TX Reeling From Post-Storm Affects – 2

POST SUMMARY State of Texas, known as The Lone Star State was hit extremely hard from by a Category 4 Hurricane (Harvey) that made landfall late evening on Friday, August 25, 2017.  It was downgraded to a Category 2 later but not before the storm unleashed its fury of downpours.  

This storm is due to produce ever more water than the areas can even hold flooding structures, infrastructures, threatening the State’s economy.    The storm reached its peak intensity slamming into Rockport sustaining much of the extreme amount of damage.  Many parts of the State have been devastated beyond recognition.

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” It is the first time since 9/11 that all 28 FEMA Urban SAR teams have been mobilized.”

– Jeff Stern, VA State DEM Coordinator

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Call 9-1-1.  The US Coast Guard says do not report Distress calls over Social Media. You must report by calling 911.  Keep trying until you get through.


Rosenburg, TX.  Mandatory evacuations for homes on Huntington Road. Unknown if bridge into area will hold as river levels are rising. Bridge is only escape out of area. (Posted by RPD 2202 Hours CDT). 

Bay City, TX. Mayor announces entire City is under a mandatory evacuation by 1300  hours on Monday, 8/28/2017, due to 10-foot flood expected. https://www.facebook.com/footstepsforthefallen/posts/645510148987649

Sugar Land, TX. Two LIDs are under mandatory evacuations. http://abc13.com/judge-mandatory-evacuations-for-two-sugar-land-lids/2349438/

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As of Aug 27, 2017,  there is NO evacuation orders in place for the City of Pearland. (This was fake news)

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(Credit: Rosenberg PD)


What to Do to Be Rescued.  The USCG is urging residents, people to be rescued to call the Houston # at 281-464-(4851) or (4852) or (4853) or (4854) or (4855).  Get on your roofs.  Tips:  Stay calm; don’t panic. Don’t go to the attic as rescuers cannot see you. Get to high ground immediately. Mark the roof to be seen from the air. Wave sheets, towels to be noticed.

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Houston 911 received 56,000 calls (from 2200 hours Saturday, 8/26/2017 through 0100 hours on Sunday, 8/27/2017).  During an average day, they usually handle about 8,000 calls.  

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No Drones in Disaster Recovery Zones.  TX Military Department has seen a rise of

Drone operators trying to get in on some action of their own, but did you know that it is extremely dangerous for those on the ground and in the air?  Did you know it is illegal and can not only net you a ticket, but some hefty jail time? It is true.  Here are some of the problems and where rescuers are working.

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FAA, DOD asking people not to fly drones in and around Houston, TX.  There have been reports of close calls by pilots.

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WB I-10. Westbound I-10 being closed at mile marker 655 or about 40 miles east of Seguin due to flooding. (TxDOT – Yoakum)

Ben Taub Hospital, MD Anderson. Shutdown as of 1913 hours CDT.  These are the two trauma hospitals in the City.

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As of 0600 Hours CDT 8/27/2017, Houston TranStar logged 174 high-water road closures in the area. This included I-10, I-45, I-610, I-69, US 290, TX 225, TX 288,  Beltway 8 and TX 3 in Galveston, Texas.

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Volunteers Needed.  City of Dallas, TX.  http://www.voly.org/join/index.html

Boats Needed.  Houston Police Department.  Call 713-881-3100.

Blood Donations. Austin hospitals need blood donations at We Are Blood, A Blood  Center in Central Texas.  https://weareblood.org/

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 Social media rumors tell of hundreds dead, thousands of rooftop rescues and millions of people stranded is #FakeNews. 

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Boil Water Alert.  City of Corpus Christi is under a WATER BOIL ALERT. Do not drink the water. Caused due to the Storm’s destruction. Effective 8/25/2017, until further notice.

American Red Cross.  Safe and Well.  Register today so your loved ones can find you, or use as a way to find those who may be missing.  https://safeandwell.communityos.org/cms/index.php

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Turn Around, Don’t Drown campaign is critical in saving lives more than ever. 

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Facebook Safety Check.  Activated for this event. Log in to your Facebook page and register ASAP.  https://www.facebook.com/safetycheck/hurricane-harvey-aug24-2017/about/

Emergency Alerts.  Sign up for Pearland, TX Residential Alerts here –> https://www.pearlandtx.gov/residents/get-connected/e-alerts  Government offices currently shutdown on 8/28/2017 and 8/29/2017 with a possibility of longer says their website.

