The State of California and its people have suffered greatly from small to large and devastating wildfires burning down outbuildings, homes, businesses and infrastructure. It has been said to be contributed to global-warming, human-caused, infrastructure (powerlines) to other undetermined causes.

Here is a list of current wildfires burning in the State of California.


Firefighters with orange glow on the horizon. Photo Credit: Tiana Huddlestun/USFS
Photo Credit | USFS

Started 8/16/2020 @ 2037 PT. It is burning in Mendocino, Humboldt, Trinity, Tehama, Glenn, Lake and Colusa Counties. It is about 14 miles NW of elk Creek. Caused by lightning.

Extreme fire behavior with group torching, short crown runs and running. 987,654 and 54% contained. CTD is unknown.

Operations broken into four zones: North and Northeast, West and South (CAL FIRE).

6 structures damaged. 52 structures lost. 1 injury. 1,588 personnel along with 30 crews, 13 helicopters, 166 engines, 39 dozers and 44 water tenders.


Managed by Mendocino Unit, CAL FIRE. CAL FIRE Team 5 (IMT1). 4 miles NE of Covelo.

Active fire behavior with uphill runs, flanking and spotting. There has been 128,799 acres burned and a 55% containment status reached. 52 structures have been lost.

There are 1,588 total personnel along with 30 crews, 166 engines and 13 helicopters.

CTD is $75,500,000.


Large smoke column blowing across the highway
Photo Courtesy | Inciweb

The BOBCAT FIRE is situated on the Angeles National Forest, about 12 miles NE of Pasadena.

Fire behavior is minimal with backing, creeping and smoldering. There has been 115,007 acres burned but crews have successfully reached an 84% containment status.

Assigned to this incident are 711 total personnel with 15 crews, 29 engines and 12 helos.

About 171 structures were lost. CTD has reached $63,500,000.


Whiskey Falls burnout, 7th Marine Battalion - Creek Fire.
Photo Credit | USFS

Started 9/4/2020 at 1821 PT. The fire is burning on both sides of the San Joaquin River near Mammoth Pool, Shaver Lake, Big Creek and Huntington Lake.

315,413 acres of timber, chaparral and tall grass have been scorched. There is a 62% containment status. However, fire behavior remains active with uphill runs, group torching and lasting short-range spotting.

71 structures damaged. 856 structures destroyed. 12 injuries.

Fire management is Unified Command with CAL FIRE FRESNO, Fresno County Sheriff Office and Sierra National Forest. 2,048 total personnel with 39 crews, 11 helos, 172 engines, 14 dozers and 46 water tenders.

Cost-to-date has topped out at $116,000,000.


A group of firefighters on a road next to a slope covered in flames and smoke.
Photo Credit | USFS

The DOLAN FIRE is about 10 miles S of Big Sur on the Los Padres National Forest.

Fire behavior is moderate with backing, single-tree torching and creeping. 124,924 acres of brush, chaparral and short grass have been destroyed, along with 19 structures. CTD have reached $54,800,000.

A 90% containment status has been reached.

There are 552 total personnel along with 5 crews, 25 engines and 5 helicopters.


Fire  Activity builds near Highway 38 / Valley of the Falls Drive
Photo Credit | USFS

The EL DORADO FIRE is located 3 miles NE of Yucaipa.

Minimal fire behavior is occurring and there has been a total assessed at 22,744 acres destroyed along with 20 structures lost. A total of 93% containment status has been reached.

CTD has topped out at $38,000,000.

Fire resources include 149 total personnel along with 3 crews, 10 engines and 3 helicopters.


Fire 1130 9/9/20 by Matt Daniels
Photo Credit | USFS

This fire is burning about 15 miles NE of Pollock Pines on the Eldorado National forest.

Fire behavior is minimal. Total acreage burned was 1,667 acres. There has been a 70% containment status reached.

Remaining resources are about 134 total personnel with 3 crews, 3 engines and 1 copter. Cost-to-date have topped out at $6,500,000.


Photo Credit | CAL FIRE

Started 9/27/2020 at 0348 hours PT. Burning on North Fork Crystal Springs Road x Crystal Springs Road. Cause unknown, under investigation.

There has been 63,885 acres consumed. 17% containment has been secured. 163 structures damaged. 826 structures destroyed. CTD is $24,700,000.

