4th Alarm Fire Hits Bronx NY Structure

BRONX, NEW YORK | March 28, 2021

Bronx Firefighters from the FDNY arrived to fire showing out three windows on the top floor of a six-floor multiple dwelling. Heavy windy conditions and fire in the cockloft were reported on Sunday, March 28, 2021.

Fire then spread to two additional apartments.

Photo Credit | FDNY (Instagram)

An immediate fire attack was completed along with exterior master streams to reach the upper floors. Quick egress efforts, proved that tireless actions and saving the structure overall were successful, as well as a quick evacuation of residents.

The 4th-alarm fire occurred at 2024 hours in the 100 block of West 183rd Street off of Sedgwick Avenue in the Bronx.

Units dispatched were E43, E95, E81, L59, TL33, BN19, E48, Rescue3, SQ41, L36, BN27, Div7, E42, TL46, E75, E79, E46, L56, E72, BN17, E93, E62, E90, E68, E35, L37, L27, BN26, RAC1, MSU, L28, Rescue BN, Field Com, BN13, BN18, Satellite2, Command Tac, 19L3, C193, 17S3, C173, C823, HT13, C183, MR73, 20R3, 12R3, LS23, 19F3, 27X3, 82C2, 19E3 and MV52.

There were two civilian injuries reported but none to the multitudes of fire personnel that were on the fire ground.

The cause of the fire is unknown and is under investigation.

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