Incident Summary – A fast-moving and well-established wildfire is burning on the West side of Castiac Lake, located at 32132 Castiac Lake Drive on the shoreline in Castiac (Los Angeles County) in California.  Smoke is showing on the lake side prompting the “Lake IC” to request one fixed wing tanker.

Resources – Division Alpha is established.  Fire Managers are working to establish additional divisions and getting additional resources on order.

Conditions – Access to the fire is difficult and firefighters are having to go to Temple Highway and go through the power plant.

Fire Behavior – The shoreline fire has destroyed 3-5 acres with moderate rate of spread (ROS) with spotting. Fire is now threatening SR8 and structures in this area.

Social Media – Hashtags #CAwildfires2017 #Blue12Fire are being used for this incident.

(c) 2017 The NW Fire Blog – Updated @ 1420 Hours PDT – 6/17/2017

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