Wading Through Flood WatersAVOID DRIVING, WALKING through flood waters.  6 inches of swiftly moving water can knock an adult over.  (NWS Houston)


Incident Cooperators are those who act as Partners and as in this State of Emergency – work together on Federal, State and Local levels to ensure resources are able to assist the area’s needs of the government, its people, property and its communities. Due to the vast amount of resources, we apologize ahead of time if we missed anyone!

American Red Cross.  100’s of volunteers are/have traveled all over the U.S. to lend their time, talents and compassion to victims and evacuees. 

LA Cajun Navy.  State of Louisiana sending the LA Cajuna Navy. 

TX Governor Greg Abbott  

Houston OEM

Houston PD.  SWAT team conducted several hundred high-water rescues and were still actively searching and conducting more rescue operations. (1713 CDT)

(Credit: Houston PD)

INTF-1 HAZMAT Support.  Indiana Task Force 1 arriving in Katy (near Houston), TX. (1834 PDT)

LAFD TF1.  70 members en route says LAFD Fire Chief Terrazas.

MA-TF1.  A FEMA Task Force is en route from Massachussetts and will soon joining others. (1810 PDT)

Miami-Dade Fire.  FL-TF1 en route to Texas to assist with SAR effects in affected areas.

(Credit: MDFR)

National Guard.  Multiple military trucks, Humvees and other vehicles that can tread water were seen driving down City streets.

New Jersey.  SAR crews were deployed.

FDNY – NYPD USAR NY TF1.  The Joint FDNY and NYPD USAR NY Task Force-1 deployed earlier today.

(Credit: FDNY)

PA TF-1.  40 members.  Leaving the PA Fire Academy and heading to South Texas.  (1917 PDT)

Partnership for Inclusive Disaster Strategies.  Hotline setup for people with Disabilities. 800-626-4959.

Sacramento Fire.  USAR TF7 sends 14-member water rescue team.  Crews drove 2,000 miles to their destination.

Salvation Army.  Previously shipped extra pallets of water and food on 8/23/2017.

Save The Children.  Setting up Child Friendly Spaces in evacuation shelters to help kids and families.  DONATIONS. Text “HURRICANE” to 2022 to donate $25 to the “Save the Children’s Hurricane Harvey  Relief Fund”.

TX State, Emergency Management Department Is the main hub of activity that will coordinate Federal, State and local resources pouring into their State.

US Coast Guard Heartland.  The USCG is urging residents, people to be rescued to call the Houston # at 281-464-(4851) or (4852) or (4853) or (4854) or (4855).  Get on your roofs.  Tips:  Stay calm; don’t panic. Don’t go to the attic as rescuers cannot see you. Get to high ground immediately. Mark the roof to be seen from the air. Wave sheets, towels to be noticed.

USCG makes sure no Family member is left behind. Rescuing pets and their people. (Credit: USCG Heartland)

WA TF1 Urban SAR.  FEMA team from Pierce County, Washington State is sent to assist along with other FEMA units.


American Red Cross Shelters.  Shelter Locator here –> http://www.redcross.org/get-help/disaster-relief-and-recovery-services/find-an-open-shelter?utm_source=arctwitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=harvey

Harris County, TX.  Compiled list of open shelters. http://readyharris.org/News-Information/Ready-Harris-News/Post/26637

Katy ISD.  The Morton Ranch HS (MRHS) located at 21000 Franz  Road 77449 and the Cinco Ranch HS (CRHS) located at 23440 Cinco Ranch Blvd, both in Katy, TX will be opening at 0730 CDT on Monday.  They will be offering shelter, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner to those in need.  DONATIONS of blankets, pillows, towels will be accepted at either High School beginning at 0730 hours.  SOCIAL MEDIA Channels are Katy ISD “OnTheGo” app. Website:  www.Katyisd.org.  Twitter:  @katyisd 



Storm Surge Tracker.  The NWS  created the first-ever operational storm surge watch. Twitter @NHC_Surge. https://twitter.com/NHC_Surge/status/900376620543823872 Shows the current conditions. 



