[Thank you to one of our readers who brought this life-saving lighthearted incident to our attention]


Firefighters were dispatched to a momma duck in distress on Saturday, April 25, 2020 around 1545 hours PT.

Firefighters raced to the scene of the incident quickly unfolding at Chelsea Drive and Winsford Court in Newark in Alameda County, California.

The emergency call came in as entrapped ducklings in a storm drain and their frantic mother was standing by for first responders to arrive.

Alameda County Fire Department’s Engine 29 rolled up on-scene gloved and masked up and ready for a rescue of some trapped little victims.

One-by-one, firefighters lifted the small but cute little fluffy ducklings from the bottom of a very deep  and dirty storm drain up onto the street and reunited with their distraught momma.

All-in-all, firefighters saved seven ducklings from mayhem and reunited them with their large family.

Nice Save, Firefighters!

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