WE WILL NEVER FORGET has been a long-time Tribute to those that are Heroes to all of us for their great service, dedication, wearing the uniform and their Legacy they have left behind.  For their great impact on those around them, for Saving Lives and truly what the definition of “Hero” really means.


Today, we reflect on such a Life:  Mt. Rainier National Park’s Margaret Anderson, a wife, a mother and one who devoted her life to helping others.  Back on January 1, 2012, she was gunned down by an ex-military suspect who had fled a shooting at a party in Seattle fleeing to the Park.

With so many people flocking to the park on New Year’s Day, the suspect would soon be one of them.  Not heeding to a chain-up checkpoint, he flew right past the area heading up to the Paradise where Park Ranger Margaret Anderson blocked her car in the roadway from enabling the suspect to get to the top of the park where hundreds of visitors were located.

The suspect seeing that he was trapped, opened fire on her vehicle killing her in the Line of Duty.  Hundreds of Police Officers and specialized teams moved in, in an attempt to save her.  Park Ranger Anderson died saving the multitudes of people in the Park that day, and was recognized for her Heroic actions.

Let’s all take a moment and remember Park Ranger Margaret Anderson as this will her third year anniversary of her death.  We should remember the great things she accomplished in the Park and think about her husband and children for the amazing wife and mother she was.


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