Management under Unified Command with CAL FIRE Sonoma-Lake-Napa, Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office, Napa County Sheriff’s Office, Santa Rosa FD, Santa Rosa PD. There are 2,773 total personnel along with 27 crews, 23 helicopters, 408 engines, 66 dozers and 49 water tenders. (CAL FIRE)


Engines working the North Complex Fire
Photo Credit | USFS

The NORTH COMPLEX is located on the Plumas National Forest. This incident is located 1 mile SW of Crescent Mills.

Command transfers from RM Team Black (IMT2) back to CA Team 4 (IMT1) today. There are still 1,604 total personnel along with 35 crews, 102 engines and 13 helicopters.

Active fire behavior with flanking, backing and isolated torching. 317,459 acres have been consumed but a 83% containment status has been reached.

2,342 structures have been lost. Cost-to-date has reached $143,000,000.


tall flames south of camp nelson
Photo Credit | USFS

This Complex includes 2 fires which is being managed by CA Team 2 (IMT1) and CAL FIRE Team 6 (IMT1) with CA Team 13 (IMT2) mobilizing. It is situated about 34 miles E of Porterview.

Active fire behavior has been observed along with flanking, backing and spotting. It has burned 156,435 acres of timber and chaparral. There is a 65% containment status reached at the time of this post. 228 structures have been notably lost.

Attached to this incident is 912 total personnel along with 17 crews, 59 engines and 8 helicopters.

CTD $78,200,000.


Photo Credit | Alert Wildfires (Fire cameras)

The ZOGG FIRE started on 9/27/2020 around 1603 PT from an unknown cause, which is still under investigation. It originated on Zogg Mine Road and Jenny Bird Lane, north of Igo.

Fire behavior is minimal with creeping and smoldering.

There has been 56,305 acres lost but a 68% containment status achieved. 26 structures have been damaged with 196 structures lost. 1 injury and 4 deaths have occurred.

Assigned to this incident are 1,767 total personnel with 39 crews, 14 helicopters, 196 engines, 24 dozers and 55 water tenders.

Costs-to-date have reached $15,600,000.


Photo Credit | CAL FIRE AEU

A new wildfire has popped up. It started on 10/4/2020 from an unknown cause. It is burning in the 16000 block of Lambert Road and 800 block of Carbondale Road in Ione (Amador County).

About 25 acres have been burned. There is a 0% containment status.

Mandatory evacuation issued by the Amador County Sheriff Office for those Moriah Heights Road.


9.27.2020 Slide Creek from the air
Photo Credit | USFS

This complex has 2 fires inside it. It is located on the Six Rivers National Forest and managed by NW Team 10 (IMT2). It is about 14 miles miles NE of Willow Creek.

There has been 132,065 acres burned with 33% containment status gained. There has been 0 structures lost. CTD is $77,500,000.

Active fire behavior with uphill runs, running and short-range spotting is occurring.

There are 724 personnel along with 11 crews, 61 engines and 6 helos.


9/14/20 Firefighter from Galice Wildland Fire Module securing the containment lines edge near Goodwish road, Dwight Creek and Almost Heaven off Hwy 199
Photo Credit | USFS

This fire is on the Klamath National Forest and located 5 miles NE of Happy Camp. The incident is being managed by NW Team 7 (IMT2), which is also managing the DEVIL FIRE.

Fire behavior is moderate with backing, flanking and with isolated torching. About 130,154 acres have been destroyed and crews have successfully reached a 55% containment status.

There are a total personnel of 686 firefighters along with 13 crews, 47 engines and 19 helicopters.

440 structures have been lost. About $32,900,000 has been reached for total fire suppression and containment costs-to-date.


Point protection, Rogue River, 9/15/20
Photo Credit | USFS

The DEVIL FIRE is located about 5 miles N of Seiad.

Fire behavior is moderate with backing, flanking and with single-tree torching. There has been 8,598 acres lost but crews have reached a 25% containment status.

There are 6 total personnel along with one engine and two copters.

No structures have been lost but the total cost-to-date in fire suppression and containment costs have reached $494,000.

Repairing Powerlines in Happy Camp, CA, on September 17, 2020
Repairing powerlines in Happy Camp. | Credit | USFS

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