UPDATE 1 | 2/5/2021 2215 PT

A new wildfire has been detected in the Lincoln National Forest in Spring Canyon on private land and on Federal lands, that had ignited on February 5, 2021.

The fire has burned approximately five acres of ponderosa pine and grasses. The containment status is unknown at the time of this post.

Resources include two-Type 6 engines, numerous Volunteer Fire Districts and an unknown number of personnel responding to the scene.

The fire was said to have started near a structure near the town of Sacramento which quickly spread to the adjacent Lincoln National Forest. It is located in or near Spring Canyon.

Winds have been reported at 12-30 mph and are causing the fire to be wind-driven. Temps are in the mid 30’s and humidity is around 30-percent. It is expected to remain as such throughout the night.

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