Hurricane Michael Through The Eyes of the Undivided Attention of Social Media | 1

Looking through the eyes of others can help gain a new viewpoint advantage but to fully grasp the magnitude of the situation, you would have to be there in person.  Instead, we are bringing you the undivided attention of social media and what they are saying because they are there, were impacted or seeing it through other means.

Disclaimer:  We are only sharing through third party sources or from direct sources themselves. We do no lay any claims on the sources of information here but only to our “own” content added. Each item has its own source listed. We give all the credit to them.  Images in this post are also given Photo Credit to them.

OCTOBER 13, 2018 (Saturday)

Eyewitness Accounts

Photo Credit | North Port, Florida

“It’s been an overwhelming few days for North Port Fire Rescue crews aiding in the wake of Hurricane Michael. They are assisting in Mexico Beach, one of the hardest hit areas. Keep on keeping on, and continue to stay safe.”  (City of (Fox News, 10/13/2018)

Greater Naples Fire Rescue District sent 11 of their own personnel to join other rescue workers on a strike response team. (Naples News)

OCTOBER 12, 2018 (Friday)

Blood Donations are urgently needed…..

“Did you know that disasters like #HurricaneMichael affect our nation’s blood supply? To help meet patient needs, we are asking those eligible to give blood. Make an appointment now:

Incident Management Teams 

The FDNY IMT has been requested to respond to Florida, to assist in the state’s response.  We will be posting updates on the team’s mission, as well as pertinent information about the overall response to this disaster. Our thoughts are with all those effected.  (FDNY IMT))

Eyewitness Accounts

“Last night, almost 2,900 people stayed in as many as 37 Red Cross and community evacuation centers across #Florida, #Georgia and #Alabama due to #Michael. We mobilized more than 1,000 trained disaster workers to support relief efforts.”   (American Red Cross)

“Hurricane Michael has caused untold devastation along the Gulf Coast. We have pre-positioned enough shelter supplies, including cots and blankets, to be able to support some 15,000 people. To find a shelter location in your area, visit this website.” (American Red Cross)

Recovery Challenges

Thousands of people have been informally missing to local authorities, the Red CRoss and the State.  Here is a story written by mainstream media on the challenges all are facing in this area. (Tampa Bay Times)

Protect Your Health

Tire and bucket filled with standing water

Photo Credit |

Mosquitoes can breed in standing water left from #HurricaneMichael. If you’re cleaning up, make sure to clear out buckets, planters, trash cans, and other items that hold water. More mosquito safety tips:



Looting is so rampant, that there was a shooting by a Florida State Fire Marshall when a looter was in the process of stealing his police car, he was shot.  Signs are posted on trees and various places marked LOOTERS WILL BE SHOT. (KATV)

Law Enforcement

Photo Credit | GA National Guard

The Georgia State Patrol and the GA National Guard are currently working as a joint force.  “The 178th Military Police Company has been activated in support of #HurricaneMichael, they will be assisting local law enforcement.” (GA National Guard)

Emergency Resources – Communications

“Comms are key!  Soldiers from our 146th Expeditionary Signal Battalion are setting up tactical satellite terminals to provide county Emergency Operations Centers with internet & phone so they can connect sooner with  Florida citizens in need.” (FL National Guard)

U.S. Airmen from the 283rd Combat Communications Squadron, Georgia Air National Guard, set up vital voice, data and radio communications capability during #HurricaneMichael relief efforts, Colquitt, GA. (U.S. Air National Guard photos contributed by 283rd CBCS)

“A big reason many of us joined the Air National Guard is to help with humanitarian missions when unexpected events like this happen.” – Georgia National Guard

Photo Credit | Florida Governors Office

Volunteer Ham Radio operators from Nassau County, in conjunction with the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office, are helping to communicate the needs from the disaster zone to those who can help.  (Florida Times – Union)

Photo Credit | Walter Dix IAFF

Disaster Aid

IAFF Disaster Relief Assistance team dropping off supplies for IAFF Local 4413 members (Walton County) in Freeport, Florida.

Fire Personnel

Deployment Update: Region 5 (Central) is deploying additional teams to panhandle. Units left at 0300. Brings total number of Central Florida fire rescue personnel deployed to #HurricaneMichael to more than 140 responders (including pups ) representing 25 departments. (OC Fire Rescue)

Fire Task Force

PA Task Force1 fueled up today in Enterprise, Alabama, en route to Panama City, Florida, to assist in searches. (Philly Fire Dept)

Search and Rescue Activities

Photo Credit | VA-TF1

#VATF1  continues to conduct wide-area search of Panama City, Florida,with other #USAR teams. While conducting our searches, we’ve provided EMS care to victims of the storm and coordinated their transport to local medical facilities. (Virginia Task Force 1 – USA – 1 – Urban Search and Rescue team)

More Urban SAR operations in process in Mexico Beach. (Florida Forest Service)

Power Restoration

Crews working their second day on Walker St. near the Greensboro City arboretum to rebuild the power grid taken down by #TropicalStormMichael . Downed/broken poles and wire are common sites across the Triad and #NC but we are working hard to repair and restore.

Power Grid Construction 

Around 1,200 DukeEnergy lineman and support staff from the Midwest are working with local crews in the Triad today to rebuild portions of the power grid and restore power. (Jeff Brooks of Duke Energy)

Animal Rescue

“We have been so thankful for the support you’ve shown so far in our efforts to help animals displaced by #HurricaneMichael. But the work isn’t done.” (Humane Society – Naples)


Volunteers arrived at the Florida State Recreation  center into a shelter Floridians with special needs that have been displaced.   To help with volunteering or wish to donate to the Florida Disaster Fund, visit them at (Volunteer Florida)


“Do not self deploy. Bring items you have here. We can make sure it gets to the people in need in a safe & timely manner.” (Walton Co Sheriff)

Damage Assessment, Serving Meals

Photo Credit | Salvation Army

As debris is  cleared from roadways, The #SalvationArmy is moving in to the areas most impacted by #HurricaneMichael to begin assessing needs and serving Anyone w/inquiries is asked to call 877-285-5505 EXT. 1005 Please be patient as our volunteers work to answer your questions in a timely manner.

