HERO OF THE WEEK: The Michael Lombardo Story

“A Hero is defined as a man (or woman) of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his (or her) brave deeds and noble qualities.” The word, “Hero” is only for those who are deemed worthy of a such a title.  Though there are many Heroes in this world, there are some that stand out from the rest.

Bellevue Fire’s Michael Lombardo. (Photo by Julian Garcia. Artwork by Arturh Mars)

Here is a perfect example of such a person whom has settled nicely into this elite title and word, “Hero”.  The word in itself is an understatement to the many achievements this young and talented man has accomplished in his short years as a firefighter and as an up and coming rising music artist.

That’s right.  Washington State beholds one of its greatest assets it has seen in years employing one of the youngest talents in the City’s Fire Department.  Firefighter Michael Lombardo was hired on with the Bellevue Fire Department at the young age of 20 and will celebrate his 4th Year Anniversary on July 7, 2012.  Lombardo says, “Being a Firefighter is one of the best jobs in the world.  As a firefighter, I am able to help those  in the physical sense of the word and help make an impact on others.”

“At the young age of eight years old, my father hired on with the Seattle Fire Department as a firefighter (he has now been with them for the last 15 years).  I would come down to the station watching him in action, thinking how great it would be to some day work side by side with him in the same department.”  This was the beginning of a childhood dream turning it into a fascination with firefighting, helping others and an increased admiration for his firefighter father.  Both father and son make an impact on other’s lives on a regular basis.  Citizens are lucky to have them both serving and protecting them in both respected Communities.

Lombardo born as Michael Lombardo on May 1, 1988, in Seattle, Washington to Southern Italian descent parents, Joe and Connie Lombardo.  He is the oldest to two younger brothers, DJ and Jake and younger sister, Erika.  He credits his close ties with his family for providing a well-grounded support system and helping him celebrate his many successes.”  HIs siblings inspire him often and he hopes to one day give back to them just as much as they have given to him.

As a teen, he was with the Mountain View Fire and Rescue, as a  King County Fire District #44 Volunteer Firefighter for approximately 18 months. As a 2006 Auburn Senior High School graduate, important life decisions had to be made.  Following in his father’s footsteps as a second generation firefighter was his ultimate dream and one of the easiest of all decisions to be made.  Pursuing a childhood dream would prove to be worthy of such hard work, training and dedication becoming one of City of Bellevue’s youngest professional career firefighters in history.  He is currently a Tiller Driver on Ladder 1/C Platoon.

Musically inclined by playing piano, guitar and singing in the choir, it came naturally for him and was looking for other things to do in life.  A friend of his suggested he post a song on YouTube to “just to see what would happen.”

And the rest is history.  Firefighter Michael Lombardo known to his ever increasing number of music fans as up and coming Music Artist, Michael Lombardo or just you can just call him Lombardo for short.  He has become an inspiration to many.  “I do music because I can tell a story through music and emotionally connect with people.”

His music consists of genres, such as R&B, Hip-Hop, Pop, Electronic with a Latin theme for all audiences.  Why, his very first single was an instant hit with fans begging for more from this aspiring star sensation.  Other singles include, That Girl, Fallin For You, Mama I love You, Fly Girl and Do  You Wanna are just a few of the many hit singles.  He has released eight songs and six videos, mostly filmed in beautiful Miami.

You can learn more about this Music Sensation by logging on to his website at http://www.thereallombardo.com.

Today, he announced he will be one of the opening acts for Seattle Radio Station’s KUBE 93.3 Summer Jam 2012.  Wow, what a great opportunity to come and watch him in person!  Should be an excellent and an entertaining show along with some of your other favorites artists.  You don’t want to miss this show!

June 6, 2012, Lombardo released his newest song Lay You Down with a sexy  video filmed in the infamous Miami (A South Beach Film).

Check out his many fan pages including free downloads of his newest single Lay You Down, songs, vidoes and other great p rojects this artist has in the works:

  FaceBook:  http://www.FaceBook.com/LombardoMusic

  Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/Lombardo_Music

  YouTube:  http://www.YouTube.com/LombardoMusic

  Instagram:  http://www.instagram@Lombardo_Music

Michael Lombardo would like to Thank the following people:

  His Family for their Amazing Love and Support.

 Frankie El Jefe turning his dreams and hopes into reality.

 B. White for your Amazing Collaborations.

The NW Fire Blog would like to extend our Appreciation to Michael Lombardo for his time, sharing his talents and enabling us and his fans a peek into his world, both as a Firefighter and as an up and coming Rising Star.  We wish you many more successes and an amazing flourishing singing career.

Additionally, we’d like to Thank Frankie El Jefe for this great opportunity to share with the world Michael Lombardo’s personal story.  We feel very honored and privileged.

Written by Lisa R. Swenson

(C) 2012 The NW Fire Blog (www.thenwfireblog.com)

Photograph by Julian Garcia.  Artwork by Arurh Mars.  (Reprinted with Permission from Artist)

“No Portion of this blog posting (article) may be reproduced, modified, retransmitted, copied or electronically reproduced without the express written consent of the Author and Michael Lombardo and Representing Agents.”


6 thoughts on “HERO OF THE WEEK: The Michael Lombardo Story

  1. What a great story. You are a young man of many talents (as your entire family is so inclined) and you are a tribute to your personal family, your fire departmet family and your musical family. Congratulations, Michael. May you continue to be blessed. Hugs from our family to you.
    The Casey Cousins.


  2. Congratulations Mikey! Not too many people get to live out their dream, much less have the opportunity to live out two. Do it big, but mostly have fun with it. Life is short enjoy the ride hero.


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