There are multitudes of photos, storm images and other unimaginative descriptions of what those are truly seeing, hearing and experiencing.  We will share with you what they are feeling, see and what they are hearing.  Some photos are copyrighted so we will try to explain the best way we can as to what is being posted out there in the Social Media world.

(Credit: USCG Heartland)

USCG Heartland.  Sector Corpus Christi IMD members assess damage in Port Aransas, TX. 

Disaster Assistance & Recovery Info.  The City of Austin (TX) Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management have a wealth of info.  Go to their site here –>  http://austintexas.gov/help (8/26/2017 @ 0417 CDT

Gas Prices.  National news media reporting gas prices are set to spike due to #HurricaneHarvey wreaks havoc on our vital energy facilities.  It is time to focus on rescues and saving lives.  This something that can easily be put back on the back burner.

Roadblocks.  I-10 freeway is now closed due to heavy flooding. Police are using multiple cruiser to keep motorists out of harm’s way.  A photo by a news media outlet shows mostly semis (approximately 8 semi rigs across and unknown how long the back-up is but there is no getting off this freeway by turning around.

Pet Rescues.  Social media reporting dog rescues are coming in at 60 per hour. 

Countries Pray for  Our U.S. Texas.  Canadian President: “Canadians are keeping the people of Texas in our thoughts – we’re ready to offer any assistance needed to help recover from this disaster.” – Justin Trudeau

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Dupont Fire Hosts Annual Safety Fair

Image may contain: text


Come join the fun as the Dupont Fire Department holds their Annual Safety Fair on June 10, 2017, from 10am to 1pm.

No automatic alt text available.

Photo Credit:  Dupont Fire Deparment

The City of Dupont Fire Department station is located at 1780 Civic Drive, Suite #102, Dupont, Washington 98327.

So much to see and so many people meet.  Don’t forget to bring the Family for some great fun!



2017 The NW Fire Blog

#StocktonFire | CA | New!


Incident Summary

Firefighters were just sitting down for dinner when the bells sounded for them to respond to a structure fire close to 1800 hours on Thursday, May 25, 2017.  Crews found multiple homes, warehouse, and a pallet yard on fire on Weber and “E” Streets.

Firefighters are saying that the fire may have started in the pallet yard with winds pushing the fire to increase in size and acreage.  No confirmation has been received from any other sources.

Fire Operations

The fire quickly elevated to a 4-alarm fire due to the size with multiple houses, warehouses and rail cars catching fire.  Here is the timeline for this call via scanner feed:

1749 |  E11, E4 hooking up to a hydrant with a 5″ on Myrtle and B street.  Water tender 15 has arrived and to supply water to E10.

1750 | E10 reports no water.

1751 | Using 2 1/2″ on Wilson and Crossman.

1754 | (2) 2 1/2″ being used.  Crews reporting low pressure. E12 deck gun ineffective.  2-4 houses on fire.  This is on Main Street.

1756 | PD has called shutdown RR tracks on NW side of the fire.

1759 | E10 is “Exposure Group” has Engines 13 + 14. Has (2) 2 1/2″ stretched.

1800 | Div Alpha:  No resources needed. E7 to run down hoseline down B Street.

1802 | E10 asks personnel to lay hoseline 500 ft and bring high-rise packs.

1803 | Truck 2 shutting down operations.   Div Delta:  3 rail cars on fire (N side) of the fire. No water available.

1804 | Command:  5 engines and mutual aid requested.

1806 | Staging:  is located on Myrtle + B Street.

1807 | Exposure Group:  3 houses are fully engulfed.  Defensive operations.

1808 | Truck 4 aerial ineffective.  2 1/2 ” deployed.

1813 | PG & Eshutting down grid in 10 minutes.

1815 | Staging:  located at Myrtle + “D” Street.  Manpower needed for hose lines.  All traffic on TAC1.  Command:  “All personnel need to wear SCBA + highrise pack.”

1819 | Div Alpha: Chief Palmer.   Dispatch advised of wildland fire on Weber and Bravo Street.

1822 | Div Delta:  No resources needed.  Additional resources needed on Bravo.  2 immediate Strike Teams responding per Dispatch.

1823 | Exposure Group:  2033  on scene.  Assigned to Command Post at Weber + Street.  Cancelling 3 of the 5 water tenders requested earlier by Command.