OCTOBER 11, 2018 – Thursday

Assessments in Progress

SWFD Command Staff in Bay Co. assessing fire/rescue needs. As State of Florida Emergency Response Plan (SERP) Region 1 Coordinator, we’re coordinating assets/formulating plans to help our bay county neighbors. Continue to keep them in your thoughts. (South Walton FD)

Military Response

National Guard and Department of Defense (DoD) assets respond to the Florida Panhandle prior to the hurricane’s landfall. About 2250 – 3500 troops have been authorized to respond. (US Air Force)

OCTOBER 10, 2018 – Wednesday


40 Firefighters from 7 Central Florida FDs on way to Florida Panhandle tonight to help with SAR activities. (Ken Tyndall with WFTV)

At 8 a.m., I activated 1,500 Georgia Guardsmen to be placed on standby and deployed as needed to areas affected by Hurricane Michael. (GA Governor Nathan Deal)

OCTOBER 9, 2018 – Tuesday

Swift Water Rescue Team

Virginia’s Task Force’s 16-person Water Rescue Team departs for Florida in response to the Hurricane after being called upon to respond by FEMA.  This includes Fairfax Fire & Resue personnel. (VA-TF1 Force 1 – USA-1 – Urban Search and Rescue)

Supply Deliveries

Today, dozens of #GARedCross volunteer teams are moving into areas hardest hit by #HurricaneMichael — bringing food and supplies to people in need. In all, more than 1,000 trained #RedCross disaster workers are now on the ground, working with partners to provide the most help.

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FLORIDA – We are providing an update on the aftermath of the Hurricane Michael incident in Florida and in a separate post of what is happening in other impacted States.   This is your Sit Rep for Saturday, October 13, 2018.


(Note:  There is no cost to anyone who access these services)


Hot meals and Disaster Relief Supplies

Marianna (Jackson County).  Lowes parking lot. Sunday + Monday.  Source:  Jackson County Chamber of Commerce.  (See their Facebook page)

Free Meals

Destiny Worship Center. 133000 Panama City Beach Parkway.  Serving meals daily 11 am – 1 pm and 4 pm – 6 pm. Source:  City of Panama City Beach – Government.

Food and Water Distribution

National Guard personnel at Distribution Centers.   Source:  WTXL TV.

Water, Ice, Groceries and Hygiene Kits

Convoy of Hope at Marianna Walmart. Source:  Hurricane Michael Resources Page.



Reported by a OnStar member:  If you are in a Hurricane affected area and have OnStar in your vehicle. Just press the Blue button and they will provide your vehicle with free wi-fi. Source:  Hurricane Michael Resources Page.


Medical Care

Sacred Heart Primary Care -Apalachicola. They are opens at 1 pm – 4 pm. Source:  CEDR Digital Corps via Franklin EMA.



Charity Giving

Website to search for Charities supporting Hurricane Michael survivors and how to give safely with transparent organization information.  Source:  Charity Navigator.


Page full of resources for survivors on how to request a rescue (call 9-1-1 first for emergencies), request supplies to rebuild a home, how to volunteer, send supplies or donate. This page is full of great information.  Source:  Cajun Navy Hurricane Michael Relief Page.


Bay County

Lists the different phases for re-entry. Credentialed persons are only allowed to access various. Check this site before trying to gain entry in a certain area. #KnowBeforeYouGo  Source:  Bay County Government.



Team Rubicon Disaster Response

Vets of the Team Rubicon organization has been deployed and they are asking for more assistance.  Source:  TEAMRUBICONUSA.ORG

City of Panama City Beach

Utility personnel are on the job and working tirelessly to restore utilities.  Source: City of Panama City Beach – Government.

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

Photo Credit | City of Panama City Beach

National Guard

Soldiers are working to set-up tactical satellite terminals to provide county EOCs with internet and phone service to connect to citizens in time of need.

Photo Credit | National Guard @FLGuard

National Guard personnel also were offloading water supplies from a chopper that flew into the area.

Florida Public Utilities

120 personnel (linemen) on the ground, working to restore power. There is an unknown estimated time when all will be restored (as of 10/12/2018 posting).

Jackson County 

Roads and Bridge – 80 crews on the roadway (as of 10/12/2018) due to increase up to 150 by today.

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Fire Apparatus of Days Gone By | Event of The Day

THE DALLES, OREGON | Are you a fire buff at heart?  Are you looking for some great educational opportunities to visit some old familiar pieces of fire history or want to just learn as much as you can about the Fire Service?  Looking for a fun activity you can bring the whole family to?

On Saturday, April 28, 2018, you will get that golden opportunity to visit one of The Dalles’ very own events featuring local firefighters and regional antique fire collectors during the Cherry Festival.  The event is being held at The Dalles Fire Museum in the downtown corridor located at 313 Court Avenue, The Dalles, Oregon from 0900 to 1500 hours.

The the location of the Fire Museum is where it all started for this City’s firefighters and fire apparatus.

What a great way to learn more about the Fire Department from years ago to the present.  It is highly encouraged to see all of these beautifully and handcrafted restored historical fire apparatus, meet their owners/drivers and ask all the questions to learn what it was like back in the day.   We promise this will be like one of those kids in the candy store good moments.

For more information about this event, contact


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York Firefighters Injured In Structure Fire | 1


Around 1328 hours EDT on Wednesday, March 21, 2018, a fire ripped through the former Weaver Organ and Piano factory, a multiple story commercial warehouse.

The 4-alarm fire started on Wednesday evening on March 21,2018, from an unknown cause.

Photo Credit | York City Fire


The commercial structure was formerly a Piano factory that was in the process of being converted into loft apartments at Philadelphia and Broad Streets, called the Weaver Point Lofts.

It is located in the 100 block of N Broad Street & Walnut Streets in York, Pennsylvania.

Photo Credit | York City Fire


Fire crews remained on scene into the wee hours (0300 hours EDT) on Thursday, March 22, 2018.

Photo Credit | York City Fire Department


A mayday was called after the fourth floor of the brick mortar structure began to crumble while firefighters were working on hot spots.  The floor then completely collapsed on top of four firefighters that were interior, entrapping them.

Their conditions were reported as serious and were transported to a nearby hospital.  Two of the four firefighters were reported as having died at a local hospital.


