#PhinneyFire | Seattle, Washington

Seattle Fire crews (Stock Photo by (c) 2017 LR Swenson)



Firefighters were dispatched @ 1850 hours PDT to a FIRE IN BUILDING call in the 4700 block of Phinney Avenue North in Seattle (Phinney neighborhood), Washington on Saturday evening.


Command first established “Phinney Command” at the time of arriving


Fire operations would quickly take off, just like this incident.  Here is the timeline for this fire:

1856 | L8:  Assigned to the roof.

1857 | E18:  Laying a back-up line.     Command:  Floor 3 showing smoke from the roof, possibly into the roof. Asked unit to check for extension.

1858 | E21:  En route with pike poles.  Reported 3.5 stories and fire on Fire 3.  Fire coming from the ceiling.  Need pike poles. E17:  Assigned to put water on exterior side and using water from E9.  E16:  Assigned RIT.

1902 | Dispatch:  10 minutes on the incident clock.

1904 | Primary Search:  Completed on the fire floor (Floor 3).  All clear.

1905 | Command:  3-story wood frame, residential building turning white and multiple crews inside.  REHAB is at 47th & Phinney.

1906 | Command to Dispatch:  Blocking Phinney Avenue N.  Asked to notify King County Metro that street is blocked.

1909 | An unknown fire crew:  Smoke is pushing from the attic.

1910 | Equipment Request:  multiple 8 ft. Pike Poles are requested.

1912 | 20 minutes on the clock.

1913 | Report:  Fire knocked down.  1 crew is checking  extension.

1915 | Report:  Fire knocked down.  Marshal 5 has been requested.  Interior crew to wait to do any further knock down until FIU arrives on-scene.  E9: Decon line established.

1916 | E26:  Exiting out of the building.

1917 | Air9:  Arrived to fire.

1918 | B6:  Sufficient with needs.  No additional resources needed.

1919 | B6:  Secondary search completed.  All floors searched, Nothing found.

1922 | Back in Service:  Engine 6 and Ladder 6 were put back in service.

1924 | Dispatch to Command:  33 minutes on the timer.  Tap fire.

1927 | E16: RIT team reporting tap fire.  Will remain in Staging.

1928 | Fire crews found the electrical panel, shutting down power to the building.  North end of the fire building have been searched (secondary) on all floors are an all clear.

1930 | E9:  Engine water to be used and they can now remove the supply line.


The following units were dispatched to this fire:

A2 AIR9 B4 B6 DEP1 E16 E17 E18 E21 E6 E9 L6 L8 L9 M18 M44 REHAB1 SAFT2 STAF10 and MAR5 (FIU).


The fire was knocked down at 1913 hours and a tap fire reached at 1927 hours.  A Decon line was set up and all fire crews were sent through.

Firefighters worked diligently to get this stubborn fire suppression, under control and contained.  No civilian or firefighter injuries were reported.

Marshal 5 is still on site searching for the cause.  There was no preliminary cause released at the time of this post.

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