Sno Co Firefighters Respond to Home Fire


Snohomish County Firefighters are currently en route to a residential structure fire in the 5400 block of 101st Place NW in Marysville, Washington State. It is said that the fan in the home’s bathroom caught fire.

Units dispatched are A62, B61, E61, E63, E68, L62, M61.

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WA Wildfire: Halfway Fire | August 9 2016

Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest | The Halfway Fire from an unknown cause on Forest Service, about 25 miles West of Naches, Washington State.  The cause is still under investigation.

About 75 acres of timber have been consumed.  Fire crews were successful in laying hose lines and are in mop-up operations with a 90% containment status.  However, the remaining 10% is on the NW flank in inaccessible area.

Halfway Flat and Sawmill Flat campgrounds, Boulder Cove and Rd 1704 are all closed until further notice.

There are still 34 personnel attached to this incident.

No injuries have been reported and no reports of damage or destruction to property have been reported additionally.

There are no #FireImages for this fire available.

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US Active Wildfires – July 3, 2016 (Sunday)

Thank you and Welcome to Sit Reps for Saturday, July 3, 2016.


Nationally, there were 110 new fires (light initial activity) reported to the NW Interagency Coordination Center.:  2 were new large incidents. 3 large fires have been contained.  14 are still not contained.  1 NIMO is committed, while 4 Type 1 IMTs and 5 Type 2 IMTs are also attached to assigned wildfires.



INIAKUK LAKE FIRE – 40 Miles NW of Bettles.  3324 acres. 0% contained.  17 personnel.  1 helicopter.  Started on Private land.  Active fire behavior with spotting, torching, and running. Structures threatened.  $1.1 Million.  #IniakukLakeFire


CEDAR FIRE – 8 miles northwest of Whiteriver, 10 miles south of Pinetop-Lakeside/Show Low.  31 personnel.  45,977 acres. 100% contained.

The airtanker is dropping retardant against the backdrop of giant clouds of smoke

Tanker Drop on the Cedar Fire (Source: Inciweb)

Fire fact:  On June 28, a large fire whirl formed near six members of the Navajo Interagency Hotshot Crew (IHC), entrapping them. In response to the intense heat, flying ash and woody debris, the firefighters deployed their fire shelters.  Read about their story here – >  #CedarFire


Southern Cal area – there have been 23 new fires.  5 are still burning.  There 3 Type 1 IMTs and 1 Type 2 IMTs committed to this area.

Northern Cal area – 24 NEW fires reported.  2 not contained Fires. 1 Type 2 IMT is committed.

CALFires reported 2017 fires 1/1/2015 – 6/25/2015 burning 16,164 acres and this year during the same period, there have been 2017 fires that have burned 16,821 acres.  The 5 year average has been 1961 fires for a total of 15,966 acres.


APPALOOSA FIRE – Appaloosa Rd. and Pinto Dr., 5 miles SW of Angels Camp.  425 acres. 15% contained.  #AppaloosaFire


TRAILHEAD FIRE – along the  Middle Fork of the American River near Todd

Did you know that there are over 2,100 fire personnel at the TrailheadFire with more resources scheduled to arrive today.

Engine Crews on the Trailhead Fire (Source: Inciweb)

Valley/Placer – El Dorado Counties.   Active fire behavior with short-range spotting, uphill runs, and backing.  5044 acres. 20% contained.  2600 structures threatened.  2120 Personnel, 124 engines. 76 crews. 29 bulldozers. 9 watertenders. 13 helicopters. $8.8 Million CTD.  #TrailheadFire


CURRY FIRE – Curry Mountain, 7 miles SW.  2944 acres. 70% contained.554 personnel. 48 engines. 20 crews. 12 bulldozers.  10 watertenders. 12 structures threatened. Evacuations still in progress. $500,000 CTD.  #CurryFire


MARINA FIRE – 1 mile NW of Lee Vining, CA.   Minimal fire behavior.  654 acres. 117

Firing Operations behind Tioga Lodge

Firing Operations behind Tioga Lodge on the Marina Fire. (Source: Inciweb)

personnel.  3 crews. 1 engine. 1 engine. 1 helicopter.  1 structure lost.  $3.6 Million CTD. #MarinaFire