Reports of many firefighters were called in to assist with the collapse bringing in about 100-200 personnel.  Some of them were said to be retired firefighters.


York City Mayor Michael Helfrich gave a presser on Thursday on the deadly fire and the killing of two of its firefighters that died at York Hospital.

Photo Credit | York City Mayor Michael Helfrich’s Office

“Our local emergency responders are there for us in our time of need. Tonight, we need to be there for them.

A firefighter died today when a wall collapsed at the site of a fire yesterday in the City of York. Other responders are fighting for their lives right now at York Hospital.

Every time the bell rings, every time the siren sounds, the men and women of our police and fire departments and ambulance services leave their posts, not knowing just what they will be asked to deal with. It is a task not all of us can do, and for that we should be eternally grateful to them.

Our hearts are heavy tonight for the fraternity of firefighters in the City of York, as well as the families of their deceased and injured colleagues.”

PA State Rep Kristin Phillips-Hill


We remember these two fallen York City Fire and Rescue Firefighters Ivan Flanscha and Zach Anthony who were part of the IAFF Local 627 York Professional Firefighters.

Photo Credit | Bordentown IAFF 5065


In New York City, a MAY DAY was called when a FDNY firefighter went missing during a 4-Alarm Fire in Manhattan at a 5-story multiple dwelling.  That firefighter was rescued and transported to a nearby hospital. This was as of 2047 hours PDT on Thursday, March 22, 2018.  His/her condition is unknown at this time this article was published.


Though we are not firefighters or Police Officers ourselves, we do know many of you personally and we have volunteered in various capacities in taking care of you on the fire ground.  We have seen firsthand what you all see, hear and feel when you share with us your stories and experiences of what it is like.

Hearing a MAY DAY of a downed firefighter makes all of us more keen to what is happening.  To hear about two firefighter LODDs and two others seriously injured, it breaks our souls and hearts into tiny pieces.

We send our sincere sympathies, prayers and thoughts to Firefighters Flanscha and Anthony’s families, Fire families, friends and those who were touched by their impact upon their lives and in their communities.  We are so sorry for your loss.


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Call For Help, 911 Resources En Route

Incident Summary

A call for help prompted local Fire, Watershed and Volunteers whom responded to a Trail Rescue call for an injured hiker on Rattlesnake Ledge in North Bend, Washington.   The response began on Saturday, March 3, 2018, around 0844 hours PST.


Eastside Fire & Rescue, volunteers with the King County Search and Rescue (managed by the King County Sheriff Office) and alongside the Seattle Watershed dispatched personnel around 0844 hours PST.  About ten minutes later, they were still in the process of hiking into the patient’s location.  At that time, there was an unknown status of the injured person’s condition.

As of 0930 hours PST, Fire Officials confirmed that the Trail Rescue was now moving from a rescue to a recovery.  Fire personnel would be released from the scene as the King County Sheriff Office would take over the incident and the main contact for media requests.  KCSO will be working in conjunction with the Seattle Watershed during this recovery process.   Ed – We are so sorry for the  loss to this man’s family, friends and communities he impacted.


Eastside Fire & Rescue consists of serving populations in the Carnation, Issaquah, May Valley, North Bend, Preston, Tiger Mtn., Sammamish and the Wilderness Rim (North Bend area).  Additionally, they include Fire Districts 10 and 38.  This Agency was created as a whole in January of 1999.  In January 2000, additional agencies would join this consolidation.

There are currently 145 full-time career personnel and about 50 volunteers that serve their communities 24/7/365.   They are part of the IAFF Local 2878.  They provide fire suppression, and many other disciplines including working in partnership with King County Search and Rescue teams to reach and treat injured hikers, as well as transporting them to nearby hospitals as needed.

For more information on this Fire Agency, go to their website at


King County Search and Rescue Association (KCSARA)

King County Search and Rescue (KCSAR) is a group of volunteers falls under the King County Sheriff’s Office which is responsible for all search and rescue activities in the County.    These groups provide a free service to the public and its communities that respond to numerous incidents that include: lost or injured hikers, hunters, children, elderly, missing persons and down missing aircraft.  Additionally, they assist during times of disasters such as flooding, windstorms, mudslides and earthquakes.

Within KCSAR, there are specialized organizations that work together in conjunction in reaching the ultimate goal of saving lives.

Want to find out more information about this great King County resource or want to join a specific group within the overall organization, visit the King County Search and Rescue Association’s website at

KCSARA is host to supporting and providing resources to its subgroups which consist of:

King County 4×4 SAR | KC4x4SAR consists of 100 mission ready personnel that are on stand-by to be deployed into areas where most conventional vehicles may find terrain impassable or difficult to negotiate.   These volunteers are highly trained in the ability to off-road assisting in looking for missing persons and downed missing aircraft.   Website:

King County Incident Support Team |  The Incident Support Team provides support to the King County Sheriff’s Office during missions which include administration, record-keeping, radio logging and other duties that may be assigned.  Additionally, they also provide Incident Command Systems or ICS expertise before, during and after missions, assistance with plan development and execution.   Requirements to join this unit include; Amateur Radio License (HAM) within the first year of members and taking all WAC classes offered by the King County Search and Rescue Association/King County Sheriff Office as required to become a County volunteer.  Website:

Explorer Search and Rescue |  ESAR is the largest of the KCSARA eight units.  This unit was founded in 1954 and is a 100% volunteer organization just like all the others.  This organization is different from the rest in how its members are generally geared to the younger crowd (youths) and have older members that are field team members, mentors and various supporting other roles.  This unit generally responds to 60 missions annually.  Website:

King County Search Dogs |  This unique SAR dog unit is made up of handlers and teams that provide canine search services within King County and upon request by other sources as approved by the King County Sheriff’s Office.  They specialize in air scent, which is to locate any human within the teams search area or tracking/trailing which the dog is given a scent article that will enable he/she to follow a scent path of a specific individual.  Additionally, this team also has members that specialize in areas such as evidence search, water search, disaster or avalanche search.   Website:

Northwest Horseback Search and Rescue | Members of this unit are horse owners who volunteer their time as a horse and rider team to aid in the search for the lost, injured or missing persons.  Teams also may be requested to assist in the transportation of equipment or supplies.  They are highly trained in wilderness navigation, first aid, search techniques and survival skills.  All members work and train together to help reach the end goals and search objectives.   Website:

