Missing Hiker: Zach Krull in Washington


We know this post is not about a fire or related incident but we always feel that since these types of reports that come through the Law Enforcement side of things and being in our backyard, we feel the need to reach out and help broadcast their messages.

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Here is their story about their missing Loved one.


Zach Krull, 20, is a resident of Bellevue, Washington was reported as missing on Monday, April 10th by his family as being an overdue hiker.  He was said to be camping at the Staircase Campground inside the Olympic National Park.


Searchers are from Tacoma and Mason, Pierce and Thurston Counties.  Olympic Mountain Rescue.  ESAR. Olympic National Park [1 Park Ranger]

IC:  Mason County Sheriff Office:  Contact:  Lt Jason Dracobly.  Phone 360-427-9670 ext. 313 / 360-275-4467 ext. 313 or 360-239-4073.  Website:  http://so.co.mason.wa.us/



Zach Krull, 20, is reported missing from the Staircase Campgrounds in the Olympic National Park.


“Mason County Sheriff initiated a SAR Mission.  Zach Krull, 20-year-old male.  Zach’s family and friends reported that he was overdue from a planned overnight hike in the Lake Cushman/Staircase area of Mason County.  Zach is not from the area and is a new transfer student to Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington.” – MCSO

9:33am: “Mason County currently coordinating search for overdue hiker in the area of Mt. Skokomish. Hiker overdue since 4/10.” – MCSO

9:35 am: “Olympic Mountain Rescue is conducting the search for the overdue hiker. No further information at this time; no cell contact with SAR coord.” – MCSO

12:46 pm: “Olympic Mountain Rescue has determined search conditions are too dangerous. The search for the overdue hiker is suspended for now.” – MCSO

12:48 pm: “The search has focused on the Mt. Skokomish area. No additional information is available at this time.” – MCSO


“The search is underway with Olympic Mountain Rescue. The Forest Service is advising and the Mason County Sheriff’s Department is coordinating the operation. While snowfall has caused sporadic suspensions of the search, we have faith that these heroes will find Zach.” – FindZach FB page

“Our good friends consulted a psychic who shared this: Zach is alive, has “pain” or “injury” to his leg, and is trying to stay near a water body. He’s rationing his food, trying to leave trail markings & may be somewhere between 5-25 miles N to NW of where he was last seen on 4/8 — and that this directional track should be near a water body.” – FindZach FB page

4/13/2017:  “Another piece of Zach’s equipment. Hopefully it’s helping to keep him warm as the search goes on.” – FindZach FB page

“Sharing pics of all of Zach’s equipment in case anyone recognizes anything.” – FindZach FB page

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4/14/2017:   “We have been conducting the search with assets from Olympic Mountain Rescue, helicopter support out of Whidbey Island Naval Air Station, and units from Mason, Thurston, and Pierce County Search and Rescue units.” – MCSO

“The search is focused on an area inside of the Olympic Nation Park near Mt Cruiser and around the Staircase camping grounds.  The search has been hampered by severe weather conditions.” – MCSO

“Here’s praying Good Friday is a great one for Zach. SAR teams will be setting out from 2 directions: Staircase to Mt Gladys and from Hamma Hamma Rd to Mildred Lakes.” – FindZach FB page


“Unfortunately, Zach is not the only young man to find himself lost in the area this week. Our prayers also go out to Jacob, his aunt Elise Brace and the rest of his worried family; please add your support too. https://www.facebook.com/groups/449341995419038/” – The Krull Family on Facebook speaking about Jacob Gray also missing

“It’s SearchSaturday! An 80-strong force on the Olympic Mountains today between OMR, SAR and dozens of volunteers. God bless them all and God bless Zach!” – FindZach FB page

“A long day for us, but an even longer day and night for the amazing people searching for Zach. Here’s to the selfless heroes who continue to put themselves in danger to help us find our son.” They recognized Olympic Mountain Rescue, ESAR, MCSO and the USFS. – FindZach FB page


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