With great sadness, NC Volunteer Firefighter Marcus “Marco” Kauffman has passed away this afternoon at 1252 Hours in the company of his loved ones.  Marco,  Husband [newlywed], Future Father [unborn son], Son, Friend to Many and many Firefighter Brothers and Sisters, was removed from Life Support after being shot in the head on December 2, 2013.

His family updated their Facebook page today. 

“Marcus burst into heaven at 12:52 PM. Our loss is so painful, but we know this was gain for Marcus. 

Tears and grief are eased by the gentle hand of God, holding us, carrying us, wiping our tears. 

“As for God, His way is perfect.”

Here’s the original context of what happened according to their “About” section on their “Pray for Marco”‘s Facebook page:

Marco was shot Monday, December 2, in the head by a burglar.

Marco and Maryann had been at his parents’ house for brunch since DKs parents are here for a bit. Marcos went home, but just beyond their house they saw a blue car with its hood up. Marco drove up and asked if they needed help, but the guy didn’t say anything, just looked at them strangely. Marco took Maryann about two hundred yards up the road to Daniel’s house (they were gone), dropped her off, and went back to check it out. After she heard a volley of gunshots, Maryann tried to call Marco and couldn’t get an answer. She then started running toward their house and called her mom. Her mom told her not to go to the house, so she hid behind a hay bale beside the road, since she thought she heard the robbers’ car driving back n forth. She called DKs and they came right away. Police showed up promptly; it seems that somehow Marco had managed to call 911.

When David and Linda got there, the house had been completely ransacked. Marco’s car was found down in the woods at the edge of the cornfield just beyond their house. The back car window was shot out. It looks like Marco may have seen the gun and tried to drive away but got shot in the head. His car smashed into the woods, both air bags deployed. Aside from his gunshot wound he is fine. But the doctors are very very concerned about his condition.

Maryann has been so strong and serene through the tears..”

It is unknown whom the burgular or burglars were at this time. Police are still investigating this case.

We offer our sincere sympathies, to Marco’s wife Maryann, their unborn son, to his family & his wife’s family, to the Volunteers who worked with Marco and to his Community; you have suffered an immense Loss.  WE WILL NEVER FORGET His Legacy or the person he truly was.

“He will hide me in His shelter in the day of trouble;
He will conceal me under the cover of His tent;
He will lift me high upon a rock.”
Psalm 27:5

If you know of any information or have a tip, please call your Local Law Enforcement agency.  Help bring these people to justice for Marco’s family and his community.

Remembering a Hero Lost and to those that he left behind. Your Fire Brothers and Sisters got it from here.  RIP.

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