Seattle Mountain Rescue | This volunteer unit is made up of at least 100 mountain climbers that focus on saving lives through back-country search and rescue and mountain safety education.  Their specialties include:  high angle, low angle and high hazard operations.  Website:

Ski Patrol Alpine Rescue Team | SPART provides emergency medical/trauma care in wilderness environments all year-round in the King County area.  They are 60-member (volunteers) strong who passionate and highly driven to respond to that cry whenever or wherever it may come from.  They also support other units within the KCSAR organization by maintaining two caches stocked with safety and rescue gear.   Many of the volunteers involved in SPART are also volunteers/members with the Northwest Region of the National Ski Patrol and the American Red Cross of King County.  Website:

Pacific Northwest Trackers Association |  PNWT is a fully qualified team of high level trained, dedicated and passionate members that use their expertise in locating “lost persons” and evidence searches by using their tracking skills.  They also teach those who are interested in learning their perfected craft.  Website:


Rattlesnake Ledge Trail | The Rattlesnake Ledge Trail is located within the Cedar River Watershed owned and operated by the City of Seattle. It is open and a maintained trail that is approximately two miles to the Ledge.  The trail is said to be moderate to difficult.  A foot only trail, it is a venue to no fires or camping.

This trail is said to be one of the most popular trails in the region and it is also known to be a dangerous venue as it is host to exposed cliffs and steep drops.  Warnings of possible high usage come with many persons and dogs that can create obstacles.

This is a very beautiful trail and as you ascend, you will find why it is so popular here in the Pacific Northwest.

For more information, visit the Seattle Public Utilities website

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TX Reeling From Post-Storm Affects – 2

POST SUMMARY State of Texas, known as The Lone Star State was hit extremely hard from by a Category 4 Hurricane (Harvey) that made landfall late evening on Friday, August 25, 2017.  It was downgraded to a Category 2 later but not before the storm unleashed its fury of downpours.  

This storm is due to produce ever more water than the areas can even hold flooding structures, infrastructures, threatening the State’s economy.    The storm reached its peak intensity slamming into Rockport sustaining much of the extreme amount of damage.  Many parts of the State have been devastated beyond recognition.

. . . . . . .

” It is the first time since 9/11 that all 28 FEMA Urban SAR teams have been mobilized.”

– Jeff Stern, VA State DEM Coordinator

. . . . . . .


Call 9-1-1.  The US Coast Guard says do not report Distress calls over Social Media. You must report by calling 911.  Keep trying until you get through.


Rosenburg, TX.  Mandatory evacuations for homes on Huntington Road. Unknown if bridge into area will hold as river levels are rising. Bridge is only escape out of area. (Posted by RPD 2202 Hours CDT). 

Bay City, TX. Mayor announces entire City is under a mandatory evacuation by 1300  hours on Monday, 8/28/2017, due to 10-foot flood expected.

Sugar Land, TX. Two LIDs are under mandatory evacuations.

. . . . . . .

As of Aug 27, 2017,  there is NO evacuation orders in place for the City of Pearland. (This was fake news)

. . . . . . .

(Credit: Rosenberg PD)


What to Do to Be Rescued.  The USCG is urging residents, people to be rescued to call the Houston # at 281-464-(4851) or (4852) or (4853) or (4854) or (4855).  Get on your roofs.  Tips:  Stay calm; don’t panic. Don’t go to the attic as rescuers cannot see you. Get to high ground immediately. Mark the roof to be seen from the air. Wave sheets, towels to be noticed.

. . . . . .

Houston 911 received 56,000 calls (from 2200 hours Saturday, 8/26/2017 through 0100 hours on Sunday, 8/27/2017).  During an average day, they usually handle about 8,000 calls.  

                       . . . . . . .


No Drones in Disaster Recovery Zones.  TX Military Department has seen a rise of

Drone operators trying to get in on some action of their own, but did you know that it is extremely dangerous for those on the ground and in the air?  Did you know it is illegal and can not only net you a ticket, but some hefty jail time? It is true.  Here are some of the problems and where rescuers are working.

. . . . . . .

FAA, DOD asking people not to fly drones in and around Houston, TX.  There have been reports of close calls by pilots.

. . . . . . 


WB I-10. Westbound I-10 being closed at mile marker 655 or about 40 miles east of Seguin due to flooding. (TxDOT – Yoakum)

Ben Taub Hospital, MD Anderson. Shutdown as of 1913 hours CDT.  These are the two trauma hospitals in the City.

. . . . . . .

As of 0600 Hours CDT 8/27/2017, Houston TranStar logged 174 high-water road closures in the area. This included I-10, I-45, I-610, I-69, US 290, TX 225, TX 288,  Beltway 8 and TX 3 in Galveston, Texas.

. . . . . . .


Volunteers Needed.  City of Dallas, TX.

Boats Needed.  Houston Police Department.  Call 713-881-3100.

Blood Donations. Austin hospitals need blood donations at We Are Blood, A Blood  Center in Central Texas.

. . . . . . . 

 Social media rumors tell of hundreds dead, thousands of rooftop rescues and millions of people stranded is #FakeNews. 

. . . . . . .


Boil Water Alert.  City of Corpus Christi is under a WATER BOIL ALERT. Do not drink the water. Caused due to the Storm’s destruction. Effective 8/25/2017, until further notice.

American Red Cross.  Safe and Well.  Register today so your loved ones can find you, or use as a way to find those who may be missing.

. . . . . . .

Turn Around, Don’t Drown campaign is critical in saving lives more than ever. 

. . . . . . .

Facebook Safety Check.  Activated for this event. Log in to your Facebook page and register ASAP.

Emergency Alerts.  Sign up for Pearland, TX Residential Alerts here –>  Government offices currently shutdown on 8/28/2017 and 8/29/2017 with a possibility of longer says their website.

Wading Through Flood WatersAVOID DRIVING, WALKING through flood waters.  6 inches of swiftly moving water can knock an adult over.  (NWS Houston)


Incident Cooperators are those who act as Partners and as in this State of Emergency – work together on Federal, State and Local levels to ensure resources are able to assist the area’s needs of the government, its people, property and its communities. Due to the vast amount of resources, we apologize ahead of time if we missed anyone!

