Sit Rep 2 | September 15, 2020

The ALMEDA DRIVE FIRE started on September 8th on  private land, one-mile north of Ashland, Oregon from an unknown cause.  It has now moved on to lands owned by the Oregon State Department of Forestry – Medford Unit and is the Lead Agency on this wildfire incident.

Currently, the fire has been kept within its perimeter and beginning to become more stabilized.  The fire has destroyed 3,200 acres and crews have successfully reached a 70% containment status.

An Urban Search and Rescue Team, UT Task force 1 and members from Utah and Nevada have begun the painstakingly process of damage assessments, hazards mitigation and detailed searches. Fire Officials are urging people to stay away from evacuated and fire areas, as they work to complete their specific objectives.

There are a total of 48 personnel along with 12 engines.

There have been 600 homes  and 100 other structures destroyed.  At the time of this post, there are 6,100 homes and 500 other structures still under direct threat.  Updated | Multiple reports of 2,357 homes have been lost after damage assessment reports roll in. 

SHELTER NEEDS –> Jackson County EXPO 541.774.8270 for info, details.

TFR –> Still in effect meaning NO DRONES IN FIRE ZONES

Missing persons –> Medford Police Department 541.774.2283. Line staffed al evening. If no answer, leave a message.

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RIVERSIDE FIRE | SE of Estacada (Clackamas Co), Oregon

PC:  Clackamas County Sheriff Office



The RIVERSIDE FIRE started on September 8, 2020, from an unknown human-caused ignition.  The investigation is ongoing and information has not be released to the public or some of their preliminary findings.

At this time, we have not found correlated evidence or information from verifiable sources reporting as such.  However, there are some that are reporting arson on all of the wildfires.  We will wait for the official cause and if Officials use the word arson, then we will bring that information to you.

It is burning approximately one-half mile southeast of Estacada in the State of Oregon in timber, brush and short grass on top of steep terrain.


Fire behavior has continued to be moderate with creeping, single-tree torching and smoldering.  It appears there are no isolated torching going on as it was in yesterday’s report.

PC: Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office



Approximately, 135,401 acres have been destroyed along with 53 structures.

Resources include:  458 total personnel along with 12 crews, 21 engines and 3 helicopters.   More Task Forces and a flooding of additional resources are expected to enter the area as soon as tomorrow.


Those whom are partnering or working to support this wildfire incident include:  Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office, Riverside Fire, IMT SWA Team 1, OR FMO, USFS, BLM (Bureau of Land Mgmt) and the OR DOT, Hillsboro Fire & Rescue, Gresham Fire.

PC:  HFR sent 7 members tasked with structure protection as part of the Washington County Task Force near Estacada.


Additional resources and equipment are expected to continue to arrive and assist current personnel on this incident.


Evacuations  —> 503.655.8224 or

Fire Community Meeting –> Held this evening at 6pm.  Recording

Questions? –> Call 503.228.7805 or Email

Air Quality  –>

Closures –>


TFR in Effect –> No Drones in Fire Zones

Help firefighters and other responders stay safe by not flying your drone over wildfires or burned areas. This can prevent firefighters from successfully completing search operations


“Stop spreading misinformation about people starting these [OR} wildfires.” – Clackamas County Sheriff Office, Clackamas County Government

PC: Clackamas County Sheriff


“Half of the town of Talent burned to the ground but my parent’s home was saved.” – Daughter of a Talent resident.

“The fire is devastated.  The [Fire] took only minutes to burn, but a lifetime of 8 years to build.” – Media about a homeowner in Molalla.

“Several homes and a church were leveled by fire that torn through the Hillockburn area.” – Media

“Fire described as historic for Clackamas County.” – Media


Clackamas County Sheriff Office | The “team” is compromised of many incident cooperators including radio operators, search and rescue teams, fire weather and ground resources.  Without them, it would difficult to locate the missing, to communicate and fight/ contain these destructive fire storms.






Gresham Firefighters | Crews deploy around the State including this [fire] which are tasked with direct fire attack, cutting fire line to protect unburned area, structure preps and extinguishing hot spots.


Washington County Task Force | Members are made up from various Fire Agencies that include Hillsboro FD, Gaston FD, Cornelius FD, Forest Grove FD and TVFR.



Mt Hood National Park | Fire spots across Hwy 211 on 9/9, about 2 air miles from Estacada. Taken on 9/13/2020.


Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office | 10-15 miles from Molalla Forest Corridor. Taken 9/14/2020.