1824 | Exposure Group:  Crews reporting fire in the trees.  Command to do a 360 walk through and check in the alley.

1826 | Command to Operations:  Fresh crews coming in on west side of the fire, can access off of Myrtle Street.

1830 | Command:  Need RR rep here at the fire.  Product on fire in RR box cars.

1831 | Our Fire Weather Report:  72* F, sunny with winds at 16 mph.  48% RH and UV being on the low side.

1834 | Tender 31 arrived to provide supply to Engine 10 that is located between C and B Streets.

1835 | Tender 52 arrived, assigned to Exposure Group.

1836 | Division Alpha:  Reporting there is a PG & E distribution lines on the south of the Weber and transmission lines on the Bravo side.  Rep at the command post.

1837 | Dispatch:  Rail cars are tankers on fire?  Command advised only box cars engulfed, not the tankers.

Image may contain: fire and outdoor

Photo Credit: Stockton Firefighters Local 456

1842 | E244 arrived, reporting to Command Post.   Crews reporting pallets on fire.

1843 | Command:  Requesting Operations to start assigning personnel to C Street + Myrtle for primary searches of houses.

1845 | Div Delta:  Mop-up operations in effect.

1846 | Dispatch:  1.5 hours for Red Cross ETA and Auxiliary with water en route.

1853 |  Our Fire Weather Report:  71*F temps with winds from the West 16 mph.  49% RH and low UV.

1913 | Strike team cancelled. No longer needed by Command.

1914 | Shutting down 5″ in Division Delta.

1915 | Strike Team Leader + unit on scene.

1923 | Media:  Staging a Myrtle + C, mid block.  PIO to give update in 15 minutes.

1941 | Command:  Fire under control.

1942 | Engine Companies:  Companies  shutting down 5″ and other operations.  Div Delta:  Modesto Fire company being assigned to Division.

1945 | Exposure Group:  Water tender needed to help supply 2 1/2″.  All primary/secondary searches completed on the Charlie to Bravo divisions.  Negative found and zero extensions.

1947 | E10:  Exposure Group assisting company with picking up hoses.

1954 | Companies were beginning to assist each other to pick up hose lines.  A front end loader was requested from the Public Works Department.

Social Media

The hashtags we are using for this fire is #StocktonFire #Stockton #CAFires2017

You can also follow us for live Fire Tweets on our Twitter account @nwfireblog or on our Facebook Page, The NW Fire Blog. 


Photo Credit: CC0/Wikipedia (All rights have been waived by the Photographer)

Stockton, California is the seat for the county of San Jaoquin and located in the central valley of the State.  It is also positioned on the San Jaoquin River.

It’s City boasts an estimated population of 315,592 residents as of a 2016 census.

Stockton is considered the 13th largest City and the 63rd largest in the United States of America.


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Career Opportunities | April 11, 2017

Firefighter – Valley Regional Fire Authority | Auburn, Washington State.  $68,865/year. Must pass PST written examination and PST CPAT by August 22, 2017. This is for the 2018 eligibility hiring registry.  https://www.indeed.com/cmp/Public-Safety-Testing/jobs/Valley-Regional-Fire-Authority-08797bb2252c1cad?sjdu=QwrRXKrqZ3CNX5W-O9jEvQ0aYBHvL1r2MJ8DAKTetgQPcx6JJyyibfdK1-jB8AaZ_bzyve7ze90L968zGTBtyfFF95Wcx7QcmP4dG30gEmWnl02Yd2Xf49TXskDlUFU2

Firefighter (Open-Entry) – City of Spokane FD | $80,894.22 – $92,216.52 Annually.  Job #931-05-2015.  See application instructions on weblink here.  https://www.governmentjobs.com/careers/spokanecity/jobs/1150196/firefighter-open-entry

Wildfire Firefighter / Forest Technician – Grayback Forestry Inc | John Day OR Base.  John Day, OR. https://graybackforestry.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=9&source=indeed&src=indeed&postedDate=2017-04-03

Lateral FF/Paramedic – City of Salem OR [FD] | $26.34+/hour.  https://www.governmentjobs.com/careers/cityofsalem/jobs/1684762/lateral-firefighter-medic

