Tukwila WA | HAZMAT | 1

Published 1/27/2021, Thursday, 2145 hours PT

A semi hauling hazardous materials has overturned on the roadway SB I-5, south of SR518 this evening. The SB I-405 ramp to SB I-5 is also closed.

Firefighters from IAFF Locals 2595, 864, 1267 and FDs Tukwila, Renton, South King, Puget Sound, King County Fire District 2, and Zone 3 have been dispatched to the HAZMAT scene.

This is I-5 Command.

All lanes are blocked as all of the Fire Agencies, WSDOT and WSP work to clear the spill and reopen a lane for travel.

Drivers will need to pack their patience for this one.

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Fire Resources Respond to Seatac House Fire

SEATAC, WASHINGTON — Firefighters and Medics from Puget Sound Fire (Kent), Port of Seattle FD, Tukwila Fire, Zone 3 Fire REHAB, King County Fire District #2 (Burien/Normandy Park/North Highline) and King County Medic One were dispatched to a house fire on the evening of Sunday, December 12, 2021.

The incident is located at 17300 block of 37th Place South in Seatac in King County, Washington.

Limited information was released by Fire Officials. We have reached out to Puget Sound Fire for an update.

Check back for any new updates.

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WA | Royal Hills Fire | 3rd Alarm


A 2nd Alarm Brush fire broke out at 1744 hours PT in the 3000 block of SE Royal Hills, Renton, Washington.


Incident Cooperators include: Puget Sound Fire, King County Medics, Valley Firefighters, Valley FD, Renton RFA, Renton Firefighters, Zone 3 PIO, Eastside Fire & Rescue, Kent FD, Port of Seattle FD. SeaTac Airport (ARFF) and Tukwila FD. Additionally, Renton PD.

Around 1751 hours, the IC requested a 3rd alarm prompting resources to respond throughout the region.

Evacuations are underway and being managed by the City of Renton Police Department.

This is a developing story. We are working to bring more updates to you as quickly as possible.

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Kent Home Touched by Christmas Fire

Units E377, E313, E376, E377, L374, A313, D307, B313, M7, MSO1, Zone3RHAB303, FM4 were dispatched from Renton Fire, Puget Sound Fire and King County Medics to a residential structure fire on Christmas night at 2017 hours PT.

The incident was located in the block of 10600 of SE 216th Street in Kent, Washington. Fire Command designated the incident as “216th Command”.

First due arriving units reported a standalone garage with fire through the roof. A total of three lines were pulled with two of them as 2.5″ and a red 3.25″ hose lines. Several vehicles were said to be ablaze inside the structure.

One unit exhausted their fire suppression resources but E377 re-established a water supply about 150 feet west of E313 and quickly began pumping water again. A total of three lines would be used during this incident.

Access was made by L374 through the garage on the alpha side with the entry team and completed their objective within three minutes.

Firefighters had a tap fire at 2103, about 10 minutes after the timer was stopped by Dispatch. It took about 86 minutes for fire crews from the time they responded to the tapped fire.

Police were dispatched to help with traffic control and shutdown area impacted roadways. SE 216th is still closed at the time of this post.

No reports of injuries to the occupants or firefighters were reported.

Unknown content and vehicle damage is unknown, as well as the cause.

A County Fire Investigator (FM 433) is en route as of 2053 hours PT with an one-hour ETA. AVOID THIS AREA. It will be shutdown for the next few hours when the Investigator arrives on-scene and determines the cause.

This is a developing story. We will post as more information is received.

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Enumclaw Touched by Fire

The Living Court Assisted Living community facility located in the 2200 block of Jensen Street in Enumclaw (King County), Washington State was touched by a small fire on Friday evening around 2215 hours PT.

Image result for 2229 jensen st enumclaw wa 98022

It was reported that the fire was quickly contained but fire fighters were still working to knock it down. Residents inside the building were assisted during evacuations.

There was one area on the east side of the building reportedly as being flooded.

Police were on-scene to help with evacuations and traffic control.

Engine 34 from the Enumclaw Fire Department was dispatched as mutual to help King County Fire Agencies:

  • Valley Fire
  • VRFA
  • South King Fire
  • IAFF 2024
  • Mountainview Fire
  • IAFF2595
  • King County Medic 1
  • Puget Sound Fire

Did not hear of any reports of injuries to residents or to firefighters.

The Red Cross was requested and is assisting the facility.

No preliminary cause was known at the time of this post.

