Five Alarm Burning in Queens | Update 1

UPDATE 1 – APRIL 11, 2017 – 1730 PDT / 2030 EDT

Incident Summary | Heavy fire is in the cockloft of a multiple story – apartment complex located at 56-11 94th Street in Queens [NYC], New York.  The fire was originally deemed a 2-Alarm (@1533 PDT / @1833 EDT), then raised to a 3-Alarm (@1545 PDT / 1845 EDT), 4-Alarm (@1613 PDT / @1913 EDT) and remaining at a 5-Alarm currently (@1613 PDT / @1913 EDT).

Photo Credit: FDNY

Damage Assessments |  0 injuries reported.  It will be unknown what damages are with the multiple number of units until the fire has been put out and Investigators are able to enter the building.  This is after it has cooled for the Safety of the Investigators.

Social Media | Some eyewitnesses are posting on Social Media, “Fire is spreading/has spread to the building located at 57-11 and 94th Street.  Some residents are helping stop the fire.”

Hashtags being used for this incident are:  #FDNY  #Queens  #nyc  #queens

Here is what firefighters are being left to deal with this evening.

Current Fire Conditions | FDNY firefighters were still on-scene trying to stop the fire that was still burning in the cockloft.  Heavy smoke was also seen coming out of vents and water sprayed on to the billowing smoke.

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