Experienced, Entry-Level Wildland Firefighters – Inbound LLC | Eugene, OR.  50 new Firefighter positions including needs for Engine Boss and filling of 13 Wildland Fire Engines, etc. https://www.indeed.com/cmp/Inbound,-LLC/jobs/Experienced-New-Wildland-Firefighter-f333be84a811bc51?q=firefighter

Wildland Firefighter – Personnel Plus |  John Day, OR. $14.47/hour. Seasonal. Free training .https://www.indeed.com/cmp/Personnel-Plus/jobs/Wildland-Firefighter-929a40a47a289c5b?q=firefighter

Communications Officer/911 Dispatcher – WSP | Bellevue, Tacoma, Marysville, Washington State locations. Apply at http://www.wsp.wa.gov/employment/communications.htm or www.careers.wa.gov  $2,861 to $3,886/month.

911 Dispatchers – Valley Communications | Kent, Washington State. https://seattle.craigslist.org/skc/gov/6077378351.html

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Tornado News | San Antonio Texas | Update 1


A tornado has struck the San Antonio area after an Alert was issued to its residents in the area about one hour ago (2253 Hours CST) has occurred around (2340 Hours CST).

About 40 houses in a neighborhood has suffered major damage.


The following are collaborating for this incident and information listed below is for both Officials and disaster victims.

Bastrop County OEM (https://twitter.com/BastropCntyOEM)

  • T-Storm Alert:  Severe Thunderstorm Warning from 2/20/2017 12:22 AM to 1:15 AM CST for Bastrop County.
  • Flood Warning:  Areal Flood Advisory from 2/20/2017 12:19 AM to 2:15 AM CST for Bastrop County.

San Antonio Fire and EMS (https://twitter.com/saFIREorg)

  • Search & Rescue Operations:  Firefighters were out searching door-to-door looking for survivors and dealing with unsecured damaged gas lines that had been their lines severed.
  • Tornado Path:  Tornado path as far as we can determine: Includes structures on Linda Drive and 7707 Broadway.
  • Damage Assessments (preliminary): Tornado path as far as we can determine: North Central San Antonio, North of Olmos Park & Alamo Heights, South of San Antonio Airport.
  • Incident Command:  Command for EMS and Fire is on Shadywood Lane in San Antonio. (2352 CST)

San Antonio Office of Emergency Management (San Antonio EOC)  (https://www.facebook.com/saoem.prepare/posts/1381097738578625)

  • Assistance:  If anyone needs assistance with storm related damage call 911.
  • Property Damage:  If any damage is seen in the morning, please report it to 311.
  • Damage Calls: The city has begun logging and assessing damage from the storm.

National Weather Service – San Antonio (https://twitter.com/NWSSanAntonio)

  • Alert!  Another tornado warning coming for circulation south of San Marcos. Circulation denoted by bright red colors S of Redwood. Moving northeast. (2145 CST)
  • Alert!  Two tornado warnings remain in effect, but we are not seeing any tight circulations at this point. (2140 CST)
  • Wind Speeds:  56 mph wind gust at Austin Bergstrom International Airport just now. (0001 CST)
  • Threat Area:  Threat area now located across southeastern Travis County, far northern Caldwell County and entering into western Bastrop County. (0002 CST)
  • Possible Touchdown: There may have been a tornado touchdown earlier near US 281 just northwest of the Quarry Market area.
  • Alert!  New tornado warning coming out for Williamson County. Circulation located south of Taylor. Moving NE. (0007 CST)

Photo Credit: NWS San Antonio

  • Alert!  Strong rotation southeast of Taylor. Circulation is denoted by circled region. (0028 CST)

Photo Credit: NWS San Antonio



  • Old Fredericksburg Rd/Kendall-Bexar County line. PD manning barricades on flooded streets.


San Antonio Fire & EMS:  http://www.broadcastify.com/listen/feed/4905

  • Fire/EMS scanner from San Antonio reporting homes with much roof damage, collapsed carport, 11:47pm CST Possible Tornado

San Antonio Police Dispatch:  http://www.broadcastify.com/listen/feed/13814

Kendall County Fire & EMS:  http://www.broadcastify.com/listen/feed/24771



  • NOT DFW – Powerful storms and potential tornadoes hitting central Texas hard. Tornado warnings between San Antonio & Austin.
  • Alerts:  Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Bastrop, Caldwell, Hays and Travis County in TX until 12:30am CST.


