Utah Wildfires | August 11, 2016

Wildfires seem to be popping up everywhere.  We are trying to cover all of them but there are simply too many, so (please forgive us!) we are back to combining them per State. We may forget a few, but if you find that to be the case – we love your feedback!


The Box Canyon Wildfire is located at Smith and Morehouse Ck from Erickson Basin to Hells Kitchen. 12 miles east of Oakley, Utah.

Afternoon July 29, 2016

(Photo Courtesy: Inciweb)

The fire was caused by human intervention and consumed 2,642 acres but crews have been able to gain a 15% containment status.

Type 1 helicopters are being used to limit the spread to Smith and Morehouse Creek towards the reservoir, Hells Kitchen, Erickson Basin.  Type 2 helicopters are also being used but to improve the anchor point within both locations.

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The Porcupine Fire is located 7 miles SE of Mayfield, Utah and started by lightning on July 23rd around midnight.

The fire is currently moving slowly, creeping and smoldering. Fire Managers are currently monitoring this fire.

Porcupine Fire

(Photo Courtesy: Inciweb)

About 278 acres have been scorched on this smaller wildfire.

Rain fell over the fire ground on Wednesday.

There is no containment status known at this time.

Hashtags being used are #PorcupineFire #UtWILDFIRE #NWFireBlogUT

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