NORWAY | Two Vessels Adrift in Rough Seas

NEAR HUSTADVIKG, Norway | On March 23, 2019, around 1400 hours (Norwegian time), the VIKING SKY, a cruiser liner owned by Norwegian parent company VIKING Ocean Cruises sent  out a Mayday due to loss of their power engine.  The engine was unable to be restarted.

The ship can easily be seen from the rocky Coast of Norway, as it is listing from side-to-side in the reportedly 40 miles-per-hour winds that is battling the powerless vessel.  Some eyewitness accounts from those aboard the ship are showing video of passengers with life jackets on waiting to be rescued.  Others are seen on one of the decks with the ship listing from side-to-side and furniture going from one side to the other.  Debris from the ceiling is seen falling on to passengers below.

Another vessel, a cargo ship has also lost power in the high seas and the Captain has refused to abandon his boat along with nine crew members.  It is adrift as well in the high waters floating wayward near the embattled Norwegian cruise liner.


The Viking Sky is one of six boats in the fleet. This ship’s speed can reach approximately 20 knots which is a great speed for this 745-foot cruise ship that also has a beam span of 94.5 feet.  It is considered in the small class of cruise ships.

Other ships in this fleet are:

  • Viking Sea. 2015.
  • Viking Sea. 2016.
  • Viking Sky. 2017.
  • Viking Sun. 2017.
  • Viking Orion. 2018.
  • Viking Jupiter. 2019.

The luxurious cruise is host to a spa, fitness center, salon, shop, bar, living rooms, private dining rooms, the Chef’s Table, Kitchen Table and Italian restaurant all on a single deck.  The ship has nine decks with a Medical Center and lifts on Deck  A.

Stateroom features include a wide variety of staterooms to the abundance of extra perks and amenities.  The ship calls out to those who love to travel in luxury and in comfort with gorgeous views of the ocean and beckoning beautiful destinations that embarks upon.

The Viking Ocean Cruises have racked up many awards since 2016 from Travel + Leisure, Cruise Critic (Cruisers and Editors’ picks), TIME and many other well-renown publications.


The Norwegian Coast Guard and mutual aid, including very large tug boats are assisting with the evacuation of over 1300 passengers and crew members.  There have been said to be at least five helicopters assisting evacuations by plucking one passenger at a time from the rocking boat.  Due to the high winds, it is dangerous both for the rescuers and the passengers.

The Scandaviathe Kiel Canal next sailing that was scheduled for March 27th have been cancelled, according the cruiser liner’s statement.


Social Media has been bringing a lot of attention to those in Norway locally and around the Globe.  Here are some of the eyewitness accounts that are trending on Social Media.

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News Media | A passenger who was winched off the Viking Sky cruise ship by helicopter as a massive storm hit western Norway says the rescue was terrifying.

News Media | Captain on cargo ship in distress assisting decided not to abandon ship with crew of 9 yet.

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The VIKING Ocean Cruises have a hotline that family members of passengers can call to find out about more details.  The US/AU booked guests line is 1-888-889-8837 or for UK booked guests, you can call 07585 779 853 or 0208 780 7900.

Thank you for following this post.  We are sending out prayers to those that have endured trauma from the rescue, still remain on the ship and to 1st Responders who are risking their lives to save stranded passengers and crew members. – Ed.

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