NW Wildfires Continue to Burn | August 27 2017

POST SUMMARY | Many happenings are occurring in the NW and it is time to regroup.  With that being said, we are once again providing one single SitRep for ALL Wildfires here in the NW along with a Fire Map.

Here is our recap for wildfires burning in both Washington and Oregon on Sunday, August 27, 2017.

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Garfield County Fire. New! Start 8/27/2017.  1607 hours PDT.  Clarkston, Washington.  Asotin County Fire District #1 assisting Garfield County Fire crews with a wildfire on Knotgrass Ridge Road. #GarfieldCountyFire (Correction:  Original post said 1657 instead of 1607)

Credit: Mia Carlson News

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Bridge Creek Fire. 11 miles NE of Keller.  Timber and tall grass. Active fire behavior with backing, flanking and isolated torching.  3,268 acres. 39% contained. 549 personnel.  12 crews, 22 engines and 4 helicopters. $9.7 Million CTD. #BridgeCreekFire


Nena Fire.  7 miles NE of Simnasho. Tiber and short grass. Minimal fire behavior with creeping and isolated torching. 68,135 acres. 80% containment.  33 personnel. 6 engines. 6 copters. $8.4 Million CTD. #NenaFire

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Milli Fire.  The Three Sisters Wilderness.  9 miles West of Sisters.  Start 8/11/2017. Lightning. Timber.  Active fire behavior with isolated torching and crowning. 14,113 acres.  32% containment. 2,055 homes threatened.  672 personnel. 17 crews, 32 engines and 3 helicopters.

Cedar City Hotshots Prepare for Burn Operations

Cedar City Hotshots on the MIlli Fire.

Fire weather hearts up today with being hotter, dry and with windy conditions.  Poor overnight RH recovery and East winds may increase during night operations and causing an extreme fire behavior.  Evacuation info —> https://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/closures/5517/  $11.1 Million CTD. #MilliFire

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Horse Prairie Fire.  New! Start 8/27/2017 @ 1530 hours. Natural cover fire near Horse Prairie located 12 miles West of Riddle and 8 miles SE of Camas Valley.  Crews arrived to about 50 acres already burned with multiple spot fires. Incident

Cooperators are DFPA, Coos Forest Protective Association, OR DOF and Tenmile Rural FD.  Additional resources are assigned and working as Mutual Aid are some classified as industrial landowners, logging company and contract firefighters. burning on private and industrial forest lands, as well as BLM lands. No homes are threatened.  A OR DOF IMT has been placed on order. 450 acres. 0% containment. 173 personnel. 

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North Pelican Fire. 25 miles NW of Klamath Falls. Reported 8/10/2017. Lightning

A large column of smoke rising from the North Pelican Fire on August 19. PC: Officer Steve Leslie

caused. Continuing to burn primarily in a remote area of Pelican Butte. Rocky terrain and remote location prevents firefighters access to fire suppression of this fire.  It will be addressed when it moves closer to USFS lands.  On 8/17, aerial operations were aircraft making water drops. On 8/21, fire closures were in effect. 1,525 acres. 18% contained. 170 personnel.  Fire behavior is minimal, smoldering, backing and with isolated torching. #NorthPelicanFire

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Indian Creek Fire.  20 miles WSW of Hood River in the Hatfield Wilderness on the

Canadair CL-415 “Super Scooper” is assisting with fire suppression efforts from the air.

Hood River Ranger District. Started 7/4/2017 near 7 1/2 Mile Camp by Eagle Creek Trail #440.  330 acres. Fire behavior is currently moderate with smoldering, creeping and backing.  Firefighters made contact with one hiker which had a drone with the intention to fire it.  Remember, it is unsafe for firefighters and aircraft when you fly your drone – and, plus it is illegal and can net you a ticket and jail time! Aircraft includes 2 type 2 helicopters from the OR DOF.  They are drawing water from the Wahtum Lake.  #IndianCreekFire

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American Fire.   11 miles West of Cliffdell. Started 8/10/2017. Lightning caused. Timber.   Active fire behavior with flanking, backing and group torching.  110 homes threatened.  207 acres. 0% containment. 16 personnel. 4 engines.  Most of the fire suppression resources are being provided by the Norse Peak Fire IMT.  Level 3 evacuations are in effect for Union Creek, Pleasant Valley and Timber Creek.  Level 1 evacuation notice is for Goose Prairie and Bumping Lake. Hwy 410 and surrounding campgrounds are currently closed.  $248,000 CTD. *The American, Norse Peak and the Union Creek Fires are managed by the same single IMT team. #AmericanFire

Norse Peak Fire.*   Started 8/11/2017.  USDA Forest Service.  Lightning.  Timber (litter and understory), heavy dead and down material. Active fire behavior with backing, flanking and group torching. 110 homes threatened. 2,160 acres. 8% contained.  342 personnel. 5 crews, 14 engines. Homes threatened. $2.5 Million CTD.  #NorsePeakFire

Union Creek Fire.*   Fire started 8/11/2017 from an unknown cause. Timber and heavy logging slash. USDA Forest Service.  169 acres. 0% containment.  Active fire with group torching, backing and flanking. 110 homes threatened. 6 personnel.  2 helicopters. Level 3 evacuations in effect for Union Creek, Pleasant Valley and Timber Creek. Level 1 evacuation notice for Goose Prairie and Bumping Lake.  Hwy 410 and surrounding camp facilities are currently closed. $198,000 CTD. #UnionCreekFire