  • Sirens:  First time I’ve heard the Tornado Sirens in Hollywood Park go off. Crazy, Tornado Warning in San Antonio.



  • * Public Works Building – Courtesy: NWS Corpus Christi

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International Paper Plant Explosion | Florida | Update 1

Cantonment, Florida

Incident Summary

An explosion rocked International Paper’s Pensacola Mill located on the 300 block of Mucogee Road, about 20 miles of Pensacola on Sunday night.  Debris was said to be black liquor, which is described as “the waste product from the kraft process when digesting pulpwood into paper pulp removing lignin, hemicelluloses and other extractives from the wood to free the cellulose fibers. (Source: Wikipedia)

(Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

As firefighters were working to rescue an Operator, they found there was about three feet of the black liquid next to the Scale house but were able to extricate him quickly.  His condition was unknown at the time of this post.

Potential Exposures

Fire crews began responding to medical calls in the community near the Mill, where residents were also reporting ash on cars and on roofs of residences. People were told to stay indoor at all costs.

Decon a Must

Specific instructions were given to firefighters to make sure to use copious amounts of water when rinsing (Decon) off their fire apparatus, stand back and make sure that the “product” did not get on to them.  Someone from Public Safety would be coming around to the various stations for inspection and make sure no one has been exposed to the caustic product.

Police Officers were said to be driving back and forth inside the perimeter where Fire assumed was closed off but crews told them not the case. Command sounded concerned as they worked to get people in contact with Police as they were completely unaware of what they were driving through.  A Decon site was set-up to have them immediately rinse off their vehicles but told to stay inside for fear of being exposed.

Area Closures

Portions of Hwy 29, South of International Paper’s plant to Northern side up to the Shell Station.

The radius of the area where the product was said to have reached was approximately 75  yards to off of 95A to Hwy29 and to have reached near the County’s Fire Station #4.  Command was concerned with drivers stopping on Highway 29 and getting out of their cars.

Additionally, a fire crew reported the product had gone up in the air approximately 30 feet on top of light, power and telephone poles and sticking to them as well.

Fire crews were sent out to the area to verify the boundaries.

Product Very Caustic

The “Product”  was said to be fiber with black liquor and Firefighters were in the process of bringing back some examples to Command.  It is said to be very caustic.

Back in Service

Firefighters went back into service fairly quickly, but Command made sure they all knew to copiously used high amounts of water to rinse off their apparatus and to stand back.  They wanted to make sure they did not get any of this product on them.


None was reported.


There was no known cause at the time of this post but a Fire Prevention Officer was on-scene.

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Winter Storm Slams Portions of WA, OR | Update 1

Updated 7:00 PM PST

Incident Summary

A Winter storm is currently blasting SE Washington in the Vancouver area and parts of Portland and Willamette, Oregon.

Currently, Portland Police are reporting tow trucks getting stuck city-wide and are advising drivers if you do not have to go out, to stay home.

Cars and trucks have been reportedly sliding off the roadways into ditches, hitting each other and causing 1st Responders to put their own lives at risk to rescue them.

Stay off the roads!

Police are also checking on the homeless in tents in attempts to get them get into a safe and warm shelter.

Current Conditions

Various sources are reporting at least 3 inches have accumulated in the Portland area with more to come.

EB I-84 to SB 205 are now closed with two semi-truck crashes.  The roadway is completely closed but NB on 205 is currently open.

WB I-84 is now closed due to a jack-knife semi.

Portland Area Traffic Cams



Vancouver, Washington Traffic Cams

   I-5: SR-14

Looking Through The Eyes of Social Media

“Worst P.M./evening commute in 7 years in . That was surprise storm Dec. 2009.” – Media

“Chains required for semi-trucks, vehicles with Gross Vehicle Weight of 10K+ or towing area highways/freeways.” – ODOT

Credit: ODOT

“Traffic is gridlocked all over the area. Avoid driving if you can.” – ODOT

“Major winter storm pounding much of .” – Twitter User

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#Breaking: Gopher Fire | California | Update 1

Updated 3 PM PST

 November 2016

A vegetation fire has broken out today around 12:30 PM PST in North County San Diego or on I-15 and Gopher Road (California), in a location where other fires have visited before.