American Red Cross.  100’s of volunteers are/have traveled all over the U.S. to lend their time, talents and compassion to victims and evacuees. 

LA Cajun Navy.  State of Louisiana sending the LA Cajuna Navy. 

TX Governor Greg Abbott  

Houston OEM

Houston PD.  SWAT team conducted several hundred high-water rescues and were still actively searching and conducting more rescue operations. (1713 CDT)

(Credit: Houston PD)

INTF-1 HAZMAT Support.  Indiana Task Force 1 arriving in Katy (near Houston), TX. (1834 PDT)

LAFD TF1.  70 members en route says LAFD Fire Chief Terrazas.

MA-TF1.  A FEMA Task Force is en route from Massachussetts and will soon joining others. (1810 PDT)

Miami-Dade Fire.  FL-TF1 en route to Texas to assist with SAR effects in affected areas.

(Credit: MDFR)

National Guard.  Multiple military trucks, Humvees and other vehicles that can tread water were seen driving down City streets.

New Jersey.  SAR crews were deployed.

FDNY – NYPD USAR NY TF1.  The Joint FDNY and NYPD USAR NY Task Force-1 deployed earlier today.

(Credit: FDNY)

PA TF-1.  40 members.  Leaving the PA Fire Academy and heading to South Texas.  (1917 PDT)

Partnership for Inclusive Disaster Strategies.  Hotline setup for people with Disabilities. 800-626-4959.

Sacramento Fire.  USAR TF7 sends 14-member water rescue team.  Crews drove 2,000 miles to their destination.

Salvation Army.  Previously shipped extra pallets of water and food on 8/23/2017.

Save The Children.  Setting up Child Friendly Spaces in evacuation shelters to help kids and families.  DONATIONS. Text “HURRICANE” to 2022 to donate $25 to the “Save the Children’s Hurricane Harvey  Relief Fund”.

TX State, Emergency Management Department Is the main hub of activity that will coordinate Federal, State and local resources pouring into their State.

US Coast Guard Heartland.  The USCG is urging residents, people to be rescued to call the Houston # at 281-464-(4851) or (4852) or (4853) or (4854) or (4855).  Get on your roofs.  Tips:  Stay calm; don’t panic. Don’t go to the attic as rescuers cannot see you. Get to high ground immediately. Mark the roof to be seen from the air. Wave sheets, towels to be noticed.

USCG makes sure no Family member is left behind. Rescuing pets and their people. (Credit: USCG Heartland)

WA TF1 Urban SAR.  FEMA team from Pierce County, Washington State is sent to assist along with other FEMA units.


American Red Cross Shelters.  Shelter Locator here –>

Harris County, TX.  Compiled list of open shelters.

Katy ISD.  The Morton Ranch HS (MRHS) located at 21000 Franz  Road 77449 and the Cinco Ranch HS (CRHS) located at 23440 Cinco Ranch Blvd, both in Katy, TX will be opening at 0730 CDT on Monday.  They will be offering shelter, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner to those in need.  DONATIONS of blankets, pillows, towels will be accepted at either High School beginning at 0730 hours.  SOCIAL MEDIA Channels are Katy ISD “OnTheGo” app. Website:  Twitter:  @katyisd 



Storm Surge Tracker.  The NWS  created the first-ever operational storm surge watch. Twitter @NHC_Surge. Shows the current conditions. 



There are multitudes of photos, storm images and other unimaginative descriptions of what those are truly seeing, hearing and experiencing.  We will share with you what they are feeling, see and what they are hearing.  Some photos are copyrighted so we will try to explain the best way we can as to what is being posted out there in the Social Media world.

(Credit: USCG Heartland)

USCG Heartland.  Sector Corpus Christi IMD members assess damage in Port Aransas, TX. 

Disaster Assistance & Recovery Info.  The City of Austin (TX) Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management have a wealth of info.  Go to their site here –> (8/26/2017 @ 0417 CDT

Gas Prices.  National news media reporting gas prices are set to spike due to #HurricaneHarvey wreaks havoc on our vital energy facilities.  It is time to focus on rescues and saving lives.  This something that can easily be put back on the back burner.

Roadblocks.  I-10 freeway is now closed due to heavy flooding. Police are using multiple cruiser to keep motorists out of harm’s way.  A photo by a news media outlet shows mostly semis (approximately 8 semi rigs across and unknown how long the back-up is but there is no getting off this freeway by turning around.

Pet Rescues.  Social media reporting dog rescues are coming in at 60 per hour. 

Countries Pray for  Our U.S. Texas.  Canadian President: “Canadians are keeping the people of Texas in our thoughts – we’re ready to offer any assistance needed to help recover from this disaster.” – Justin Trudeau

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Hurricane Harvey Slams into Texas – 1

Post Summary | A Category 4 Hurricane has slammed into the United States with a direct hit to the State of Texas. Many in Texas began preparation as early as August 23, 2017.

This post will be the first of many to come with us gleaning information from all over Social Media, news media, government sites and other additional countless sources.

We are posting by the date of when the information/storm details and other news was reported.  At the bottom of each update we will put the current publishing date and time.

# # #

We are thinking of our friends in the Texas and those in the direct path where Harvey is due to impact.  Please heed all evacuation orders and listen to First Responders/Agencies helping with various resources.

# # #


TX State, Emergency Management Department.  State spends the day together to ensure State and Federal partners are ready to support to local partners. (8/23/2017)

Salvation Army.  Disaster Response delivers an additional 13 pallets of water and 10 pallets of clean-up kits for staging. (8/23/2017)

Local resources.  People gather together to fill sandbags. (8/24/2017)


Pets Alive:  Austin Pets Alive are seeking foster families for evacuated pets arrival.  See news story here — > .