Mt. Hood National Forest | Near Estacada. Photo taken on 9/10/2020 when the fire was at 125,000 acres.

Smoke darkens the sky above the Riverside Fire on September 8, 2020 on the Mt. Hood National Forest in Oregon. Credit: USDA Forest Service Mt. Hood National Forest

Photo taken on September 11, 2020 when the fire was 1/2 mile from Estacada and SE 6 miles from Molalla.

Smoke billows above the Riverside Fire on September 8, 2020 on the Mt. Hood National Forest in Oregon. Credit: USDA Forest Service Mt. Hood National Forest

Hillsboro Fire & Rescue | The Washington County Task Force work together to pick up the port-a-tank after a long day’s work on 9/12/2020.



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Sit Rep 1 | September 14, 2020

The ALMEDA DRIVE FIRE started on September 8th on  private land, one-mile north of Ashland, Oregon from an unknown cause.  It has now moved on to lands owned by the Oregon State Department of Forestry – Medford Unit and is the Lead Agency on this wildfire incident.

Currently, the fire behavior is active with backing and creeping while threatening several communities or to about 6,100 single and multiple structures.

As of today, there has been 3,200 acres of timber, brush and tall grass and 700 structures that have been destroyed in this costly wildfire. Fire suppression and containment costs have skyrocketed to $751,000 to date.

About 48 personnel along with 12 engines are attached to this incident.

The Command Post has been staged at the Scenic Middle School Central Point School District 6 for their venue.  A big shoutout for the school district’s generosity was announced on Facebook, which is being managed by the Joint Information Center, OR Fire Marshal’s Office Type 2 team.

This incident is being managed by the NW IMT Team8, IC Doug Joshnson. OR State FMO Blue Team.

Fire crews were able to keep the fire within its perimeter and reaching a successful 70% containment status.  They will also continue to ID and mitigate hazardous conditions which include fire debris, structure integrity, downed utility lines as well as venting natural gas lines inside the perimeter.

These are very dangerous conditions for firefighters as they go into the unknown.  Safety Officers will work to keep firefighters safe while working under these conditions.  PLEASE AVOID THIS AREA.

Temps were in the mid 70’s and will remain as such for the next several days.  It is expected to be cloudy with overcast smoke and haze.  Air quality issues remain hazardous.  Those with respiratory issues should remain indoors with windows closed to avoid inhaling unhealthy smoke.  If you must drive, turn on your headlights and go very slow as roadways have limited visibility.

Shelter for residents impacted by this wildfire, can contact the Jackson County EXPO at 541-774-8270 for further information and details.

A TFR or temporary flight restriction over the fire is effect meaning no aircraft including drones can fly any distance within this fire.  It is illegal and dangerous to fly drones inside a fire zone.  This also cause aircraft to be forced to land taking precious time away from fighting wildfires.  It can also cause mid-air collision, crashes or kill those in the air or ground.  NO DRONES IN FIRE ZONES.

A significant event occurred on this incident where a Southern winery was destroyed. Our Thoughts and Prayers to those whom have been impacted by this fire and others.  

Photo Images | PC:  Almeda and Obenchain Fire Info Facebook Page


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A bull dozer and helicpter work in tandem on a control line.



The SOUTH OBENCHAIN FIRE started on September 8, 2020 at 1359 (1:5pm) PT from an unknown cause, which is currently under investigation.

The fire is burning in Jackson County, about five miles east of Eagle Point, Oregon.

Fire fuels include:  Timber, brush and logging slash.


Fire behavior is active with uphill wind-driven runs, mid-range spotting and group tree torching.

About 30,503 acres have been scorched.  Fire crews have successfully reached a 20% containment status.

Smokes continues to keep air assets grounded on Saturday. Some clearing of smoke was anticipated today. However, a dry cold front was due to move in. A RED FLAG WARNING was issued today from 1500 – 2000 (3pm – 8pm) for gusty winds, low RH and conditions becoming unstable.  All are big concerns for Fire Managers, which are generally understandable.

Cost-to-date for fire suppression and containment efforts have reached $2.3 Million Dollars.


There are 623 total personnel assigned to this incident.   The OR DOF – Medford Unit is the lead agency on this with the PNW Team 8, an IMT 2 team is managing this wildfire.

There are approximately 15 crews, 22 engines and 12 helicopters that are assisting from the ground to the air.


