This Level II sex offender is on the run from Dept. of Corrections in King County. Jason Sumey preys on disabled men. SUMEY raped and tortured a victim, then demanded $7,000 from his family to bring him back to them. The last information “America’s Most Wanted” had on him is that he was heading to Seattle.

[Photo Courtesy: Washington’s Most Wanted]


SUMEY is not registered as a sex offender and has been known to be in King County, Pierce County and Oregon. He has a nationwide arrest warrant. He goes by Steven Davidson, Jason Zumek, Jason Rumek and R. Koufax. He also is a dangerous internet predator.

[Photo Courtesy: Washington’s Most Wanted]


“Sumey has a lengthy history of befriending women he meets online,” says DOC Ofc. Emily Isaacs. “He particularly seems to go for women who have young children. He tells them he’s a secret agent. He uses fake first names like ‘Trey’ and ‘Brian”.

It could be months before they find out his real name, if he ever tells them his real name. He’s been known to provide false information to police officers when he’s arrested. You never know what version of him you’re going to get. So, please pay attention and help us find him as soon as possible.”

If you spot him, call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-tips (8477)

Never approach. Always call the Police right away and give them the best of your abilities Descritpion, Time, Location, etc.  The 9-1-1 Dispatcher will ask you specific questions.

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