POSITION:  Firefighter/EMT – Part-Time Perm (3 positions)

EMPLOYER & DEMOGRAPHICS INFO:  Snohomish County Fire Protection District #15 aka “Tulalip Bay Fire Department”, Marysville, WA.  Serves the northern half of Tribal Indian Reservation from Priest Point area to Fire Trail road.  750 annual fire calls out of one fire station with 2 paid firefighters and 25 volunteer firefighters. 80% of all calls are medical.  Additional services provided are: water rescue, vehicle rescue and HAZMAT response.  (Source: Tulalip Police and Fire website)


SALARY & BENEFITS:  None listed.

APPLICATION PROCESS:  Apply online through job poster board.

SOURCE:  www.jobspider.com.  Spider ID #3473704.

CONTACT INFO:  See board for more info.  Earl Troutman, Tulalip Bay Fire Department. 

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