#SnakeRidge Fire | AZ | 2


Incident Summary

A wildfire broke out on the Coconino National Forest, located about  9 miles NW of Clints Well, Arizona.  The cause was due to lightning that hit the area and then lingered.  It was discovered was called in by Baker Butte Lookout on Friday, May 19, 2017.

Resources / Equipment

A  Type 3 IMT unit commanded by both Jeff Thumm (IC), Jason McElfresh (Deputy IC) are assigned to this incident, along with 100 fire personnel and miscellaneous overhead fire support.

The scene when first responders arrived, near the source of the wildfire, reported by Baker Butte Lookout on May 19, 2017. The fire was caused by a lightning strike. (Snake Ridge Fire - May 19, 2017 - Jason McElfresh, Deputy Incident Commander)

Snake Ridge Fire – May 19, 2017 –  Photo Credit:  Jason McElfresh, Deputy Incident Commander

Current Fire Operations

The fire has destroyed up to 6,800 acres of dead and down wood and pine needles  that are considered to be heavy fire forest fuels.  Burnout operations will be conducted as needed.  Continued monitoring and patrolling the areas by fire crews will be made on Sunday.

Suppression Costs-to-Date

Fire suppression costs-to-date are $175,000.00. (as of May 26, 2017)


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