Units E377, E313, E376, E377, L374, A313, D307, B313, M7, MSO1, Zone3RHAB303, FM4 were dispatched from Renton Fire, Puget Sound Fire and King County Medics to a residential structure fire on Christmas night at 2017 hours PT.

The incident was located in the block of 10600 of SE 216th Street in Kent, Washington. Fire Command designated the incident as “216th Command”.

First due arriving units reported a standalone garage with fire through the roof. A total of three lines were pulled with two of them as 2.5″ and a red 3.25″ hose lines. Several vehicles were said to be ablaze inside the structure.

One unit exhausted their fire suppression resources but E377 re-established a water supply about 150 feet west of E313 and quickly began pumping water again. A total of three lines would be used during this incident.

Access was made by L374 through the garage on the alpha side with the entry team and completed their objective within three minutes.

Firefighters had a tap fire at 2103, about 10 minutes after the timer was stopped by Dispatch. It took about 86 minutes for fire crews from the time they responded to the tapped fire.

Police were dispatched to help with traffic control and shutdown area impacted roadways. SE 216th is still closed at the time of this post.

No reports of injuries to the occupants or firefighters were reported.

Unknown content and vehicle damage is unknown, as well as the cause.

A County Fire Investigator (FM 433) is en route as of 2053 hours PT with an one-hour ETA. AVOID THIS AREA. It will be shutdown for the next few hours when the Investigator arrives on-scene and determines the cause.

This is a developing story. We will post as more information is received.

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