National Weather Service (NWS) of Houston, TX:  Flash Flood Warning for Lake Jackson, Freeport and Clute, TX. (8/26/2017)

City of Corpus Christi:  City is under a WATER BOIL ALERT. Do not drink the water. Caused due to Storm’s destruction. (8/25/2017)


Disaster Assistance & Recovery Info.  The City of Austin (TX) Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management have a wealth of info.  Go to their site here –> (8/26/2017 @ 0417 CDT)

Facebook Safety Check:  Activated for this event. Log in to your Facebook page and register ASAP. (8/26/2017)

National Weather Service:  created the first-ever operational storm surge watch. Twitter @NHC_Surge. Shows the current conditions. (8/23/2017)

Media:  Text messages will go through when calls won’t.  It will free up space for emergency communication. (8/24/2017)


Shelters:  Do not require you to show proof of ID. (8/25/2017)

News Media:  Island Campus students are ordered to evacuate/leave campus.  Required to be off campus by 0700 hours CDT.  Move-in day was supposed to be on 8/24/2017 but has since been postponed due to the incoming hurricane. (8/23/2017) 

News Media:  Pleas from posters ask pet owners not to leave pets tied up outside or leave them outside. (8/24/2017)

Twitter Poster:  RVs seen evacuating on ferries out of the Port Aransas area. (8/24/2017)


News Media:  WIND has been downgraded only.  There is due to be catastrophic & historic flooding that will continue for days even after the Storm has left the area.

News Media:  Rain has begun in Bexar County.  Heaviest will be to the SE. (8/25/2017 @ 0355 hours)

News Media:  Up to possible 10″ of rain in parts of Texas so far from the Storm.  (8/26/2017 @ 0359 hours)

News Media:  Rainbands reaching the TX coastline. (8/26/2017 / 0353 hours CDT)

News Media:  Storm was at a Cat4 made landfall on 8/25/2017.  Now down to a strong Cat2 but flooding threat is just beginning.   Reports of 25 mi NNW of Rockport, TX.  Moving NW at 6 mph.  Max winds @ 110 mph.  Min Pressure is at 954 mb. (8/26/2017 / 0352 hours CDT)

This is what a Cat4 Hurricane looks like in space. Credit: NASA

NWS of Lake Charles.  Current weather conditions in Miami, FL.  Storm weakening over land but water levels are still rising. (8/26/2017)

Twitter Poster:  As of 0300 hours CDT.  Rockport, TX (25 mil NNW).  Victoria, TX (35 miles SSW).  (8/26/2017)

Corpus Christi Visitor Center:  Map released showing hurricane due to hit landfall on Mexico at 1000 hours CDT on Wednesday; to impact parts of Texas and Louisiana around 1000 hours CDT on  8/26/2017. (8/23/2017)  

News Media:  Map released of Houston, TX about to get poured upon this weekend and early next week.  Some rain projections of up to 36″ of rain! (8/23/2017)

Twitter Poster:  Weather predictions for TX are also affecting Costa Rica with high chances of rain. (8/23/2017)


Twitter Poster:  Rain was supposed to hit on 8/25/2017 @ 1900  hours with renewed time at 0300 hours.  Current time 0339 hours. No rain. (8/26/2017 / 0349 CDT)

News Media:   Residents at the Rockport (City of) Senior housing complex have been rescued. (8/25/2017 / 2300 CDT)

News Media:  Tornado damage in Sargent, TX. (8/25/2017)

Twitter Poster:  Tide begins to rise on an empty beach North of Bob Hall Pier. (8/24/2017)

News Media:   Water already rising into the barge docks across from the American Bank Center. (8/24/2017)

News Media:   A General Surgeon stays behind while his family flies out of the Corpus Christi airport. (8/24/2017)

Twitter Poster:  Raining then stopped at the University of Houston. (8/23/2017)


News Media:  162,000  – 200,000 people in Corpus Christi without power and clean water.

Twitter Poster:  We will ride out this storm and it will be flooded all over Corpus Christi.  We will still end up with (water) restrictions. (8/23/2017)

Ignoring the Evacuation Order:  Some people have decided to ignore the evacuation order and now, some say – they did not know this was going to come and are stuck in their homes, businesses and other structures.

Thank you for reading our post.   Our next update will be later in the day on Saturday.



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Seattle Police Officers Injured During DT Robbery

Incident Summary

Four Seattle Police Officers were wounded today after they responded to a robbery call in the 600 block of 1st Ave in downtown Seattle today.  Officers were dispatched around 1300 hours today to a robbery call at the 7-11 convenience where two young  suspects fled on foot.

Keeping the Public Safe

Those who were in surrounding buildings were told to shelter-in-place and not come out until it was safe.  A report of the courthouse was placed in Lockdown along with other governmental offices nearby.

Officers Sustain Injuries

One Officer was injured while a fight ensued with one of the suspects and trying to get the suspect into custody.  He was hurt by the suspect hitting him over the top of the head with a bottle.

During the foot pursuit, gunfire was heard and injured three additional Officers.  One suffered a GSW to the abdomen; the second had a hand wound injury and the third was hit in the abdomen.  Two of the three Officers were released with one being upgraded to serious.  The third Officer was shot in the face.

Suspects Off the Streets

There were a total of three suspects.  One was a 17-year old female and the other an adult male both placed in custody while the third was a 19-year old male who was found with multiple wounds.  He later died of his injuries.

Ongoing Investigation

The Seattle Police say this is an ongoing investigation case and there were limited additional details released, as Media continued to ask multitudes of questions during a Presser this evening.

All Around Thank Yous

The Seattle Police thanked many during their Presser this evening.  They stated they were greatly appreciative of the Officers whom responded to the robbery call and injured Officers for their courage and bravery into a hostile situation.

They also thanked the men and women from Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement agencies for checking in on their Officers.

To the Seattle Fire Department and those at Harborview Medical Center for taking great care of their Officers.  They said they could not say how much they appreciated the care and would be amiss for not saying thank you to those directly involved.

Social Media 

Looking through the eyes of Social Media, we found several mainstream media news outlet reporting all kinds of misinformation, even after the main source reported their updates.  Since, we are not mainstream media and mostly go directly to the source for reporting, we were kind of baffled why the information was not correct.

Here are some of the reporting from those caught in the crossfire [not really but nearby the incident scene] or sending out good thoughts to SPD Officers.   Here is what some had to say…..

