo Credit of the City of Fire Riverside Department.

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