Washington Wildfire | Cowiche Fire | Cause is Determined

YAKIMA, Wash. – We picked up and did a live coverage on Social Media of the Cowiche Fire that was said to be with an Urban Interface brush fire and a vacant barn in the 5600 block of Cowiche Canyon Road and near Pecks Canyon.

The incident would be escalated to three alarms.


Witnesses reported seeing someone in a vehicle who threw a firework into the brush which started the wildfire.  Fire Investigators say the fire was intentionally set.


C-Shift from Yakima City FD was staffed along with mutual aid fire resources from Sunnyside, Toppenish, Yakima Training Center, Grainger and Yakima County Fire District 5.

Damage Assessment

A barn was lost on Cowiche Road in the fire but fire crews successfully and should be credited for saving many homes in the area.


Investigators are looking for any witness that may have information regarding this fire by contacting the Yakima City FD at 509-575-6060.

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WA Wildfire: Tule Road Fire | Yakima WA | August 21, 2016 | Update 2

Updated 8/21/2016 @ 2045 Hours

This fire can been seen from the Wapato Fire Station. (Photo Credit: FF Greg Klutts/YCFD5)


Start Date/Time

A wildfire has broken out on Highway 97 and Mile post 55 in the Lower Valley of Yakima County, Washington on Sunday, August 21, 2016 around 1850 hours.


The cause is unknown.  Historical fire information has shown that there has already been about 8 arson fires in the area.  There is no confirmation that this one may be linked with the same human-intervention.

Size / Fuels

The fire is wind-driven and is between 200-300 acres in heavy sage brush.


Residences and outbuildings are now being threatened.  No word on if any evacuation warnings and orders have been given yet.


Fire Resources

There are resources from Yakima County Fire District 5 and  Yakama Nation along with two dozers from each Agency.  Earlier, they had three helicopters but have gone out of service for the evening.


Fire Behavior

This fire behavior is very active and has been reportedly jumped the dozed lines multiple times. It is now threatening an unknown number of homes and outbuildings.  Winds are said to be very strong.

It is unknown if firefighters will continue with night operations are to be taken place.  New firefighters will be joining original fire crews on Monday around 0700 hours.



This is an unnamed fire and we are dubbing it #TuleRdFire  #WaWILDFIRE  #NWFireBlogWA.


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