Friday, February 12th seems to be the day of structures back east with two large fire incidents currently burning at the same time.


Tonight, firefighters from the Spencer Fire and Emergency Services are fighting a stubborn and dangerous large fire at 11 Jacques Avenue in the City of Worcester, MA.

Multiple exposures were said to be under direct threat.

The fire was escalated to a 3-alarm fire at 1651 hours PT with one jumper out the back from the 3rd floor.

Photo Credit | SpencerFire1

Fire crews immediately escalated this fire to a two-alarm fire but quickly elevate the incident to a five when a visible heavy fire on the third floor and reports of entrapped fire victims were seen jumping from the third floor down onto the ground.

Challenges faced by first responders the building fully engulfed and exposure problems. Companies began to go into defenisve operations.

This is an ongoing fire incidents and we will continue to provide updates as information is received.

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