Update #4

(10/6/62016 @ 0200 EDT)

Happening NOW!

Rip Currents

  • High Risk of rip currents Friday on Pinellas beaches and tides 2ft above normal on Tarpon Springs-Indian Rocks Beach.

New Wave Formed

  • Tropical wave formed in the Caribbean, separate from Hurricane Matthew and Tropical Storm Nicole

Air Travel

  • Air Travel will resume at 1100 EDT Friday, 10/7/2016 (accepting passengers), flights to resume Saturday, 10/8/2016. (Ft Lauderdale-Hollywood Int’l Airport in Breward County, Florida).   Travel affected at San Francisco airport due to hurricane.

Weather Reports

  • Reports of Hurricane’s path shifting to the East. Center of eye will be 35-40 miles off of Treasure Coast..
  • NHC saying Hurricane Matthew may be weakening. Still a Cat 4 at the moment


  • Brevard Co Fire Rescue: Too dangerous to respond to emergencies as live power lines down. STAY INDOORS!
  • If you did not evacuate: Resources says to stay where you are, do not evacuate now. Go to higher ground inside your structure.

Mutual Aid Partners

Philadelphia Firefighters

  • Firefighters are on stand-by for deployment to assist with those affected by Hurricane Matthew

Pinellas County Florida

  • EMS partners with local agencies to send Fire Engine Strike Team as mutual aid response.

Pinellas County Emergency Services

  • The Citizen Info Center will remain open until 2300 hours EDT. Residents can call 727-464-4333 for general info.

American Red Cross


  • Reports of 364 people have been killed
  • 80% of Western part of Island has been decimated
  • Approximately 1 Million are in shelters in Haiti, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica
  • 20 confirmed deaths
  • Extensive flooding continuing
  • Airport reopened to allow UN to fly in supplies
  • Reports of wind gusts to 70 mph

(c) 2016 The #NWFireBlog



(c) 2016 The #NWFireBlog