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Incident Summary

Firefighters were just sitting down for dinner when the bells sounded for them to respond to a structure fire close to 1800 hours on Thursday, May 25, 2017.  Crews found multiple homes, warehouse, and a pallet yard on fire on Weber and “E” Streets.

Firefighters are saying that the fire may have started in the pallet yard with winds pushing the fire to increase in size and acreage.  No confirmation has been received from any other sources.

Fire Operations

The fire quickly elevated to a 4-alarm fire due to the size with multiple houses, warehouses and rail cars catching fire.  Here is the timeline for this call via scanner feed:

1749 |  E11, E4 hooking up to a hydrant with a 5″ on Myrtle and B street.  Water tender 15 has arrived and to supply water to E10.

1750 | E10 reports no water.

1751 | Using 2 1/2″ on Wilson and Crossman.

1754 | (2) 2 1/2″ being used.  Crews reporting low pressure. E12 deck gun ineffective.  2-4 houses on fire.  This is on Main Street.

1756 | PD has called shutdown RR tracks on NW side of the fire.

1759 | E10 is “Exposure Group” has Engines 13 + 14. Has (2) 2 1/2″ stretched.

1800 | Div Alpha:  No resources needed. E7 to run down hoseline down B Street.

1802 | E10 asks personnel to lay hoseline 500 ft and bring high-rise packs.

1803 | Truck 2 shutting down operations.   Div Delta:  3 rail cars on fire (N side) of the fire. No water available.

1804 | Command:  5 engines and mutual aid requested.

1806 | Staging:  is located on Myrtle + B Street.

1807 | Exposure Group:  3 houses are fully engulfed.  Defensive operations.

1808 | Truck 4 aerial ineffective.  2 1/2 ” deployed.

1813 | PG & Eshutting down grid in 10 minutes.

1815 | Staging:  located at Myrtle + “D” Street.  Manpower needed for hose lines.  All traffic on TAC1.  Command:  “All personnel need to wear SCBA + highrise pack.”

1819 | Div Alpha: Chief Palmer.   Dispatch advised of wildland fire on Weber and Bravo Street.

1822 | Div Delta:  No resources needed.  Additional resources needed on Bravo.  2 immediate Strike Teams responding per Dispatch.

1823 | Exposure Group:  2033  on scene.  Assigned to Command Post at Weber + Street.  Cancelling 3 of the 5 water tenders requested earlier by Command.

1824 | Exposure Group:  Crews reporting fire in the trees.  Command to do a 360 walk through and check in the alley.

1826 | Command to Operations:  Fresh crews coming in on west side of the fire, can access off of Myrtle Street.

1830 | Command:  Need RR rep here at the fire.  Product on fire in RR box cars.

1831 | Our Fire Weather Report:  72* F, sunny with winds at 16 mph.  48% RH and UV being on the low side.

1834 | Tender 31 arrived to provide supply to Engine 10 that is located between C and B Streets.

1835 | Tender 52 arrived, assigned to Exposure Group.

1836 | Division Alpha:  Reporting there is a PG & E distribution lines on the south of the Weber and transmission lines on the Bravo side.  Rep at the command post.

1837 | Dispatch:  Rail cars are tankers on fire?  Command advised only box cars engulfed, not the tankers.

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Photo Credit: Stockton Firefighters Local 456

1842 | E244 arrived, reporting to Command Post.   Crews reporting pallets on fire.

1843 | Command:  Requesting Operations to start assigning personnel to C Street + Myrtle for primary searches of houses.

1845 | Div Delta:  Mop-up operations in effect.

1846 | Dispatch:  1.5 hours for Red Cross ETA and Auxiliary with water en route.

1853 |  Our Fire Weather Report:  71*F temps with winds from the West 16 mph.  49% RH and low UV.

1913 | Strike team cancelled. No longer needed by Command.

1914 | Shutting down 5″ in Division Delta.

1915 | Strike Team Leader + unit on scene.

1923 | Media:  Staging a Myrtle + C, mid block.  PIO to give update in 15 minutes.

1941 | Command:  Fire under control.

1942 | Engine Companies:  Companies  shutting down 5″ and other operations.  Div Delta:  Modesto Fire company being assigned to Division.

1945 | Exposure Group:  Water tender needed to help supply 2 1/2″.  All primary/secondary searches completed on the Charlie to Bravo divisions.  Negative found and zero extensions.

1947 | E10:  Exposure Group assisting company with picking up hoses.

1954 | Companies were beginning to assist each other to pick up hose lines.  A front end loader was requested from the Public Works Department.

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Stockton, California is the seat for the county of San Jaoquin and located in the central valley of the State.  It is also positioned on the San Jaoquin River.

It’s City boasts an estimated population of 315,592 residents as of a 2016 census.

Stockton is considered the 13th largest City and the 63rd largest in the United States of America.


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