ALASKA WILDFIRES: Open Incidents – June 25, 2015

Alaska has been hit by Fire starting from various causes from lightning to human-caused.

Here’s a compilation of what’s happening up in the beautiful Alaska now on fire.  Our thoughts are with those fire crews, Managers, Dispatchers and those supporting Firefighters on the front line. Those residents that may be in line of danger, we are also thinking of you as well.  Please heed all warnings and listen to what they recommend that will protect you and their safety.


  • Started June 15, 2015
  • Human-caused
  • 8819 acres
  • Located Sterling in Kenai Borough
  • 11 structures destroyed
  • 30% contained
  • Resources:  12 crews, 8 engines, 1 dozer, 2 water tenders, 2 helos
  • 425 personnel
  • Closures:  West end of Skilak Lp & campgrounds
  • Burning restrictions:  See details at
  • 3 injuries:  small cut & heated related injuries.
  • Incident Cooperators:  Alaska Division of Forestry, Alaska State Troopers, Kenai Peninsula Borough, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
  • Wildfire Smoke Health & Safety Q & A:

“Helicopter Assists During Burnout Operations – #FireImage Courtesy:



  • Started 6/21/15
  • Lightning caused
  • 2147 acres
  • Located on Anaconda Creek / 8 miles N from 27 mile Chena Hot Springs Rd
  • 141 personnel
  • Type 2 Team assumed Command 6/23/15 1400 hours

“Fire Activity on South Side of #AnacondaCreek Fire”.  #FireImage Credit:  Mike McManus.  [via]


  • ICP: Pleasant Valley Community Center
  • 2 Specialists due to arrive today to update existing structure protection, plans and work with Fairbanks N Star borough to update Evacuation planning in Pleasant Valley and Two Rivers Communities
  • Timber [litter & understory] fire fuels burning

“View from The Logging Road near Compeaus Trail” – #FireImage Credit:  Mike McManus via


  • Closures:  See info at
  • Public Contact Info:  907‑799‑5486 or contacting


  • Started 6/22/2015
  • Lightning caused
  • 12,189 acres
  • 30 miles NW of Fairbanks along Elliot Way / near Fairbanks N Star
  • Rolling hills with mostly Black Spruce
  • 62 personnel
  • ICT 3 Command assumed 6/25/15 at 0600 hours
  • 1 HotShot crew providing structure protection
  • 0 Helos, 0 Engines, 0 Dozers
  • Weather: Hot, dry winds up to 15 mph
  • 0 % contained
  • Hazards:  Visibility poor due to smoke.
  • Threatened:  AlyekaTrans-AK Pipeline, fiber optic cable and Elliot highway at mile markers 33 & 34.
  • Fire Behavior:  Fire jumped Elliot Hwy Monday at mileposts 33/34.


  • 3 fires in one complex:  Kobe Fire, Fish Creek Fire
  • Mile Post 311 Fire – stopped at 17 acres
  • Kobe Fire: 6 mi SW of Anderson.
  • Kobe Fire: 9400 acres burning in Black Spruce.
  • Fish Creek Fire:  5 mi NE of Anderson.
  • Fish Creek Fire:  6900 acres burning in open grass and marsh.
  • Total acres. 16,300 acres.


  • Started 6/16/15 by lightning

“Backhaul Brought in by Boat Pilot” – #FireImage Courtesy via Inciweb

Backhaul brought in by boat pilot.

  • 25 mi E of Delta Junction
  • 9473 acres
  • Fire fuels are Black Spruce and tundra.
  • 157 personnel
  • 1% contained

“HOTShot Crew Moving along Cummins Road” – #FireImage via Inciweb

Hotshot crew moving to the next spot on Cummings Road.

  • Conditions: Dry fuels and strong winds increased fire activity
  • Fire suppression: Focusing on fire suppression on highly valued structures
  • [structure protection].

“Air Boat Transporting Firefighters on Healy Lake” – #FireImage Courtesy of Inciweb.

Airboat bringing in firefighters to helispot along Healy Lake.


  • Burning in the Healy Lake area.
  • Moving up hillside towards Healy Lake Village.
  • Located S of Healy River.
  • 450 acres.

“Supply Site on Healy Lake” – #FireImage Courtesy of Inciweb.

Equipment sling site on Healy Lake.


  • Fire located inside of Healy Lake Village.
  • Slowly increasing in size.
  • Working on structure protection.
  • Public can find out info on Fire[s]:  Email:

“First Days of the Healy Lake Fire” – #FireImage Courtesy of Inciweb.

Healy Lake Smoke/flame.

  • 5% contained [for both]
  • 427 Personnel
  • Resources:  1 heavy lift helo & 2 medium helos.
  • WeatherForecast:  Warmer and more dry in mid 70’s with a 48% humidity rate.  Thunderstorms to occur in the area with winds from the SW that may gust up to 25 mph.  Colder weather expected on Friday with chances of isolated rain showers.


There are multiple fires inside this Fire though it’s not listed as a “Complex”.

  • All Fires were started on 6/22/15 by lightning.
  • Resources are tallied on a joint base.
  • Blind River Fire: 18,500 ac 20 mi SW of Tanana & Yukon River
  • Harper Bend Fire: 4300 ac & Hay Slough Fire: 5900 ac, both located 6 mi SW of Tanana.
  • Bering Creek Fire: 20,300 ac is located at 50 mi downstream of Tanaa to the W to SW.
  • Tozitna Fire: 33,500 acres is located 4 mi NE of Tanana..
  • Spicer Creek Fire:  24,000 acres located 7 mi NE of Tanana.
  • Resources:  2 Type 2 IA crews and 3 more 20-person crews but on standby due to poor visibility. Waiting for conditions to clear to transport by air.
  • Sharing resources & equipment.
  • Incident Cooperators:  AK Forest Service, BLM, AK Dept of Forestry, Tanana Village Chiefs Conference, Doyon and Tanana Volunteer Fire Department.
  • ICP:  Tanana School.
  • JIC:  907-3565511.


  • No start or cause listed.
  • Located 6 mi of Willow
  • 7,200 acres

“Crews Working” – #FireImage taken by unknown PIO. Courtesy of Inciweb.

Mop-up 300 ft around structures and in from the perimeter

  • 94% contained [last update from source was 2 days ago]
  • Structures lost:  57 homes destroyed.
  • Damage:  44 with major damage [outbuildings] homes untouched.
  • Up to 343 Firefighters worked on this fire.
  • Continues to smolder.

Expectations and Helpful Tips when Returning Home

We will provide a new update each day until they are contained.  We miss a few and we apologize in advance!  Feel free to let us know which one[s] and we’ll add it to the list.

Thanks for following us!  Stay #Safe out there.

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