WA DNR Fires | Washington State | July 9 2017


SUMMARY |  As the normal saying goes from the BC TV station that started it all, “There are more fires than we can write down.”  We couldn’t agree more.

Here is a compiled list for DNR related incidents where resources were dispatched and what the disposition is of each incident.

WILDFIRES TIMELINE| A recap of Sunday’s DNR wildfires by dispatch time.


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1955 Hours | Colville Rez Fire | Colville Reservation. Limited info.#

15539 Hours | Pit Fire | Siouxon Trail in Skamania County.  0.1 acre. E632 dispatched. Limited info.#

1527 Hours | Goose Lake Fire | See separate post.#

1512 Hours | Green Mountain #2 Fire | 3 miles up Green Mountain Road in Snohomish County. .1 acre. In patrol status @ 1630 hours.#

1510 Hours | Soundview Fire | Mason County.  0.1 acre. Brush, timber and light slash. Mopping up.#

1426 Hours | Mormon Grade Fire | Limited info.  Contained.#

1331 Hours | Fish Creek Fire | Fish Creek. Limited info.#

1139 Hours | Ranger Creek Command Fire | Buck Creek. Limited info.#

1139 Hours | Brown Fire | Fishtrap in Lincoln County. 2.1 acres.  In patrol status.#

1044 Hours | Fireball Fire | Greenwater.  Resources on-scene. Limited info.#

1006 Hours | Locust Beach #1 Fire | Locust Beach in Whatcom County.  0.1 acre.  In patrol status.#

0937 Hours | Green Mountain Fire | on Green Mountain Road X Mountain Loop Highway in Snohomish County.  In patrol status.#

0832 Hours | Quartz Mountain Fire | Camp Brown Guard Station.  .5 acres. Resources on-scene. Limited info.#

0802 Hours | Monroe Creek Fire | Sherman Valley in Grays Harbor County. .05 acres. 100% contained and mopped.#

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