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Renton Firefighters Battling Early Sunday Morning Fire

King County, Washington

Incident Summary

Firefighters responded to a late night to early morning residential structure fire where first due units observed the first floor was fully engulfed.  Due to poor access issues, they were unable to conduct an immediate primary search of the building.   Later it was discovered to be vacant when the fire started. A preliminary cause is unknown at this time.

Units fought the fire from the exterior as defensive operations throughout the whole incident. There were no injuries or any type of structural integrity issues reported.

Resources were dispatched from Renton Fire (RFA), Puget Sound Fire and King County Medics.

Operations Timeline

2345 | Fire units:  B11, B313, E311, E313, E314, E317, E377, L311, A313, M7, MSO1 dispatched to a fully engulfed fire on floor one of a residential structure in the 18600 block of 108th Ave SE in Renton, Washington.

0008 | E377 established a water supply.  Fire attack is being made from 108th.  They are having to lay a long hose lay.

0013| Firefighters report access is limited.  To set-up master stream from the Bravo to the Charlie side.


PC: Renton FD PIO

0015 | E317 is now Division Bravo. To reposition their apparatus to 108th. Water supply has been established by E377. Fire attack to be made on the Charlie side.  L311 in position for aerial operations, ready for water flow.

0016 | E313 is on the east side and A313 on the south side. Everyone is clear of the Delta side. E377 driver releasing water.

0017 | M7 arrived and stages on 109th Avenue, remaining in their rig.

0018 | E313 Requests utilities to be secured.  There is a long drop on 108th.  They are operating underneath a power line. Dispatch states called them already but will call for an update.

0019 | 450-500 feet hose lay needs to be laid down the street.

0020 | L311 is ready for master stream operations.  E377 holding their lines. Master stream operations to begin shortly. E313 verified there are 3 lines around the structure.

0021 | 3 lines are being managed by E313, E317, E314.

0023 | MSO establishes REHAB with Medic 7 in group. Division Charles to reposition master stream so that it focuses towards the Charlie Division.

0025 | Structure appears to have been vacant.

0026| Good knock down on Charlie side. To continue with exposure lines.

0027| L311 Shutting down their master stream line.

0028 | In Division Charlie – shutting down 2 1/2″ and transitioning over to a 1-3/4″.   E377 also using the same.

0034 | More portable lightning needed around structure. Aerial ladder to remain vertical as light source.  33 minutes on the incident timer. Command advises still in defensive operations. Ok to stop timer.

0045 | Fire under control.  E313 changes over to a flat load 2.5″.

0047 | E377 shuts down their line and picks up hoses.

0056 | Power secured to building on Division Charlie.

0058 | E313 to switch over to foam.

0115 | Fire Investigator on-scene, searching for a determined cause while firefighters are assisting with overhaul operations. The house was vacant at the time when the fire ignited.

0124 | E377 released. E317 still attached to incident.

0127 | MSO1 released from this call. Dispatched to another call.

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UPDATE | Puget Sound Firefighters Fight SeaTac Fire

Seatac, Washington —

Firefighters and resources from  Renton RFA, Tukwila Fire Department,  Puget Sound Fire and Zone 3 Fire Rehab were dispatched on Sunday, March 29, 2020, in the early evening to a structure fire in the 2400 block of South 146th Street.

Additional fire mutual aid resources dispatched from Skyway Fire, Burien Fire and Medic One.

All occupants self-extricated themselves from the home.

This was a fire in the home’s kitchen.  The fire is now out and there were no reports of injuries to the occupants or to firefighters.

A Fire Investigator is en route to the fire scene.

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Ravensdale Garage Catches Fire, Displaces Homeowner

RAVENSDALE, Wash. – A car being worked on by a male resident inside his garage caught fire around 1300 hours on Wednesday, May 30, 2018, was able to escape without any injury.

He has been displaced by this fire.  It is unknown if he was taken care of by Red Cross or if he found shelter on his own.


The home is located in the 33400 block of SE Kent-Kangley Road in Ravensdale.  It is located just west of Maple Valley, Washington.


Photo Courtesy | PIO Kyle Ohashi – Puget Sound RFA


The cause of the fire has been deemed by the King County Fire Investigator as  accidental.


Firefighters from Maple Valley, King County Fire District 47 and Puget Sound Fire were dispatched and the first due reported seeing fire from as far away as two-mile from the fire ground.

Fire Operations

It would take about an hour for fire crews to put out the fire that had spread from the vehicle to contents inside the garage up into the rafters.  Tireless efforts paid off by stopping further extension of the fire from reaching  the living space of the home which successfully enabled the homeowner to salvage most of his personal property.

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