Torrance Police are on-scene to the Del Amo Fashion Center (Mall) reports of 500-plus teenagers rushed in the Del Amo Mall with some eyewitness accounts to local media outlets as looting some of its stores.

Media is reporting at least one person has been shot near the Burlington Coat Factory side of the mall.

Multiple agencies worked together to clear the shopping mall, evacuate any of the employees and other persons, while setting up a perimeter, searching for subjects and suspects. Additionally, detainee buses were ordered and arrived on-scene.

Barrier buses were also set-up to block major entrances and mall driveways.

The Dispatch Center was getting calls of small number of groups had arrived outside one hotel and another big box store and loitering. It was unknown if they were part of the same original group or a new one arriving in the area.

Around 2030 hours PT, air was opened to respond to normal calls for service.

If see something, say something by not approaching them and calling 9-1-1 when you are in a safe and secure location.

Live coverage is on our Twitter page @nwfireblog . We are currently off this incident for live coverage on Twitter but we are monitoring the scanner feed.

Info will be shared if the situation changes or new information is released by verified Law Enforcement officials.

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