Level 3 –> Shady Cove, Trail and Butte Falls


Accesshelp –> Provides food, warmth, shelter and other essential services to the County’s low-income children, families, seniors, veterans and disabled individuals.

Red Cross –> Is asking for monetary donations vs. durable goods and food.

NWFB Community Resource Group –> Check out our new Facebook Group page WILDFIRE COMMUNITY RESOURCES for information on how you can help local communities with needs or resources available to help one another.

NOTE:  We just created this page yesterday and we are working quickly to add resources and other info.  You are invited to join and help us grow this group so we may help those who have been impacted.


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RIVERSIDE FIRE | SE of Estacada (Clackamas Co), Oregon


Riverside Fire from La Dee Flats area.


The RIVERSIDE FIRE started on September 8, 2020 which was human caused.  The ignition source has not been released and appears this is an on-going investigation.

Fire fuels include timber, brush and short grass on top of steep terrain.


The fire has destroyed 133,799 acres and remains at a zero containment status.  Fire behavior is moderate with creeping, single tree and isolated torching.

The  BEACHIE CREEK FIRE and this wildfire merging are of great concern as both  are only one-mile apart from one another.

Fire Officials say the RIVERSIDE FIRE is their number one priority for resources.  Currently, the State has depleted all of their fire personnel and equipment resources due to so many incidents burning in the State of Oregon.

A County-wide Community Meeting was held on Sunday at 1400 hours discussing the Fire, Public Health and other important information.

53 structures have been reportedly lost with a total in fire suppression and containment expenses up to $850,000 cost-to-date.


Those whom are partnering or working to support this wildfire incident include:  Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office, Riverside Fire, IMT SWA Team 1, OR FMO, USFS, BLM (Bureau of Land Mgmt) and the OR DOT.

There are currently 315 total personnel assigned to this wildfire, along with 8 crews, 11 engines, 3 helicopters.


Riverside Fire from La Dee Flats



Level 1 evacuations were lifted fro Wilsonville, Lake Oswego, West Lin, Clackamas, Happy Valley, Gladstone, Milwaukie and Tualatin.


A curfew is in effect for Clackamas County from  2200 (10pm) – 0600 (6am) for Level 2 and 3 evacuated areas.

Water Conservation

The Clackamas County Officials are asking its residents to conserve on water due to low pressure and save water for firefighting efforts.


The Clackamas County Sheriff made it explicitly clear that they have many Deputies visiting the evacuated areas providing security and other patrol duties.

A HUGE SHOUTOUT to their County Dispatchers for taking hundreds of calls this week, which surmounts to a 400% increase in 9-1-1 calls. Most were non-substantiated but some led to arrests. He wanted to let residents know they are out to protect their property and to remove those who have been reported to be armed security guards for homeowners. A strong message was given to those to stop what they are doing, as this is illegal and can get some hurt or killed.   He urged people to still call 9-1-1 so they can handle it and not anyone else. They want to protect their communities from any danger or keep everyone safe.


Oregon Department of Forestry or more commonly called “ODF”  has closed all lands to public entry and use including the Santiam, Tillamook, Clatsop, Gilchrist and Sun Pass Forests.  It is necessary due to the current extreme fire conditions that are endangering life, forest resources and property.   This was announced on Saturday, September 12, 2020.


Image may contain: tree, sky, plant, outdoor and nature


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INCIDENT SUMMARY.  The KNOLLS FIRE ignited from lightning on the west side of Utah Lake around 1318 MT today.

FIRE STATUS.  Due to low visibility, high winds and extreme fire behavior – fire officials have been unable to gain intel on the size of this wildfire or containment status.  Fire is burning south of Saratoga Springs.

Winds have shifted from north to south.  Flames are reportedly visible from the east side of the Valley.

Light rain has dropped over the area but winds have continued to pick up.

“The damage report has not been completed yet as crews are still on the scene. No homes have been destroyed, although some may have received some minor damage at this time.”

– City of Lehi.

PHOTO CREDIT.  Utah County Fire Investigator.


EVACUATIONS.  About 3,000 homes (13,000 residents).

Homes South of Grandview Blvd on the West of Redwood Rd, need to evacuate homes.

Evacuation orders for Lehi neighborhoods, Autumn Hills and Spring Dew Lane have been lifted residents may start returning to their homes in Lehi.  (1845 MT)



SHELTER.  Shelter is located at Westlake High School, 99 N. 200th W. in Saratoga Spring, UT 84045.  Officials were asking people to stay in their cars for social distancing purposes and the Red Cross will check-in with them to see what resources they need.

