On Friday night, January 8th, a fire broke out on the first floor of a nail salon in a 3-story commercial (mixed-use) structure then spread to other businesses. What would start out as a 1st Alarm response, would quickly escalate to a 7th Alarm.

Firefighters brought the fire under control at 0851 EST on Saturday for the incident that was listed as Box 4464. 136-15 37th Avenue, on Main Street x 37th Avenue in the Flushing area in Queens, New York

Firefighters spent the morning on Saturday, January 9th with their continuous firefight from in frigid temps overnight with challenges they had in getting water on the fire due to difficult access.

Seven firefighters suffered minor injuries and three businesses were gutted.

The Queens Borough President Donovan Richards states his office stands ready to provide assistance to these businesses.

Significant events that played out during this incident:

January 9th

  • 7th Alarm (0519)
  • 6th Alarm (0643)
  • 5th Alarm (0221)
  • 4th Alarm (0122)
  • 3rd Alarm (0022)
  • 2nd Alarm (0011)

January 8th

  • 1st Alarm (2357)

QUEENS FIRE HISTORY | For fires or incidents greater than 2nd alarms.

January 9 Fire. Credit: NYC EM

Queens has been known for its escalated fire alarms as many of the structures are attached to one another, called row houses that are made of old wood and several do not have smoke alarms.

In this day in age, it would not be surprising to know that many businesses also have not upgraded to sprinklers.

FDNY firefighters and their agency overall have been working tirelessly to educate and help provide the necessary tools to help their communities to become fire smart.

Here are some of the fires from over the years and even our most recent history in the last five years.


October 30

Large fire during Hurricane Sandy shows the large fire footprint left behind after the gigantic inferno in the Breezy Point area. 50 homes were destroyed.

Photo Credit: AR-1 DMAT



11 injured with four in critical condition. Early morning house fire.


March 15

Large multi-alarm brush fire. So big and robust, it is picked up on a local news radar of just how gigantic it is from its smoke plume.

December 18

5 alarm. Box 2131 103-45 97th Street. Apartment building.


May 31

One-story commercial structure fire. 5th alarm.

November 8

Home under construction catches on fire and taking two homes with it.


August 4

Big fire breaks out on Queens Blvd and 34-38th Streets. 3rd alarm. Commercial structure fire.


January 30

More than 160 firefighters responded, fought a huge blaze at a restaurant and injuring five people.

April 23

Five were killed including three children in a residential (dwelling) fire. Media reports there was no smoke alarm.

Credit: NYC EM


A landlord dies in a residential home fire.


March 16

Scrap yard fire. 5th Alarm. 187-10 Jamaica Avenue. Yard backs up to the Long Island Railroad. All LIRR trains were stopped during the incident.


Three are killed in a house fire.

June 4

Nine FDNY firefighters are hurt along with two civilians.

June 18

Bellerose Manor section. One person died. 7 firefighters were injured with conditions of minor to serious. Fire broke out around 1900 hours EST.

September 29

3rd alarm. House fire

4th alarm. Auto body shop.

December 13

5-alarm. 1-story commercial building on Queens Blvd. heavy fire and smoke conditions. Backdraft and explosion occurred. Minor injuries (firefighters).

December 27

Transformer explosion at Con Edison plant. LaGuardia Airport goes on lockdown and on emergency power. Many inbound flights holding and diverting. Passengers were held on aircraft at gates. Ground stop in effect. Turned the sky neon blue.

Credit: NYC EM


February 24

3rd alarm. House fire. 3-alarm. Structure fire. Box 4630. 94-02 42nd Avenue. Heavy fire on floors 1 and 2 of a 3-story private dwelling.

March 13

House fire. Child killed. Six others injured.

April 5

3-alarms. 93-13 101st Avenue. 2-story commercial structure with mixed occupancy. Fire in two buildings. Ozone Park.

July 10

An entire family perishes inside their home. Residential structure fire.


January 5

4 alarm. 78-17 101st Avenue. Fire throughout the whole building with extension to exposures 2 A, a 2-story wood dwelling. Ozone Park in Queens.

January 8

4 Alarm commercial structure fire.

March 10

3-alarm. Box 9361. 97-12 Northern Blvd. Fire in 3-story mixed use building with extension to exposures.

July 23

Multiple calls come in for a lightning strike of a home.

July 27

Eight are hurt in house fire.

November 13

3-alarm. 136-11 38th Avenue. Box 4464. Commercial structure fire.

November 18

3-alarm. 22-11 New Haven. Heavy fire on 5th floor extending to 6th floor. 7-floor multiple dwelling.

December 9

6-alarm fire in Queens. Box 66-9633, 109-25 Jamaica Avenue. Firefighters on-scene within three minutes but challenges arose as the fire quickly spread in old row wood frame buildings causing 40 people to be displaced. No injuries were reported.

Information has been gleaned from verified FD sources, media and eyewitness accounts. Dates are approximate as published on digital platforms. – Ed.

Credit: FDNY

“Working alarms are the most critical component of your escape plan. Be #FDNYSmart – have both a smoke and CO alarm, or a combination smoke/CO alarm, where you sleep and on every level of your home, including basements. See more at http://fdnysmart.org” – FDNY

The FDNY says that 1/3 of home fires occur usually during the months of December through February and most are preventable

Here are some tips in order to become #FDNYSmart:

  • Most candle fire victims are between ages 5-9. Keep them out of their reach.
  • Keep hallways and exits clear of clutter. This will allow an easier escape during a fire, and will give first responders access to your home during an emergency.
  • Keep space heaters at least 3 ft. from bedding, curtains, and other materials, and always plug your heater directly into the wall.

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