Due to the high volume of wildfires, we are combining all incidents into one single post for each State.  If the fire is new and has considerably high amounts of fire activity, we will post it separately and add it later to this list.

HIGHLINE FIRE – Tonto NF.  8 miles North of Payson.  6,634 acres. 76% contained. 1,181 personnel. 27 crews. 66 engines. 7 helicopters. Moderate Fire behavior with backing, creeping and smoldering. $10.9 Million CTD.**

June 19 Water drops over the fire, view from La Cienega area.

Highline Photo (Courtesy: Inciweb)

FRYE FIRE –  Coronado NF. 9 miles West of Swift Trail Junction.  10,896 acres. 16%

Aerial view of the Frye Fire column

Frye Fire (Courtesy: Inciweb)

contained. 738 personnel. 22 crews. 25 engines. 7 helicopters. Active fire behavior with uphill runs, flanking and group torching. Structures are under direct threat. $3.8 Million CTD.**

BOUNDARY FIRE – 12 miles North of Bellemont. 8,213 acres. 30% contained.  381 personnel. 6 crews. 14 engines. 4 helicopters. Moderate fire behavior with flanking, torching and backing.  Structures under threat. $5.3 Million CTD.**

FREEZE 2 FIRE – San Carlos Agency. BIA. 2,832 acres. 70% contained. 110 personnel. 2 crews. 3 engines. $4.4 Million CTD.**

R-14 FIRE – Fort Apache Agency. BIA.  3 miles South of Cedar Creek. Timber.  Human-caused and is under investigation. Minimal fire behavior.  829 acres. 146 personnel. 4 crews. 8 engines. 2 helicopters. $350,000 CTD.**

MAGGIE FIRE – Phoenix District Office.  BLM.  6 miles North of Black Canyon City. Tall grass, brush and timber.  Minimal fire behavior with creeping and smoldering. $500,000 CTD.**

Photo of active fire burning after a drip torch operation to prevent spread of fire; photo provided by Hawk Thul

Maggie Fire (Credit: Hawk Thul via Inciweb)



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