Texas Fires | March 24, 2016 | Update 2

Firefighters were able to contain two of three fires yesterday, leaving one that is still causing a lot of havoc.  Though firefighters are able to get a containment status, it does not necessarily mean the fires have been completely put out.

Here is a recap of fires that been ignited in the Texas Panhandle.


This fire is showing it started around 1618 hours and is located in Wheeler County.  On March 24, 2016, we reported 3,000 acres had been scorched.  Today, the fire was reported at 15,174 acres with a 95% containment status with 4 homes lost and 100 homes being threatened.  The cause of ignition is unknown.


The Tara Road Fire also started today.  It is located in Randall County.  It was quickly contained to three acres and is listed at at 100% containment.  The cause is also unknown. 1 home was lost and 3 were still being threatened.


The third wildfire that ignited on March 23, 2016, has been fully contained to 100%.  Overall, Firefighters were able to keep it at  44,686 acres,  The fire has caused 2 homes to be lost.

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