DEER FIRE  – Hwy 223 and Deertrail, 6 miles east of Arvin. Unified Command – Kern County FD and CALFire.  1800 acres. 50% contained. 826 Personnel. 126 engines. 6 crews. 5 bulldozers. 3 watertenders. 12 helicopters. 300 structures threatened.  Active fire behavior with flanking and smoldering. County owned lands.  $1.5 Million.  #DeerFire

ERSKINE FIRE – Lake Isabella/Kern County.  48,019 acres. 95% contained. 154

Thank you firefighters

Thanking the Erskine Firefighter. (Credit: Mike McMillan)

personnel.  Very little fire behavior remaining.  Crews to monitor and do mop-up operations as needed.. Type 3 IMT assumed command @ 0600 on Saturday,July 3, 2016.  #ErskineFire


PONY FIRE – 15 miles southwest of Happy Camp/Siskiyou County.  160 personnel.

Crew 5 Mitigating a snag in the Swillup Creek Drainage

Crew 5 Mitigating a snag in the Swillup Creek Drainage. (Source: Inciweb)

2858 acres. 85% contained.  Fire is burning in litter, dry brush, and timber, with heavy dead and down snags from previous fires.  #PonyFire


COLYEAR FIRE – Colyear Springs Road, 7 miles W of Red Bank.  464 acres. 80% contained. 228 personnel. 18 engines. 12 crews. 2 bulldozers. 4 helicopters. Fire movement has been stopped.  $648,000 CTD.  #ColyearFire


PINE FIRE – San Guillermo Mountain, 6 miles southwest of Stauffer/11 miles of Ojai in

Ventura Crew at work doing hazard reduction

Ventura Crew doing hazard reduction on the Pine Fire. (Credit: Manny Madrigal)

the Sespe Wilderness.  Start 6/30/2016 @ 0854 hours PDT.  455 personnel.  1590 acres. 0% contained. Fire active to moderate.  7 crews. 3 engines. 8 engines.  $2.8 Million. Forest Service land.  #PineFire



BEAVER CREEK FIRE – Routt National Forest, BLM (Independence Mtn), private land,

Air Quality Summary for July 3, 2016South of the CO/WY state line, 24 miles NW of Walden.  349 personnel.  13,275 acres.  Minimal fire behavior. 5% contained.  5 crews.  19 engines.  8 helicopters.  3 structures destroyed.  $6.4 Million CTD.  Forest Service lands. The smoke from this fire has not been a visibility or health issue in the last several days, say Fire Managers.   Evacuations in process.  Call with any damaged property – Jackson County Sheriff’s Office 970-723-4242.  #BeaverCreekFire



Maalaea –   Fire started 7/3/2016. Wind-driven. 6,000 acres.  West Maui and South Maui residents are mostly without power. Officials said power began to be restored in West Maui at around 4 p.m. 0% containment status. Red Cross shelter opened at Maui War Memorial in Wailuku and the Lahaina Civic Center in West Maui.  Fire burning on top of the West Maui mountains and is creeping down towards Ukumehame.


The Northern Rockies which includes the State of Montana reported 8 NEW fires with 2 not contained fires (Observation and Ravalli Hill #2 Fires) and have 1 Type 1 IMT committed to their area.


POLE / FINE FIRES – Approximately 15 miles SW of Ennis, in the Gravelly Mountains.

Pole Fire p.m.

Pole Fire (Credit: USFS)

(Pole Fire – 21 acres) and (Fine Fire – 16 acres) 0% containment. Lightning caused on 6/30/2016. 10 Smoke Jumpers, 3 Engines, 2 Hand crews, 3 Helicopters, 99 Personnel. 0% containment.  37 total acres. #PoleFire  #FineFire


RAVALLI HILL #2 FIRE – 1 mile E of Ravalli Hill.  Structures and sage-grouse habitat threatened.  500 acres. 60% contained. 57 personnel.  1 crew.  7 engines.  $175,000 CTD.  #RavilliHill2Fire


OBSERVATION FIRE – West of Lost Horse Observation Point,

Observation Point Photo - June 28

Photo in early states of the Observation Fire (Source: Inciweb)

Bitterroot National Forest, Darby Ranger District, 10 miles southwest of Hamilton, 526 personnel. Stage I evacuation is in effect for 203 residences. 1294 acres. 15% contained. Moderate fire behavior with single-tree torching, flanking, and backing.  10 crews.  7 engines. 7 helicopters. 0 structures lost.  $2 Million CTD.  Forest Service lands.  #OservationFire


The Great Basin area that includes States Nevada and Utah reported 26 NEW Fires, with 1 of them being a large incident in Nevada (#TopPotFire) and 1 NIMO committed to the region.


