ACTIVE ALASKA WILDFIRES for Sunday, July 26, 2015


7 NEW Fires for 108 acres. 24 Staffed Fires. 292 Active Fires. Total Acres Burned: 4,791,160!

AGGIE CREEK FIRE: Start: 6/22/15. Time: Midnight. Location: 30 miles NW of Fairbanks. Cause: Lightning. Personnel: 164. Acres: 31,705. Containment: 55%.

ANIAK COMPLEX: [4 Fires – White Fish Lake 1, North Aniak Fire, Ophir Creek and Mission Creek] Start: Unknown. Cause: Lightning. Personnel: 178. Total Acres: 155,072. Containment: 82%.

BAKER FIRE: Start: 6/21/15. Time: 1506 Hours. Location: 14 miles East of Manley Hot Spring. Cause: Lightning. Personnel: 179. Acres: 26,103. Containment: Unknown.

BLAIR FIRE: Start: 6/20/15. Time: 12PM. Location: 39 miles SE of Fairbanks. Cause: Lightning. Personnel: 11. Acres: 41,154. Containment: Unknown.

DENALI FIRES: [13 Fires] Cause: Lightning. Location: Denali National Park and Reserve. Total Acres: 142,657. Containment Status: Unknown.

HEALY LAKE FIRE: Start: 6/16/15. Time: 1945 Hours. Location: 28 miles SE of Delta Junction. Cause: Lightning. Personnel: 39. Acres: 11,473. Containment: 15%.

IDITAROD FIRE: Start: 6/20/15. Time: Unknown. Location: 2.5 miles North of Ghost Town Iditarod. Cause: Lightning. Acres: 98,183. Damage: 3 structures in the early days of the Fire. Containment: In Monitor Status.

LONG LAKE FIRE: Start: 6/20/15. Location: Directly South of Northway. Cause: Lightning. Acres: 29,100. Containment: 60%.

Long Lake – Courtesy via Inciweb

MICHIGAN CREEK FIRE: Start: 6/17/15. Time: 1330 Hours. Cause: Lightning. Location: 38 miles NE of Delta Junction. Acres: 10,499. Containment: near 100%. This is the last update.

MIDDLE YUKON FIRES / RUBY AREA FIRES: [Big Creek, Bruno Creek, Ruby Slough Fires]. Start: Unknown. Location: S and E of Village of Ruby. Cause: Lightning. Personnel: 92. Acres: 407,613. Containment: Unknown.

Supplies for firefighters are either flown in from Fairbanks, or boated upriver from Galena.

Supplies being Unloaded by Air, 1 of 2 ways of Receiving Deliveries.

Courtesy via Inciweb

TANANA AREA FIRES: [Spicer Creek, Rock Fire, Deep Creek Fire]. Start: 6/19/15. Time: 1315 Hours. Cause: Lightning. Location: Multiple fires located close proximity up to 60+ miles from town of Tanana. Acres: 489,673. Containment: 4%.

TETLIN HILLS FIRE: Start: 6/20/15. Time: 1800 Hours. Location: 8 miles SE of Tok. Cause: Lightning. Acres: 1,878. Command: Transitioned to IMT4. Personnel: 71. Containment: 95%.

Dozer in fire - Tetlin Hills on July 1, 2015

Dozer within Tetlin Hills Fire – Courtesy via Inciweb

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