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Incident Summary

  • Incident # – CA-BTU-016737
  • Wildfire Incident
  • Current size is 130,000 acres with 35% containment status.
  • Fire Managers are expecting this wildfire to grow to a final size of 150,000 acres.
  • Expected containment date is scheduled for November 30th.
  • Located – Concow, Town of Paradise, Magalia, Butte Creek Canyon, Butte Valley in Butte County.
  • Unified Command – CAL FIRE IMT 4 (Derum), USFS (Griffin), Butte County Sheriff’s Office (Bell) and Town of Paradise PD (Reinvold)
  • 48 deaths.
  • 52,000 residents have been evacuated.
  • 1,385 in temporary shelters.
  • Total of 53,427 civilians affected.
  • Total 3 First responders impacted.
  • 3 First Responders with either injuries or illnesses as reported.

Fire Status

  • Behavior is active fire with uphill runs, flanking and with single-tree torching.
  • Fire burned through communities of Concow, Town of Paradise and Magalia.
  • Fuels consist of: 6′ chaparral, timber and short grass.
  • Fire conditions are critically dry fuels and gusty winds.
  • Fire Managers foresee this fire will be a potential future threat, completed mass notifications, planning for future evacuations and are currently in evacuation mode.
  • During the day today, firefighters were able to hold the established containment lines.
  • Tonight, crews will take advantage of nighttime humidity recovery.
  • Throughout the night firefighters will provide structure protection and continue to strengthen and improve existing control lines.
  • They will patrol within the fire area while address hot spots and any and all hazards.

Resources – Fire

The following resources on this incident are:

  • 630 Fire engines
  • 74 Water tenders
  • 23 Helicopters
  • 99 Hand Crews
  • 105 Dozers
  • 5,615 personnel

Incident Cooperators

  • CAL Trans
  • CHP
  • National Weather Service (NWS)
  • CA Conservation Corps
  • Butte County
  • City of Chico

Under Direct Threat for the Period of 12-72 hours


Fire to continue to threaten buildings/infrastructure in the next 12-hour operational period of time:

  • Paradise
  • Magalia
  • Concow
  • Stirling City
  • Yankee Hill
  • Big Bend
  • Butte Creek Canyon
  • Butte Valley
  • Honey Run
  • Helltown
  • Centerville
  • Forest Ranch
  • Paradise Pines
  • Cherokee
  • Berry Creek

Private Lands/Areas

The following are currently being threatened:

  • Private timber lands
  • Watersheds for Lake Oroville and Concow Reservoir
  • Plumas National Forest
  • Union Pacific RR
  • Highways 32, 70, 99 and 149.
  •  ISO reportable power lines
  • Table Mountain Substation
  • Feather River Hospital
  • Paradise and Magalia municipal water systems
  • Communication lines
  • Cell towers and mountain top communications infrastructure
  • CAL FIRE communications sites
  • CHP communications sites
  • Lake Oroville Marina fuel and boat storage
  • Recreation and tourism on Lake Oroville and surrounding communities,
  • Butte Fire Center
  • Butte County
  • Town of Paradise
  • USFS Fire Stations
  • Sawmill Peak
  • Flea Mountain Lookout
  • PG & E infrastructure including 500 KV/230 KV/115 KV lines
  • PG & E gas line servicing the town of Paradise
  • 3 hydroelectric plants at Poe, Cresta, Desable and Lime Saddle

Damage Assessments

  • Currently threatened:  15,500 single family homes; 2,000 non-residential commercial properties.
  • Damaged:  75 single homes, 11 multiple residences, 32 non-residential commercial properties and 30 other minor structures.
  • Destroyed:  7,600 single family homes, 95 multiple residences, 3 mixed commercial / residential structures, 260 non-residential commercial properties and 859 other minor structures.
  • Fire has burned through communities of Concow, Paradise and Magalia with significant damage to infrastructure and buildings.
  • 17,500 residential and commercial buildings are all impacted.
  • Feather River Hospital suffered extreme amounts of damage.
  • Due to the high amount of damage, assessments are expected to be completed within the next several operational periods.
  • $24.6 Million Cost-to-Date (on the low side).

Unsung Heroes

  • Firefighters on the Front Lines:  Our have been busy working 12 hr. shifts at the in CA. The crew have been teamed up with and the dozer team to cut a fire line and back burn areas to protect vital structures in the area.  (Photo Credits: Clackamas FD)

  • Vet Care:  Our faculty clinicians, residents, students and vet techs are working around the clock to care for animals injured.   How to help by donating to –>  (Photo Credit:  UC Davis Vet Med)

Evacuees Resources

Sources:  GACC.NIFC, CAL FIRE, Social Media

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