HOT POT FIRE – NV State of Forestry.  35 miles N of Battle Mtn.  70,000 acres. 5% contained. Started 7//2016.  Wyatt Type 3 team being mobilized. AA-690 & T-810 committed off district. Winnemucca/Elko border.  Extreme fire behavior with wind-driven runs.  Structures and sage-grouse habitat threatened.  5 crews. 12 engines. 1 helicopter.  $200,000 CTD. #HotPotFire  NEW!


SPRING CREEK FIRE – .25 acre brush fire  on Aesop Drive and Willington. 3rd party RP bluish/black smoke. Dispatched @ 1638 Hours. County Fire on scene.  Other fire resources include fire support en route. #WillingtonFire NEW!


The SW Area had 11 NEW Fires with 1 not contained fire:  #NorthFire.


NORTH FIRE – 25 miles SW of Magdalena.  60 personnel.  42,102 acres. 85%

Fire effects Oak Springs, FR 330

Fire on Oak Springs & FR 330 on the North Fire (Credit: Apache Kid Wildland Module)

contained. Minimal and creeping.  #NorthFire


The NW area reported 13 NEW fires with 1 being a NEW large incident and 1 uncontained fire:  Fifteen Mile Fire in OR.


FIFTEEN MILE FIRE – 8 miles NE of The Dalles.  Private land. Min fire behavior.  Residences threatened.  3400 acres.  95% contained.  22 personnel. 1 crew.  4 engines. 0 helicopters.  $150,000 CTD.  #15MileFire  NEW!


The Rocky Mountains Area which includes South Dakota and Colorado reported 2 NEW fires and 1 not contained fire.  They have 2 Type 2 IMTs committed in their region.


CROW PEAK FIRE – Approx. 4 miles west of Spearfish, SD and 2 miles south of I-90.

Crow Peak Fire

Crow Peak Firefighter (Source: Inciweb)

Active fire behavior with isolated torching and smoldering.  Evacuations and road closure in force. 407 personnel.  2733 acres. 50% contained. To hold containment lines, mop up. 8 crews.  24 engines.  3 helicopters.  $4.5 Million CTD.  #CrowPeakFire



SADDLE FIRE – 2 miles south of Pine Valley. 1633 acres. 42% contained.  445

Tent city at Saddle Fire base camp.

Saddle Fire base camp. (Source: Inciweb)

personnel.  11 crews.  13 engines.  5 helicopters.  Min fire behavior.  Rain dropped over the area on Saturday.  $9.2 Million CTD. #SaddleFire



WEST RIVER FIRE – Mazama/Lost River areas. 1 acre. 0% containment. 0 structures damaged or destroyed. No injuries reported.  #WestRiverFire


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Lots of information to share on this Complex with you all today.  We appreciate every single one of you in being so patient while we work to catch up after our system upgrade.


Multiple fires started on August 14, 2015, around 1030 Hours by Lightning.  Multiple fires in this Complex are located West of the towns Omak and Okanogan in Washington State.


Currently, Fire Managers are reporting the Chelan Complex has been separated from the Okanogan Complex Fire reducing the staff of this Complex down by 371 personnel. The Chelan Complex has now been separated with its own Status page on Inciweb which we will be covering in another post.

North of Black Mountain displays moderate fire behavior with active group torching, backing and creeping.  Firefighters are currently holding the fire within the set perimeter and will continue to repair dozer and fire lines.

As of today’s update from Fire Managers, the fire has scorched a total of 132,932 acres.  Firefighters have a 85% containment of the fire.  Overall in Okanogan County, a total of 505,369.13 acres have been burned.  That’s a lot of acres scorched!!


The WA Interagency IMT 5 took command on September 10, 2015, at 06000 hours.  The ICP was formerly at the Okanogan County Fairgrounds but has since moved to the Omak Stampede Fairgrounds.  It is being shared with the ICs from Tunk Block and North Star Fires.


There have been many personnel from various locations of the State of Washington and from many parts of the United States acting as mutual aid in fire suppression, structure protection, air and communication resources.

The USDA Forest Service, Confederated Tribes of The Colville Reservation, DNR and the Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office have worked day in and day out on this fire incident.


