BROOKLYN, NEW YORK | 1/23/2021 1105 PT

On Friday, January 22, 2021, while FDNY Fire Protection Inspectors were conducting routinely inspections of a warehouse located in the 300 block of Nevins Street, the observed over 900 propane tanks being stored inside a refrigerated truck.

Firefighters from the FDNY responded to the scene to check to see if there were any leaks.

Credit | FDNY Instagram

The man was arrested for endangerment after admitting he had 904 20# propane cylinders, he claimed he purchased to sell to another man who in turn would sell to businesses and restaurants.

With times like these, just think what could have occurred.

Thankfully, to the attentiveness of the Fire inspectors, they saved Brooklyn from another potential explosion that could have injured many to thousands of lives. Several businesses, their employees and customers have also been saved from whatever danger was present.

According to the phone directory, there are several businesses located at this address that include Executive Automotive Truck, Verizon Communications, Kaye Hospitality Group LLC and Executive Charter Line. NOTE: We are not saying any of these businesses were involved but that they are listed at this address only.

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