RESOURCES.   About 50 Fire Departments within Utah County, plus several others from Salt Lake County are currently assigned to this incident.

No aircraft resources are flying due to winds have been clocked at a speed of 57 miles-per-hour grounding all planes and helicopters.

INCIDENT COOPERATORS.  Knolls FD, UT Fire Info, UT Cert Team.  Red Cross Utah. Utah County Fire Marshal. Utah Public Safety.


Utah Public Safety.


SOCIAL MEDIA.  #UTwildfires #UTwildfires #KnollFire

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CA Wildfire | Bitterwater Fire | 1

Update 1 – 6/7/2020 – Sunday

A wildfire named the BITTERWATER FIRE is located off of Bitterwater Road and Metz Road, about  miles NE of King City (Monterey County), California.

This fire started today from an unknown cause that is currently under investigation. It was reported as a 100-acre brush fire  with potential for 200-acres. There were no immediate threats to structures.

Currently, the fire has burned 211 acres and is 80% contained.  Forward progression was stopped today at 1436 hours PT.

There are 2 Chief Officers, 11 aircraft, 8 fire engines, 3 dozers, 2 hand crews, 3 water tenders and a Fire Investigator.

No injuries to firefighters or citizens have been reported.

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Wildfire on Unita-Wasatch-Cache National Forest | Utah | 1


UPDATE 1 – 4/26/2020 – SUNDAY

A fire is burning on the Unita-Wasatch-Cache National Forest in Davis County, north of Farmington Canyon and south of Farmington City, Utah.

Six Farmington City and Kaysville Firefighters will hike up the steep and difficult terrain to the fire ground

Fire Fact | Utah firefighters respond to an average of 85 escaped private burns every year. – Utah Fire Information 

About three acres of grass and brush have been destroyed.,

Photo Credit | Davis County Sheriff Office


There is a 0% containment status at the time of this post.

Cause is a suspected downed power line, says a Davis County Sheriffs Office spokesman.

No homes are under direct threat.

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Scotland Hit Hard by Fire Conditions, Wildfires | 1

SCOTLAND — It has been at least thirty days since rain has fallen in various regions and provinces in the Country and they are starting to feel the real pain of wildfires breaking out everywhere.


Gallowway Forest Park Fire. | Photo Credit: SFRS Dumfries and Galloway

Social distancing and people staying home more due to the global pandemic may also be reasons why fires are increasing more than usual Fire Officials are reporting.

A massive firestorm is burning in Galloway Forest Park.

The cause of this fire is unknown but the Fire Service states there have been a high number of arson fires, which they say are unacceptable.

Community support for their firefighters has been overwhelming and most appreciative with loads of replenishing foods and beverages.


Photo of an arson fire. | Photo Credit: SRFS Dumfries and Galloway

Other Countries such as AUSTRALIA, POLAND, RUSSIA, SIBERIA, and UKRAINE are also seeing increased perfect conditions making it more than too obvious fires are going to be sparking.  Warm temps, dry conditions and no rain in some parts are a very bad combination.  Others have seen an uptick in arson fires, more so than ever before the Coronavirus hit their Countries and around the Globe.

More notable wildfires such as the one burning in the area or were burning in the  Exclusion Zone of the Chernobyl NPP in Ukraine .  Fires have been breaking out all across the area, making it difficult to breathe and causing more harm than ever before.

Photo Credit:  Magicrush Lorien, Katuzhanka village, taken 80km (49 miles) from the Exclusion Zone.  (Photo Courtesy Greenpeace Russia)


#GlobalWildfires #FireSeason2020

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Out-of-Area * TEXAS * Wildfire | Update 2 | Holcombe Road Fire

UPDATE 2 – April 23, 2020


Photo Credit | Texas A&M Forest Service

Incident Summary | A wildfire is burning off of Holcombe Road near Ozona (Crockett County), iTexas.

It started from an unknown cause on Sunday, April 19, 2020.  Initial reports stated the fire was said to be at already 700 acres with an initial 0% containment status.

Resources |  Firefighters and personnel with Texas A&M, Livingston Fire District,  Crockett and Val Verde County Firefighters, St. Augustine District,

Current Status | 21,043 acres. 20% contained.  Reduced from 26,500 due to more accurate mapping.

Injuries | None have been reported to civilians or firefighters at this time.

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