Staffing  levels remain high with 611 personnel assigned to this Complex, including 13 Crews, 36 Engines, 5 Helicopters, 12 Dozers and 17 Water Tenders.

Seven injuries have been reported.  Their conditions are unknown at this time of this post.


On September 11th, the Okanogan County EOC announced Level 3 evacuations were lifted and downgraded to Level 2.  Great news for residents eager to return to their homes, or what may be left standing.


Word has been announced that the power has been restored to the Omak Mountain residents.  Very good news for all residents.


September 20, 2015, the Okanogan County Long-Term Recovery Organization will be working in conjunction with the County Solid Waste Department to assist residents with debris removal from fire-affected properties.  If you are one of these residents, you must register with a Room One Disaster Case Manager for eligibility.  You can reach them at 509-923-1979 or 509-997-2050.  This is for all Okanogan County residents.


There has been 120 residences confirmed either damaged or destroyed.  Business losses are unknown. The County is still tallying up personal and business losses.

The Okanogan County EOC is asking all Landowners affected by the fire to call their Center to report Loss Estimates on primary residences only.  You can reach them by calling Monday-Friday from 8 -5 at 509.422-7348.

Landowners with natural resources or agricultural infrastructure losses need to call the Okanogan Conservation District at 509-422-0855 or visit their website at


In order for Agencies, organizations or Cities to receive certain types of funding depends on the resources used during the fire incidents.  One FEMA uses is the number of volunteers and hours spent helping others.

The Okanogan County EOC is tracking these Volunteer Hours.  If you helped during this fire event, they are asking that you email this information to them at


The Washington Department of Fish and  Wildlife can answer any questions regarding hunting in fire-affected areas or any other related questions.  Their phone number is 509-754-4624.  Or you can visit them on their website at .


Call 9-1-1 if you see a fire.  Not reporting them can put lives in jeopardy and if left unattended with spreading can be considered as possibly being negligent.  No one wants to be in trouble with the law, especially if the Fire Department can respond within a timely manner stopping any possible wildfires.  As you know, the area has suffered too many severe losses and, that’s just from the power of lightning!

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UPDATE: #BeasleyFire also known as #HillsFire near Quincy Washington

As light approaches, it’s apparent Grant County Fire District 3 Firefighters and the Grant County Sheriff’s Office have been able to conduct an assessment of acreage burned on the #BeasleyFire also known as the #HillsFire located on the North side of Quincy; approximately three miles North of SR 28 in Washington State.

The wildfire is now said to have started on July 4th at 2345 Hours, not at midnight as previously reported.

The fire is estimated between 5,000 – 10,000 acres, wind-driven fire listed between 12 – 20 mph burning sage and grass in it’s path, says the Grant County Sheriff’s Office located in Ephrata.

The fire is expected NOT to reach their County headquarters.

LEVEL 3 and 2 were conducted around 0132 to about 0230 PDT.  About 15 homes were said to have been evacuated.  No reports of injuries or structures being damaged or destroyed.

A Red Cross Shelter has been opened as of 0500 hours this morning at the Quincy Jr. High School.

Washington State Mobe was approved at 0145 PDT.  Currently, resources on scene are from multiple Grant County fire agencies and the Bureau of Land Management.

Hashtags we are using:  #BeasleyFire #QuincyFire #WaWILDFIRE

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WILDFIRE: COLD SPRINGS FIRE | Brewster, Washinton | Saturday, June 13, 2015

Douglas County / Eastern Washington State

The Cold Springs Fire began around 1000 hours this morning [Saturday, June 13, 2015] and is located North of Well’s Dam in Brewster, Washington and running alongside the Columbia River.

Initial reports received showed it was a 100 x 100 fire, but has initially grown to between 300 – 500 acres [varying sources reporting different acreage].  Now, one “unconfirmed” report of one or more homes, plus crops are being threatened.

Resources from Douglas [DC1, DC2, DC3, DC4] Chelan [CC1, CC7, CWICC #213] and Okanogan Counties were dispatched and arrived safely on the fire ground.  The fire was listed as a 3rd Alarm Brush Fire.  A State Mobilization has been requested with two Strike Teams coming from Snohomish County here in Western Washington.

New reports as of 2314 hours, states the fire has increased to 800 acres with confirmation of many structures are being threatened as of this post.