3rd suspect taken into custody shortly after 6pm. Now being interviewed by detectives.” – Seattle PD

“Bullet proof vest saved one Seattle Police officer after shooting. 2nd officer shot in face and chest, not in critical condition.” – Media

“Due to police activity: All cars exiting Colman Dock in Seattle will be directed north and south onto Alaskan Way. No eastbound access UFN.” – Ferry system goes in to Lockdown

“Armed police just appeared to enter the U.S. Post Office building at Madison & 1st with weapons drawn.” – Twitter user

“Prayers for the police officers shot in Our Country has gone mad!” – Twitter user

“What a sad day. First two police officers shot in Seattle, then attack on cops in Paris, and now two more shot in Hardeeville, SC.” – Twitter user

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the SPD officers and their families.” – Govt Agency

“Our thoughts and prayers are with our brothers and sisters of the Seattle Police Department.” – Local Police Department

“BAD Public Safety day. 2 Officers killed in France, 2 Officers Shot in Seattle & an FF dies in a 2 Alarm Fire today.”  – Twitter user

“What a horrible day. Paris, Seattle, NY Fire Dept & Hardeeville Pd/Jasper County Sheriff.” – Twitter user

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Missing Hiker: Zach Krull in Washington


We know this post is not about a fire or related incident but we always feel that since these types of reports that come through the Law Enforcement side of things and being in our backyard, we feel the need to reach out and help broadcast their messages.

We appreciate you reading this post and ask that you to help us by sharing on all your Social Media platforms.  Though not parents ourselves, we have other related family members and would be lost without them, like these moms, dads, sisters, brothers, etc. are.

Here is their story about their missing Loved one.


Zach Krull, 20, is a resident of Bellevue, Washington was reported as missing on Monday, April 10th by his family as being an overdue hiker.  He was said to be camping at the Staircase Campground inside the Olympic National Park.


Searchers are from Tacoma and Mason, Pierce and Thurston Counties.  Olympic Mountain Rescue.  ESAR. Olympic National Park [1 Park Ranger]

IC:  Mason County Sheriff Office:  Contact:  Lt Jason Dracobly.  Phone 360-427-9670 ext. 313 / 360-275-4467 ext. 313 or 360-239-4073.  Website:



Zach Krull, 20, is reported missing from the Staircase Campgrounds in the Olympic National Park.


“Mason County Sheriff initiated a SAR Mission.  Zach Krull, 20-year-old male.  Zach’s family and friends reported that he was overdue from a planned overnight hike in the Lake Cushman/Staircase area of Mason County.  Zach is not from the area and is a new transfer student to Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington.” – MCSO

9:33am: “Mason County currently coordinating search for overdue hiker in the area of Mt. Skokomish. Hiker overdue since 4/10.” – MCSO

9:35 am: “Olympic Mountain Rescue is conducting the search for the overdue hiker. No further information at this time; no cell contact with SAR coord.” – MCSO

12:46 pm: “Olympic Mountain Rescue has determined search conditions are too dangerous. The search for the overdue hiker is suspended for now.” – MCSO

12:48 pm: “The search has focused on the Mt. Skokomish area. No additional information is available at this time.” – MCSO


“The search is underway with Olympic Mountain Rescue. The Forest Service is advising and the Mason County Sheriff’s Department is coordinating the operation. While snowfall has caused sporadic suspensions of the search, we have faith that these heroes will find Zach.” – FindZach FB page

“Our good friends consulted a psychic who shared this: Zach is alive, has “pain” or “injury” to his leg, and is trying to stay near a water body. He’s rationing his food, trying to leave trail markings & may be somewhere between 5-25 miles N to NW of where he was last seen on 4/8 — and that this directional track should be near a water body.” – FindZach FB page

4/13/2017:  “Another piece of Zach’s equipment. Hopefully it’s helping to keep him warm as the search goes on.” – FindZach FB page

“Sharing pics of all of Zach’s equipment in case anyone recognizes anything.” – FindZach FB page

Image may contain: sunglasses and shoes

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4/14/2017:   “We have been conducting the search with assets from Olympic Mountain Rescue, helicopter support out of Whidbey Island Naval Air Station, and units from Mason, Thurston, and Pierce County Search and Rescue units.” – MCSO

“The search is focused on an area inside of the Olympic Nation Park near Mt Cruiser and around the Staircase camping grounds.  The search has been hampered by severe weather conditions.” – MCSO

“Here’s praying Good Friday is a great one for Zach. SAR teams will be setting out from 2 directions: Staircase to Mt Gladys and from Hamma Hamma Rd to Mildred Lakes.” – FindZach FB page


“Unfortunately, Zach is not the only young man to find himself lost in the area this week. Our prayers also go out to Jacob, his aunt Elise Brace and the rest of his worried family; please add your support too.” – The Krull Family on Facebook speaking about Jacob Gray also missing

“It’s SearchSaturday! An 80-strong force on the Olympic Mountains today between OMR, SAR and dozens of volunteers. God bless them all and God bless Zach!” – FindZach FB page

“A long day for us, but an even longer day and night for the amazing people searching for Zach. Here’s to the selfless heroes who continue to put themselves in danger to help us find our son.” They recognized Olympic Mountain Rescue, ESAR, MCSO and the USFS. – FindZach FB page


More to follow as we receive new updates and any other postings. Thank you for reading this post and please… share with your Social Media channels.  We will be doing the same!

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Seattle FF Andy Pittman | Climbing for a Cure


In 2016, 1900 Firefighters from five countries and 330 Fire Departments descended upon the Columbia Center in downtown Seattle, Washington to “climb” the tower in full firefighting suppression gear and on air to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS).

Collectively, Firefighters raised $2.3 Million for the non-profit that specializes in blood-cancer research and providing patient/family services.

As Firefighters have over the last several years, they will once again commence together for the 26th year annual’s “climb” on  March 12, 2017.  This is a timed event where Firefighters climb inside the Columbia Center stairwells known as the second tallest building just west of the Mississippi in full fire suppression gear (firefighting coat/jacket, PPE, boots, gloves, helmet) and with their air bottles on.  It is a lot of extra weight as if they were actually fighting a fire (minus the equipment they would be carrying in).

Firefighters will climb up 69 floors with an 788 foot elevation gain and touching a whopping 1,356 steps to reach the infamous observation deck that overlooks the City of Seattle.

