WA DNR Fires | Washington State | July 8, 2017


SUMMARY |  It has definitely a very busy day around the State of Washington with DNR wildfires coming in faster than we can count!  This post is to give a recap of what has transpired on Saturday, July 8, 2017.  This does not include any  other fires from other Agencies.

WILDFIRES TIMELINE| A recap of Saturday’s DNR wildfires.

Owens Grass Fire | 7/8/2017 | 1953 hours | Fire crews were dispatched and were on-scene by 2005 hours. This fire was located in Spokane County in Cedar. AR 32, 414 and 422 responded.#

Lone Tree Fire | 7/8/2017 | 1900 hours | Multiple resources (with DNR as the lead) were dispatched and on-scene of the Belfair fire in Mason this evening.  E262, E801 and E802 were sent from DNR. The fire was last listed at 1.6 acres with an unknown containment status.#

Rhododendron Fire | 7/8/2017 | 1842 hours | Fire crews were dispatched to 502 Beach Drive in Quilicene to a brush fire.  Fire fuels included brush, timber and litter. There is limited information on this wildfire.#

7710 Road Fire | 7/8/2017 | 1817 hours | A wildfire was reported in the Sunset Lake – Wilkeson areas at 1817 hours.  The fire would be fully contained and under control at 2030 hours, leaving 0.01 acres of destroyed brush, duff and red rot fire fuels.#

Ohop Fire | 7/8/2017 | 1515 hours | Approximately 0.2 acres of grass and brush were consumed by a wildfire that was located in the Bucoda area in Thurston  County.#

North Hurd Fire | 7/8/2017 | 1545 hours  | The Tahuya Street Forest in Mason County saw 1.5 acres of clear-cut and slash scorched this afternoon.  Crews E125 and 531 responded.#

Big Wilding Fire | 7/8/2017 | 1451 hours | Crews responded to the Spokane County fire in Bigalow Gulch.  .05 acres of grass, brush and timber were burned. The fire was contained and under control by 1700 hours.#

Clear Lake Gate Fire | 7/8/2017 | 1120 hours | A small apparent fire broke out leaving 0.1 acres of land consumed. Limited information.#

Field Spot Fire | 7/8/2017 | 0013 hours | Crews were dispatched at early Saturday morning to a wildfire located in Spokane’s Upriver Lane.  Less than an acre (about 0.05) was consumed. The fire was brought under control at 0115 hours.#

Dry Creek Wildfire |  7/7/2017 | 2250 hours |   3 acre fire reported off of Hwy 141 & Dry Creek.  Fire fuels include grass, brush and slash. Resources on-scene were H338, 339, 340, 343, SE 540, 621, 742. T205 and WEN-AA.  As of 7/8/2017 around 2100 hours, it was reported @ 80 acres. Unofficially, a state mobe team has been redirected from their originally destination of Yakima to this fire.#

Coyote Creek Fire | 7/7/2017 | 2332 Hours | A wildfire occurred on Friday night on North 57th and Laredo Lane in Terrace Heights (a suburb of Yakima) would later turn into a 4-alarm wildfire calling resources out from Yakima City FD, Yakima County Fire District, Sheriff Office and OEM.  Fire crews completed burnout operations between 1000 – 1200 hours on Saturday, 7/8/2017.#

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