Diamond Creek Fire.  27 miles NNW of Withrop. Started 7/23/2017.  Cause unknown, under investigation.  Timber and brush.  USDA Forest Services. Estimated containment date is 10/15/2017.  32,157 acres. 55% contained.  3 homes, 2 minor structures under threat. 1 home, 2 minor structures destroyed.  1 minor structure damaged.  317 personnel. 9 crews, 2 helicopters and 8 engines.  #Diamond CreekFire

Jolly Mountain Fire.  IMT 2. 13 miles NW of Cle Elum.  Timber. Active fire behavior with torching, uphill runs and flanking. Structures threatened. 3,316 acres. 0% contained.  346 personnel. 7 crews, 17 engines and 3 helos. $4.3 Million CTD. #JollyMtnFire

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Chetco Bar.  16 miles West of Selma in the Kalmiopsis Wilderness .  Start 7/12/2017. USDA Forest Service.  Lightning. Timber, brush and closed-canopy understory litter. 105,518 acres. 0% containment.  Steep, rugged and inaccessible terrain. 8,425 homes, 1,955 non-res commercial and 50 minor structures threatened.

Structure Protection

Structure Protection using a sprinkling system.

6 homes, 20 minor structures destroyed. 1 home and 8 minor structures damaged.  Moderate fire behavior currently with backing, flanking and isolate torching but fire conditions/weather are hot, dry and windy with a high potential for extreme fire behavior during the night-time and early morning.    Yesterday’s fire activities (aerial) due to low lying smoke in the air.  Firefighters were due or are working on strengthening containment lines and mop up operations in certain assigned areas.  The Structure Protection is group is working tirelessly with the installation of hoselays and sprinkler systems.

08-25-2017 Night Operations

RED Flag Warning. A RED Flag Warning has been issued today and through Monday.  This is due to conditions occurring now or soon will be. This warning includes gusty winds, low humidity or dry  and unstable conditions that will create the fire to have an extreme fire behavior opportunity.

Evacuation Info —>   https://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/5385/

Fire Information Meeting.  A fire info meeting tonight will be held Brookings-Harbor H.S. located at 625 Pioneer Road in Brookings, OR at 1800 hours.  #ChetcoFire

High Cascades Complex.  6 fires.  IMT 2.  3 fires previously reported under Falcon Complex has been moved to this new Complex. 9 miles NE of Prospect. Tmber.  14,463 acres.  60% contained. 526 personnel.  11 crews 10 engines and 8 helicopters. $33.6 Million CTD. #HighCascadesComplex

Horse Creek Complex. 3 fires. 7 miles South of Belknap Springs. Timber.  1,129 acres. 0% contained.   Moderate fire behavior with backing, flanking and single-tree torching.  194 personel. 6 crews, 5 engines. $1.2 Million CTD. Homes threatened. #HorseCreekComplex

Miller Complex. 5 fires.  IMT 1. 17 miles East of Cave Junction.  Timber. 14,065 acres.

Active fire on the Burnt Peak Fire within the Miller Complex.

48% contained. 537 personnel. 12 crews, 24 engines and 1 helo. $7 Million CTD. #MillerComplexFires

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Scatter Creek Fire.  Started on private land. 1 mile East of Rochester. Timber, brush and grass. 462 acres. 75% contained. Moderate fire behavior with smoldering.  136 personnel. 6 crews, 16 engines and 0 helicopters. 6 structures lost. $1 Million CTD. #ScatterCreekFire

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Falcon Complex.  2 fires. 25 miles East of Tiller.  Timber, brush and grass. Minimal fire behavior. Structures threatened. 3,400 acres. 35% contained. 330 personnel. 7 crews, 18 engines. $9.1 Million CTD. #Falcon Complex

Umpqua North  Complex.  9 fires. (2) IMT1 teams managing this fire. 50 miles East of Roseburg.  Timber, brush and grass. Active fire behavior with flanking and torching. 14,817 total acres. 7% containment. 1,054 personnel. (increased by 15 the day before).  24 crews, 73 engines, 3 helicopters. 1 structure lost. $12 Million CTD. #UmpquaNorthComplex

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Horse Creek Complex.  3 fires. 7 miles South of Belknap Springs. Timber.  1,129 acres. 0% containment.  Moderate fire behavior with backing, flanking and single-tree torching. Structures threatened.

Jones Fire.  IMT2.  10 miles NE of Lowell.  Timber and grass. Active fire behavior with torching, uphill runs and flanking. 5,627 acres. 30% contained. 671 personnel. 20 crews, 22 engines, 2 helos.  1 structure lost. $7.9 Million CTD. Evacuations in effect. #JonesFire

Rebel Fire.  22 miles North of Oakridge.  Timber. 2,940 acres. 17% containment status. 46 personnel. 1 crew and 3 helos. $3.5 Million CTD. #RebelFire

Staley Fire.  IMT2.  23 miles South of Oakridge, OR.  Timber and brush.  Active fire behavior with group torchiing and backing. 1,272 acres. 35% containment.  455 personnel. 13 crews, 11 engines, 1 helciopter.  $3.9 Million CTD. #StaleyFire

Whitewater Fire.  10 miles East of Idahana.  IMT 1 recycling. Managing Rebel and Horse Creek Complex fires. Timber and brush.  9,871 acres. 30% contained. 726 personnel. 19 crews, 19 engines and 5 helos. $21.2 Million CTD. #WhitewaterFire

POINT-OF-INTEREST:  One RC-26 aircraft and support personnel from the 141st Aerial Refueling Wing (Washington Air National Guard) has been deployed to Fairchild AFB (Spokane, WA) in support of wildland fire operations.

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