This iconic “Climb” is no feat for anyone that dares to rush up these stairs at any given pace.  As history reflects, Firefighters around the country and from over 300-plus Fire Departments will “fight” to reach the top of the building.  It is also a timed event where those race against the clock. Literally, like their Honorees.


This year, Climbers participating in the Scott Firefighter Stair Climb Challenge are asking their friends, loved ones and communities to help them all reach their $2.5 Million fundraising goal so that the LLS can save even more lives.  So many lives depend on this type of funding and you can help this Firefighter raise even more money.


As most of us know, Firefighters are seen as those who are running into a burning building and using their fire hoses to douse the flames or they have been seen using large pieces of equipment to “cut” out a person trapped inside a vehicle just involved in a car accident.  In other cases, Firefighters have also saved our pets.  Some media channels have shown just how they do this by providing oxygen to the injured pet that may have just been rescued from a house fire.

These are some of the ways they help save lives every day.


Their mission is clear and concise.  Climbing the Columbia Center is where it all happens for these Firefighters when they don their firefighting gear and air bottles, they must prepare themselves mentally, physically and emotionally.

These Firefighters put many hours upon hours of training to keep their stamina for their jobs with their respected Fire Departments.  They will also train hard for this event long before it even arrives.

Here is one Firefighter along with hundreds that is doing just that……


Firefighter Andrew “Andy” Pittman

Image may contain: 1 person


Today, we are speaking with Andrew “Andy” Pittman, a current resident of Port Angeles, Washington and Career Firefighter with the Seattle Fire Department for almost two years.  Prior to coming to work for the Seattle Fire Department, he was with the Port Angeles Fire Department as a Volunteer Firefighter for three years and a former resident of Alaska.

He will be climbing for the Seattle Fire Department team this year, but has been assisting with his home Fire Department (Port Angeles) climbing team with fundraising efforts.

FF Pittman, is husband to his beautiful wife Heather of eight years and father to children Kason (9), Kenna (7), Kellan (2) and Kamon (1).

Who or What inspired you to become a Firefighter?

“I joined as a volunteer to help fill a community need. I decided after a year of volunteering to try to get a Career Firefighter job. I saw that my life story molded itself to be able help people very well.  It also helped that I liked going to fires.

Where I grew up in Alaska there was no real Fire Department. If there were people in town that could help put out a fire then they went to help. The idea of helping out the community was appealing to me and that is how this really all started.”

As a Firefighter, what motivates you to do what you do everyday?

“For the climb……

I see how it affects families and see what the LLS has done to help people survive and think that is an awesome sight to see.

As far as work…..

There are many rewards that we get from the people we serve, whether it’s a successful CPR or a fire stopped before their family pictures were destroyed.  I think it’s really just an attitude of being able to help and looking for the good things In what we do.”

Is this your first Climb?

“I believe this is my fourth climb.  I climbed with Port Angeles FD three years prior.”

With this being your fourth climb, when do you start training for the Climb?

“I start usually in November or December with air packs.  The last month I try to get a little more intensive in my prep for it.

Now, I am investing about two-and-a-half hours per week into my event training.”


For those who may be new at Climbing for this event, what advice can you give them for this event?

I’d say just do it.  Don’t give up.  It is really a mental game. Much like anything g else. The prep work will determine the outcome but once you are in the stairs the attitude to succeed really determines whether you stop or not.”

How much have you raised for your Fundraising goal? What is your Individual fundraising goal?

“I’ve raised about $567 dollars. That’s not including what the Port Angeles team has raised. Since I live here, I assist them (Port Angeles Fire Department).


What ways have you taken part in your team’s or overall organization’s fundraising events that may be different from your last Climb?  

“That’s one of the things I like about this climb. My first year I climbed, I had to miss a local fundraiser with Port Angeles and somehow noticed that West Pierce Fire and Rescue was having a fundraiser near where I was scheduled to be that day. I called them and was able to partake in their fundraiser. Met awesome people and still was able to support the cause.

I am helping my home’s (Port Angeles) Fire Department with fundraising while working on my individual goal of $1500.00.”  

(Note: The Port Angeles FD page is The port Angeles team page is helppafirefightersbeatcancer)


Please tell us about your Honoree’s story and how your participation in this event is helping those like her.

When I first started the Challenges many years ago, I met Anne, a local Port Angeles girl. She was going through a tough battle.  Now, Anne has beaten cancer and I continue to climb for her each time.  I keep her close to my heart as I help to raise money for others just like her.”

How has this event and in years’ past “climbs” impacted  you, Anne and her family?

“Their family had really transformed the climb into a community event.  It’s shown me that you never know what challenges are around the corner and that you don’t ever have to go at them alone. There is always someone out there willing to help.”

Photo:  (r) FF Pittman w/Anne (c)


Seattle Firefighter Pittman along with his Brothers and Sisters cannot go at this fight alone but with your help they can beat their fundraising goal of $2.5 Million.  These much-needed funds will go to helping the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) organization in Washington and Alaska with cancer research and patient services.


Fundraising Page

69 flights I 1,311 steps 788 ft of vertical elevation
Climb. Conquer. Cure.

“Hello! I will be participating in the Scott Firefighter Stairclimb on Sunday, March 12th in support of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). Please support me with a donation by clicking the donate button. Our efforts will help make a big difference in the fight against blood cancers. Thank you for your generosity!

What is the Scott Firefighter Stairclimb?


This You Tube video shows what the “climb” is all about.  Just watch and you will see this is no easy feat for anyone, but a stark reminder that these Firefighters know first-hand that what they do on this event day cannot be matched for what their Honorees will go through as they fight their own battles.

Firefighters say this is the least they can do to help raise money so their Honorees can have a better chance at a normal life and in being cancer-free.

Remember, that you can still donate to Seattle Firefighter Pittman’s Fundraising Page prior to the date of his climb.  This event will take place on March 12, 2017.


Thank you to the Seattle Fire Department, PIO Alice Kim and to FF Pittman for the great work you all do day in and night out.  We appreciate allowing us the Honor to share Anne’s story and FF Pittman’s efforts to raise money to find a cure for research and patient services through this great fundraising event.

– LR Swenson, FireWriter/Blogger

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