Today, the fire has consumed about 28 acres but crews have reached a 50% containment status (around 2:50 PM PST).

Credit: CAL Fire

Credit: CAL Fire

The weather conditions are temps reaching almost up to 90* degrees with winds picking up. 5 homes were being threatened.

At one time or another, the I-15 (both directions) and Old Hwy 395 were said to be closed but have reopened.  Be alert when driving in the area, as drivers appear to be crashing through freeway barriers and driving the wrong area on the freeway to avoid the extreme heavy traffic.

Historical fire activity shows this is one spot fire crews appear to be responding to often, with no end in sight.  Due to unknown causes, fire crews are asking the motoring public to be more aware of your surroundings and help with fire prevention.

 August 2016

A fire broke out in early August in the I-15 and Gopher Canyon Rd area prompting a large fire response with up to 120 firefighters, air resources, evacuations and diverting traffic away from the freeway fire.

Credit: CAL Fire

Credit: CAL Fire

Acreage and cause unknown.

August 2015

A large wildfire broke out in North County of San Diego in August of 2015, South of SR76 and West of I-15 freeway.

Acreage and cause unknown.

July 2013

A fire ignited from an unknown source in July of 2013 on I-15 and Gopher Canyon Rd.  Unknown acreage scorched.

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Australia Fires | Update 1

Updated 9:00 PM PST / 4:00 PM GMT + 11

Australia’s New South Wales Rural Fire Services is made up of 74,000 volunteer members that provide EMS to approximately 95% of NSW’s population.

As of Monday around 3:00 PM GMT, they reported they have had 40 bush and grass fires with 19 uncontained and 2 under monitor/patrol status.

Here is a recap of current wildfires for Monday (their time) November 7, 2016:

Lone Pine Fire:  This wildfire is an out-of-control bush fire that is located in the community of Port Stephens on Lone Pine Rd in Balickera, New South Wales Australia.  It is currently being fought by firefighters and is deemed having a 0% containment status.  It has scorched 6624 hectares (ha) or as 16,368 acres.

Ravenswood Rd Kundabung Fire:  This bush fire is located at 56 Ravenswood Rd in Kundabung, New South Wales and is listed at 2450 ha or 6,054 acres.  It is currently under control.

The current weather conditions in the Kundabung area are 83* F temp with a 0% of precip with winds blowing 17 mph and a humidity level of 48%.

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2016 – 2017 Training Opportunities

Thank you for joining our newest topic of choice to enable you all to get the best training that is being offered to Public Safety members. This information is gleaned from various sources including the web, Fire Departments and additional websites.

We will include upcoming training events, conferences and general information.

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20th Annual Oklahoma Public Safety Conference. Embassy Suites Oklahoma City Downtown/Medical Center. http://www.okpsc.org/


World Trauma Symposium 2016.  New Orleans, LA.  http://www.emsworld.com/event/12162953/world-trauma-symposium-2016


EMS World EXPO 2016.  Ernest N Morial Convention Center. New Orleans, LA. http://www.emsworld.com/event/12162935/ems-world-expo-2016


Fires in Vehicles Conference.  Baltimore, Maryland. Sponsor: International Association of Arson Investigators.  http://www.firesinvehicles.com/en/conference/five2016/Sidor/default.aspx.


11th International Fire Fair 2016.  Sao Paula, Brazil. http://fireshow.com.br/16/en


Vital Signs Conference. Syracuse, NY.  http://www.eventsinamerica.com/events/2016-vital-signs-ems-conference/ev5720b296a4624/#.V-nbKvkrLrc  NEW!


IAEM Annual Conference.  Savannah, Georgia. Sponsor: International Association of Emergency Managers. Contact: (703) 538-1795. http://iaemconference.info/2016/.


