SEATTLE, Wash. – Seattle appears to be touched by “more-than-your-usual-number-of-brush-fires” in a single day according to the City Fire Department’s CAD activity on Tuesday, May 22, 2018.

Here is a recap of today’s fires that have occurred this afternoon and are still occurring throughout the City of Seattle.

1600 Hours PDT –  SR 99 @ Holden.  Fire Officials stated firefighters were battling several brush fires near SB SR 99 at South Holden Street and 5th Avenue South x South Cloverdale Street. B2 E11 E27 E37 B7 dispatched.

1605 Hours PDT – 130 South Kenyon Street.  E32 dispatched.

1612 Hours PDT – 5th Avenue South x South Cloverdale Street.  E28 dispatched.

1646 Hours PDT – 7400 Sand Point Way NE.  E 38 dispatched.

1929 Hours PDT – 8604 8th Avenue South. E27 E37 MAR5 L7 dispatched.  Firefighters are still battling this brush fire along with a new one that broke out at 1931 Hours PDT. Seattle FIU is still investigating these string of brush fires. No preliminary cause is known at the time of this post.

SR 99: SR 599 Interchange

This brush can be seen from SR 99 x SR 599, down the street from 14th Ave S | Credit: WSDOT

1931 Hours PDT – NB SR 99 @ 14 Avenue South.  B5 E11 E33 E36 dispatched.  1950 PDT, Seattle Fire PIO stated fire was under control and Fire Investigators were en route to determine the cause.  As of 2030 Hours PDT, Fire Investigators were still investigating.  No preliminary cause is known at this time.

2035 – MLK Jr. Way South x South Bayview Street.  E30 dispatched.


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