The Getchell FD stated on their Facebook page,

Getchell Firefighters along with Firefighters from all over Snohomish County have been deployed tonight on an early season State Mobilization wild fire near Brewster WA.

Snohomish County Firefighters are responding to an 800+acre fire threatening structures. Crews deployed in a Strike Team of Type 6 4×4 brush fire engines lead by a Strike Team Leader.”

As more information comes to light, we will be updating this information.  We wish all of our Firefighter friends a safe journey to the fire, during and after.


Brewster is located on the confluence of the Okanogan and Columbia Rivers, a city in the Okanogan County in Washington State.   It has a 1.19 square miles.  Three Rivers Hospital has a 30-bed facility and is the largest hospital in the County. The 2010 census reported approximately 2370 residents.


Well’s Dam is a hydroelectric dam located on the Columbia River downstream from the confluences of the Oknogan, Methow and Columbia River in Washington State. The dam, associated structures, and machinery make up the Wells Hydroelectric Project. It is owned and operated by the Douglas Co Public Utility District.

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HUNGRY HILL WILDFIRE | Colville National Forest | Washington State

Near Orient, Washington

On Thursday, May 7, 2015, around 1745 Hours PDT, a logging helicopter crashed in the Colville National Forest sparking a wildfire.  The 30-year old female pilot was rescued and taken a local Colville hospital where she was listed in stable condition.

A morning inversion at the Drop Point on May 8, 2015. [Photo Courtesy: Inciweb]

A morning inversion at the Drop Point on May 8, 2015. [Photo Courtesy: Inciweb]

The wildfire caused a wildfire quickly spreading foward to several acres.

On Friday, May 8th, the fire was reported to have spread to 20 acres.  A Type 3 team, helicopter and resources were on scene.

Saturday, May 9th, crews were able to get an intial hand-line around the fire but more work needed to be done.

Hungry Hill Fire on May 8, 2015. [Photo Courtesy: Inciweb]

Hungry Hill Fire on May 8, 2015. [Photo Courtesy: Inciweb]

As of Sunday on May 10th, crews conducted additional work on the line and were making some successes in various areas of the fire. Once the line has completely hardened, containment will undoubtedly increase but they are finding this fire has been increasingly stubborn.

Hungry Hill Fire on May 8, 2015. [Photo Courtesy:  Inciweb]

Hungry Hill Fire on May 8, 2015. [Photo Courtesy: Inciweb]

Biggest concerns for Firefighters and Fire Managers’ now, are the steep terrain in the area of cut/decked logging areas considered as heavy timber fuels.  We understand what they are walking through with the unseen tree trunks, limbs and holes that one can easily step into.  Not only do we know first-hand what it is like walking through logged areas while training in our old SAR days.  And, this was not even fighting fire!

Currently, the fire has spread to 85 acres and has a 20% containment status.  One-hundred firefighters are on scene with the aid of air support and Incident Managment team.

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Saigon Boat Café located at 2632 Alki Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116 was closed by a Public Health food inspector on January 6, 2014 at 5:00 pm for the following food safety violations:

  • Potentially hazardous foods at unsafe temperatures
  • Improper cooling of potentially hazardous food
  • Foods not protected from cross-contamination
  • Poor personal hygiene practices: handwashing
  • Equipment/utensils not properly sanitized
  • Handwashing facilities inaccessible and not working

The establishment will be reopened once the inspector confirms that all issues have been resolved.

The Food Establishment Closures website is online at

2014 The NW Fire Blog


Conrad Lake Fire – Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest

Info Released:  9/1/13 0900 Hours PDT

Acres:  1096 acres.

Containment: 30%.

Fire Update:  No threats to structures or homes at this time.

Resources:  1 Type II hand crew.  2 Engines.  2 Air Attack Platforms.  1 Type 1.  1  Type II.  1 Type 3.  Helo available to both the Manastash Fire and to Conrad Lake Fire is being shared between the two.


2013  The NW Fire Blog


Manastash Fire – Okanogan – Wenatchee National Forest

Fire Update:  Containment lines in place.  300 Firefighters conducted primary and secondary containment lines.  Unburned vegetation and snags preventing firefighters from completely securing direct control lines.  Gusty winds are also present.

No homes or structures are threatened at this time.

Acres:  2,352 burned.

Containment: 15%.

Resources:  2 Type 1 crews.  8 Type II handcrews.  1 Engine.  4 water tenders.  1 Road grader.  471 personnel.


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