IACP (International Association of Chiefs of Police) 2016.  San Diego, CA.  http://www.theiacpconference.org/


National Safety Council Congress & Expo.  Anaheim, CA.  http://www.congress.nsc.org/NSC2016/Public/Content.aspx?ID=3009


EMS World Expo. Las Vegas, NV.  http://www.emsworldexpo.com/


2016 Public Safety and Security Fall Conference.  Arlington, VA.  https://www.aci-na.org/event/6220


NFPA Webinar:  “Using Social Media to Underscore Today’s Fire problem and Home Fire Sprinklers.”  1230 – 1330 EDT.  http://www.nfpa.org/training-and-events/by-type/webinars


International EXPO on Fire, Safety and Security 2016. Sri Lanka Exhibition and Convention Centre. Colombo, Sri Lanka.  http://www.conference.city/conference.php?e_id=102209


Nordic Safety Expo 2016.  Stockholm, Sweden.  http://www.nordicsafetyexpo.se/?sc_lang=en


Virginia APCO Fall Conference/8th Annual Statewide APCO-NENA Interoperability Conference.  Hotel Roanoke and Conference Center. Roanoke, Virginia.  http://www.virginia-apco.org/upcomingconference.html



5th VdS Fire Safety Conference and Exhibition Cologne. Cologne, Germany.  http://www.conference.city/conference.php?e_id=119553




NFPA Conference & EXPO.  Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.  Boston, MA. http://www.nfpa.org/training-and-events/by-type/conferences/conference


2017 Medical Disaster Response.  Las Vegas, NV.  http://www.eventsinamerica.com/events/2017-medical-disaster-response/ev5720cba2abccf/#.V-nc3vkrLrc  NEW!


Vincent J. Bollon Affiliate Leadership Training Summit (ALTS). Anaheim, CA.  http://client.prod.iaff.org/  NEW!

30 – 2/3

2017 Firemanship Conference.  Portland, OR.   http://www.firemanshipconference.com/  NEW!



EMS Summit 2017. Lansing, MI.  http://www.mirems.org/


The JEMS Conference and Exposition (EMS Today). Calvin L Rampton Salt Palace Convention Center. Salt Lake City, UT.  http://www.emstoday.com/index.html


5- 8

Alfred K. Whitehead Legislative Conference.  Washington, DC.  http://client.prod.iaff.org/  NEW!


Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) Conference.  Reno, NV.  http://www.iafc.org/micrositeWUI/interiorWUIabout.cfm?ItemNumber=7994&navItemNumber=7954  NEW!



FDIC International. Indiana Convention Center and Lucas Oil Stadium. Indianapolis, IN.  http://events.pennwell.com/FDIC2017/Public/Content.aspx?ID=57833&sortMenu=105000



Fire – Rescue Med (FRM) Conference.  Henderson, NV.  http://www.iafc.org/micrositeFRMconf/FRMhome.cfm?ItemNumber=8046&utm_source=IAFC_Site&utm_medium=Conferences_Page&utm_campaign=FRM_Conference_Page_Visitors  NEW!



International Hazardous Materials Response Teams Conference. Baltimore, MD. http://www.iafc.org/micrositeHazConf/interiorHazConfAbout.cfm?ItemNumber=8137&navItemNumber=8116


Maryland State Firemen’s Association (MSFA) – 124th Annual Convention and Conference.  Ocean City, MD. http://www.msfa.org/content/conventioninfo/  NEW!



Keystone Firefighter Conference.  Oaks (King of Prussia) PA.  https://www.facebook.com/KeystoneFireFighterConference/  NEW!


IAFC’s Annual Conference & EXPO – Fire-Rescue International (FRI).  Charlotte, NC.  www.iafc.org/fri


4- 5

EMS EXPO 2017 Colombia.  ACOTAPH.  Bogota, Colombia.  http://www.acotaph.org/emsexpo-2017.html


John P. Redmond Symposium/Dominick F. Barbera EMS Conference. Vancouver, British Columbia. http://client.prod.iaff.org/



Firehouse EXPO.  Nashville, TN.  http://www.firehouseexpo.com/  NEW!

31-Nov 1

Backyards and Beyond Pre-conference. Boise, ID. http://www.nfpa.org/training-and-events/by-type/conferences/backyards-and-beyond



Backyards and Beyond Conference.  Boise, ID. http://www.nfpa.org/training-and-events/by-type/conferences/backyards-and-beyond

Be Safe Friends…..


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Note:  All events will be moved over to our Page:  “2016-2017 Calendar of Events”.  New events will be published and will be added after each post. Thanks for the follow and be safe friends…..